Mini-Series Table Clamp

  • Ideal for Securing Assemblies to Mini-Series Breadboard
  • Solid, One-Piece Construction


MSCL3 Clamp Used to Secure MSAP90 Mini-Series Right-Angle Bracket on MS12B Mini-Series Breadboard

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  • General-Purpose Clamp for Mini-Series Setups
  • 3.0 mm Slot for #4 (M3) Cap Screws
  • Compatible with Imperial and Metric Components
  • Compact 1.15" x 0.35" Footprint
  • One-Piece, Anodized Aluminum Construction

The MSCL3 Mini-Series table clamp is fashioned similarly to our CL series clamps but features a #4 (M3) slot for use with Mini-Series components. This small, space-conscious clamp is useful when constructing complex optomechanical assemblies on our MS12B(/M) breadboard, enabling standard optomechanical components to be secured to the breadboard. The clamp requires an 4-40 (M3) cap screw and washer, which are conveniently provided in our screw kits.

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Mini-Series General-Purpose Table Clamp

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MSCL3Mini-Series General-Purpose Clamp