Mini-Series, Post-Mounted Iris Diaphragm

  • Lever-Actuated, Continuously Variable Iris
  • 6 Black Spring Steel Leaves
  • Ø0.6 mm to Ø5.0 mm Adjustable Aperture

Open Aperture

Closed Aperture

Application Idea

ID5MS Mini-Series Iris Mounted to a Ø6 mm Mini-Series Post With a MSR2 Post Collar


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  • Steel Lever-Actuated Adjuster Arm
  • Black-anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Includes a Ø6 mm, 1.5" (38 mm) Long Mini-Series Post

Our lever-actuated, continuously variable iris diaphragm is designed to provide repeatable, smooth operation and is optimal for applications in which space is limited. The individual steel leaves pivot within a reflection-reducing, black-anodized aluminum housing. The iris' housing has an outer diameter of 0.44" (11.2 mm) and a thickness of 0.19" (4.8 mm). The ID5MS(/M) has a minimum aperture of Ø0.6 mm (Ø0.02") and a maximum aperture of Ø5.0 mm (Ø0.20"). This product includes a Ø6 mm, 1.5" (38 mm) long post, though it may be used with any of our other Ø6 mm Mini-Series posts. Our Mini-Series product line offers all of the essential building blocks for miniature and OEM-level optomechanical assemblies. For all of our Mini-Series compatible components, please see our entire Mini-Series line

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Mini-Series, Post-Mounted Iris Diaphragm

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ID5MSMini-Series Post-Mounted Iris, Ø5.0 mm Max Aperture (Ø6 mm Post, 1.5" Long)
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ID5MS/MMini-Series Post-Mounted Iris, Ø5.0 mm Max Aperture (Ø6 mm Post, 38 mm Long)
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