High-Power UV LEDs with Ball Lens

  • Center Wavelengths from 250 nm to 260 nm
  • High Optical Output Power with No Greater Than 7.5° Viewing Half Angle


250 nm UV LED


260 nm UV LED

LED260J UV LED in an S1LEDM Mount Inside an HSLT2 Heat Sink Lens Tube

Integrated Ball Lens

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LED Selection Guide
Single LEDs
Package Wavelengths Powera
Unmounted 245 nm - 4.5 μm 170 mW 
Unmounted, High-Power UV with Ball Lens 250 - 260 nm 1 mW (Min)
Circuit Boardb 265 - 1550 nm 900 mW
Heatsink Mounted
Fiber Coupled 280 - 1050 nm 14.5 mWc
Collimated for
365 - 940 nm 500 mW
Multiple LED Sources
4-Wavelength 365 - 660 nm 310 mW
Standard Arrays 365 - 850 nm 322 mW
LED Drivers
  • Maximum Power Unless Otherwise Specified
  • Metal-Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB)
  • Typical Power for MM Fiber with Ø400 µm Core, 0.39 NA

Modified H pin code in which the cathode is not grounded to the case.


  • Three Center Wavelengths: 250 nm, 255 nm, or 260 nm
  • Optical Output Power: ≥1 mW
  • Integrated Ball Lens for Increased Forward Intensity

These UV LEDs are compact light sources in hermetically sealed TO-39 packages with integrated ball lenses. They provide an output power of 1 mW and have a small viewing half angle no greater than 7.5°. With these specifications, these UV LEDs are well suited for a wide range of applications including disinfection, forensic analysis, and optical sensing and imaging of biological markers.

The LEDs can be mounted in Thorlabs' SM-threaded passive mounts for LEDs, such as the SM1 (1.035"-40) threaded S1LEDM. They generate up to 1 W of heat and must be kept at a case temperature below 55 °C at a forward current of 100 mA. For temperature regulation, the HSLT2 passive heat sink lens tube is recommended for use with the S1LEDM mount. These LEDs have a TO-39 package that follows a modified H pin code (shown to the upper left) where the cathode is not grounded to the case. In addition to the UV LEDs on this page, Thorlabs also offers a selection of other LEDs in the 245 - 4600 nm spectral range.

Posted Comments:
Catalin-Vasile Popa  (posted 2023-12-13 12:36:47.783)
Can I have a RoHS letter for this product? LED250J. Thank you Catalin
hchow  (posted 2023-12-15 04:24:12.0)
Dear Catalin, thank you for your feedback. I will personally reach out to you to provide the information you need. Thank you.
Jung yoonjae  (posted 2022-12-13 18:03:01.787)
I bought LED250J, led450lw, led635 with LEDMT1E/F and S1LEDM and i have two question 1. is there way to connect S1LEDM to SMA 2. it there a power which turn on that LED ??
hchow  (posted 2022-12-13 05:57:21.0)
Dear Mr. Jung, thank you for your feedback. There is no physical switch where you can manually turn on and off the LEDMT1E/F. It powers on so long as a powered micro-B USB cable is connected to it. With regards to your first question, it is a bit more complex to explain this to you here. I will reach out to you personally to provide more information. Thank you.
Fatin Mustafa  (posted 2022-12-01 17:06:25.427)
I bought 260J LED. I am figuring out which pin is connect to ground or power source. Can you guide me on this?
hchow  (posted 2022-12-01 07:03:47.0)
Dear Ms. Mustafa, thank you for your feedback. According to the specifications sheet of the LED260J, this high powered UV LED has a modified pin code style "H." Where The cathode is not grounded to the case. I will personally reach out to you for assistance. Thank you.
Horacio I. Solís-Cisneros  (posted 2022-09-02 19:10:32.38)
Greetings. We'd like to know how many pieces are included for qty unity for LED250J, LED255J, LED260J, and LED275J. With this information, we will order the right amount of single LEDs.
dpossin  (posted 2022-09-05 09:45:07.0)
Dear Horacio I. Solís-Cisneros, Unless otherwise stated on the website (clearly indicated in the product list in this case) the number you order directly refers to the number of pieces we sell.
user  (posted 2020-10-20 10:56:39.653)
What is proper LED controller model for LED255J UV LED?
dpossin  (posted 2020-10-21 10:45:40.0)
Dear Pawel, Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately we do not offer LED controllers for our unmounted LEDs. A proper LED controller needs to have a quite stable current output and at least 100mA @ 10V.
dhc  (posted 2018-07-21 11:42:31.99)
See my other message
dhc  (posted 2018-07-21 11:41:17.99)
I sell ~ 100 of the TO-39 ball lens UV LEDs/yr. Are there any discounts for resellers?
YLohia  (posted 2018-07-23 08:28:12.0)
Hello, for quotes on stock items, please contact our Sales Team at sales@thorlabs.com. We will reach out to you directly to discuss this.
fgrt  (posted 2015-11-02 12:14:54.16)
Dear colleagues! We want to buy UV-LED with wavelength 255 nm to supply our measured equipment. For this purpose we plan on getting next components: 1. UV source with Ball Lens - LED255J 2. SM1-Threaded Mount for TO-39 - S1LEDM 3. Passive-Heatsink - HSLT2 4. Lens Mount with Internal and External SM1 Threads for connection with Passive-Heatsink - LMR1S/M. We ask you to check our choice and to clear for us one problem. We plan on creating UV source with power supply via USB 2.0. However we can’t understand how we can reliably to do the mount between USB cable and LED. What kinds of additional elements are we need? Also please send me your e-mail for fast communication. Ivchenko Aleksey
besembeson  (posted 2015-11-04 06:09:00.0)
Response from Bweh at Thorlabs USA: Our Germany division will follow-up with you with suggestions for your application.

This tab includes all LEDs sold by Thorlabs. Click on More [+] to view all available wavelengths for each type of LED pictured below.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Selection Guide
Click Photo to Enlarge
(Representative; Not to Scale)
Type Unmounted LEDs Pigtailed LEDs LEDs in
SMT Packages
LED Arrays LED Ring Light Cage-Compatible
Diffuse Backlight LED
Light Emitting Diode (LED) Selection Guide
Click Photo to Enlarge
(Representative; Not to Scale)
Type PCB-
Mounted LEDs
Mounted LEDs
Collimated LEDs for Microscopyb Fiber-
Coupled LEDs
High-Power LEDs for Microscopy Multi-Wavelength
LED Source Optionsd
  • Measured at 25 °C
  • These Collimated LEDs are compatible with the standard and epi-illumination ports on the following microscopes: Olympus BX/IX (Item # Suffix: -C1), Leica DMI (Item # Suffix: -C2), Zeiss Axioskop (Item # Suffix: -C4), and Nikon Eclipse (Bayonet Mount, Item # Suffix: -C5).
  • Typical power when used with MM Fiber with Ø400 µm core, 0.39 NA.
  • Our Multi-Wavelength LED Sources are available with select combinations of the LEDs at these wavelengths.
  • Typical power for LEDs with the Leica DMI collimation package (Item # Suffix: -C2).
  • Minimum power for the collimated output of these LEDs. The collimation lens is installed with each LED.
  • Typical power for LEDs with the Olympus BX and IX collimation package (Item # Suffix: -C1).
  • Typical power for LEDs with the Zeiss Axioskop collimation package (Item # Suffix: -C4).
  • Percentage of LED intensity that emits in the blue portion of the spectrum, from 400 nm to 525 nm.
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UV LEDs with Ball Lens (250 - 260 nm)

Item # Info Peak
Power (Min)b
Half Anglea
Max DC Forward
LED250J info 250 nm 1 mW 12 nm 7.5° 100 mA TO-39
LED255J info 255 nm 1 mW 12 nm 7.5° 100 mA TO-39
LED260J info 260 nm 1 mW 12 nm 7.5° 100 mA TO-39
  • Typical values unless otherwise noted.
  • At 100 mA.
  • Temperature: 25 °C
  • We recommend mounting these LEDs in S1LEDM LED Mounts with HSLT2 Passive Heat Sink Lens Tubes.
Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
LED250J Support Documentation
LED250J250 nm LED with Ball Lens, 1 mW (Min), TO-39
LED255J Support Documentation
LED255J255 nm LED with Ball Lens, 1 mW (Min), TO-39
LED260J Support Documentation
LED260J260 nm LED with Ball Lens, 1 mW (Min), TO-39
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LED Mounts

LED Mount Compatibility
Item # LED Package External
Spanner Wrenches
Mount LED
Retaining Ring
S05LEDM TO-18, TO-39,
TO-46, and T1-3/4a
  • The LEDRGBE uses a T-1 3/4 package, but is not compatible with the S05LEDM and S1LEDM, as the four pins prevent the retaining ring from holding the LED in place.

The S05LEDM and S1LEDM LED Mounts are SM05 (0.535"-40) and SM1 (1.035"-40) threaded, respectively. They are designed to hold any of Thorlabs' TO-18, TO-39, TO-46, or T1-3/4 packages using the included adapter rings. The external threading on these mounts allows them to be used in a wide variety of SM05- or SM1-compatible optomechanics.

To aid in threading the retaining ring into the mount or in threading the mount into a mating component, we recommend using our selection of spanner wrenches. The SPW801 Adjustable Spanner Wrench can be used to thread LED retaining rings into the mount and the mount into a mating component. Alternatively, the table to the right also lists the compatible fixed spanner wrench for each mount.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
S05LEDM Support Documentation
S05LEDMCustomer Inspired! SM05-Threaded Mount for TO-18, TO-39, TO-46, or T-1 3/4 LEDs
S1LEDM Support Documentation
S1LEDMSM1-Threaded Mount for TO-18, TO-39, TO-46, or T-1 3/4 LEDs