FC/PC Fiber Connectors: Multimode, Stainless Steel Ferrule

  • Bore Sizes for Claddings Between Ø125 and Ø1580 µm
  • Stainless Steel Ferrules and 2.0 mm Narrow Keys


Connector with Ø250 µm Bore Size


Additional Strain Relief Boots / Crimp Sleeves and Caps can be Purchased Separately



Connector with Ø1050 µm Bore Size

Application Idea

301050G3 Connector Shown Used in a Patch Cable

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  • FC/PC Connectors with 2.0 mm Narrow Keys
  • Stainless Steel Ferrules
  • Strain Relief Boot for Ø3 mm Tubing, Crimp Sleeve, and Connector Cap Included
  • FC/PC-Compatible Strain Relief Boots for Ø2 mm Tubing and Additional Caps can be Purchased Separately
  • Custom Bore Sizes Available; Contact Tech Support with Inquiries

Thorlabs offers FC/PC connectors with 2.0 mm narrow keys and drilled stainless steel ferrules. These connectors come with bore sizes ranging from Ø125 µm to Ø1580 µm, providing compatibility with various multimode fibers. Each connector package includes a fiber connector cap, crimp sleeve, and strain relief boot compatible with Ø3 mm furcation tubing. Strain relief boots for Ø2 mm furcation tubing and additional connector caps can be purchased separately below. We also offer stainless steel sleeves designed for mating connectors to our stainless steel tubing. Please refer to stainless steel tubing and sleeves for more information.

If you need a bore size that is not listed below, please e-mail Tech Support for a quote on custom-drilled connectors.

As an alternative to buying and assembling separate optical fiber, connectors, and furcation tubing, Thorlabs also offers custom pre-built patch cables using the connectors sold on this page. See our Custom Fiber Patch Cable Configurator to place an order.

Posted Comments:
Chad Bender  (posted 2023-02-13 09:36:02.383)
What is the recommended crimp die size for the 2mm crimp sleeves to 2mm tubing?
cdolbashian  (posted 2023-02-17 02:21:26.0)
Thank you for reaching out to us with this inquiry Chad. Unfortunately we do not have a singular product to recommend for this particular application. Rather, the solution involves our crimp tool (CT042) in addition to some epoxy. We have a note on the page above stating as much: Please note that, due to the small size of this tubing, epoxy must be used after crimping a sleeve from the 190066CP or 190088CP packs to the tubing to ensure that it is properly secured to the tubing. Additionally I have reached out to you to discuss this.
david.bingham  (posted 2013-06-28 09:40:47.51)
Hello, Can you recommend a connector for connecting dissimilar fibres, e.g. glass to pof and glass to gi-pof. Thanks, Dave.
pbui  (posted 2013-07-03 16:16:00.0)
Response from Phong at Thorlabs: If you are looking to mate two fiber patch cables together, I would recommend using a mating sleeve that accepts your patch cables' connector type. http://www.thorlabs.com/newgrouppage9.cfm?objectgroup_id=314 We will contact you directly to discuss your specific requirements.

FC/PC Fiber Connectors: Multimode, Stainless Steel Ferrule

Item # Bore Diameter Bore Diameter Tolerance Style Ferrule Included Boot Crimp Tool Operating
Temperature Range
30126G3 125 µm +5/-0 µm 2.0 mm Narrow Key FC/PC Ø2.5 mm, Stainless Steel Ø3 mm CT042 -40 to 75 °C
30145G3 145 µm +5/-0 µm
30230G3 230 µm +10/-0 µm
30240G3 240 µm +10/-0 µm
30245G3 245 µm +10/-0 µm
30250G3 250 µm +10/-0 µm
30260G3 260 µm +10/-0 µm
30270G3 270 µm +10/-0 µm
30340G3 340 µm +10/-0 µm
30380G3 380 µm +10/-0 µm
30440G3 440 µm +10/-0 µm
30450G3 450 µm +10/-0 µm
30490G3 490 µm +10/-0 µm
30500G3 500 µm +10/-0 µm
30640G3 640 µm +10/-0 µm
30670G3 670 µm +10/-0 µm
30720G3 720 µm +10/-0 µm
30850G3 850 µm +10/-0 µm
301050G3 1050 µm +10/-10 µm
31130G2 1130 µm +20/-10 µm
30126G2-1580 1580 µm +30/-10 µm
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+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
30126G3 Support Documentation
30126G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø125 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30145G3 Support Documentation
30145G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø145 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30230G3 Support Documentation
30230G3 FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø230 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30240G3 Support Documentation
30240G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø240 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30245G3 Support Documentation
30245G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø245 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30250G3 Support Documentation
30250G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø250 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30260G3 Support Documentation
30260G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø260 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
Lead Time
30270G3 Support Documentation
30270G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø270 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30340G3 Support Documentation
30340G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø340 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30380G3 Support Documentation
30380G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø380 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30440G3 Support Documentation
30440G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø440 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30450G3 Support Documentation
30450G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø450 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
7-10 Days
30490G3 Support Documentation
30490G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø490 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30500G3 Support Documentation
30500G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø500 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30640G3 Support Documentation
30640G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø640 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30670G3 Support Documentation
30670G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø670 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30720G3 Support Documentation
30720G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø720 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30850G3 Support Documentation
30850G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø850 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
301050G3 Support Documentation
301050G3FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø1050 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
31130G2 Support Documentation
31130G2NEW!FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø1130 µm Bore, SS Ferrule
30126G2-1580 Support Documentation
30126G2-1580FC/PC Multimode Connector, Ø1580 µm Bore, SS Ferrule

Strain Relief Boots and Dust Caps

  • Strain Relief Boots and Crimp Sleeves for Ø2 mm Tubing (25 Pack)
  • CAPF Dust Cap for Ø2.5 mm Ferrules (25 Pack)
  • CAPFM Threaded Metal Dust Cap for FC Connectors (4 Pack)

Thorlabs offers strain relief boots and dust caps that can be purchased separately from our fiber connectors. The black strain relief boots sold here include a crimp sleeve and are compatible with FC/PC and FC/APC connectors and Ø2 mm furcation tubing (our stock connectors do not include a boot compatible with Ø2 mm tubing).

The CAPF Clear Plastic Dust Caps are for use with all Ø2.5 mm fiber connector ferrules and FC connectors, and the CAPFM Threaded Nickel-Plated Brass Dust Caps are for use with narrow-key FC connectors. Dirt on the fiber tip can result in permanent damage to the fiber connector, which can increase coupling losses or create undesirable mode structures in the output light. To prevent damaging the connectorized fiber, clean before each use with an appropriate fiber and connector cleaning product and use a fiber connector cap to protect the end face of the connectorized fiber when it is not in use.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
190066CP Support Documentation
190066CPBlack Strain Relief Boots and Crimp Sleeves for Ø2 mm Tubing and FC/PC Connectors, 25 Pack
CAPF Support Documentation
CAPFClear Plastic Dust Caps for Ø2.5 mm Ferrules, 25 Pack
CAPFM Support Documentation
CAPFMCustomer Inspired! Metal Threaded Caps for FC Connectors, 4 Pack

*  Orders for in-stock furcation tubing placed by 3:00 PM ET and for lengths <100 m are eligible for same-day shipment.