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2-Channel Compact USB Temperature and Humidity Logger

  • Temperature Measurements: -15 to 200 °C
  • Relative Humidity Measurements: 0% to 100% RH
  • Internal and External Temperature Sensor Options
  • USB 2.0 Interface


(1 External TSP-TH
Sensor Included)


(Optional 2nd External
NTC Sensor)

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Measurement Temperature Rel. Humidity
Units °C, K, °F % RH
Internal Combined Sensor
Measurement Range -20 °C to 70 °Ca 0% to 100% RH
Accuracy ±1 °C (@ -10 to 70 °C)
±0.5 °C (@ 25 °C)
±2% RH (@ 20 to 80% RH)
±4% RH (@ 0-20% and 80-100% RH)
Resolution 0.05 °C 0.1%
External Sensor (TSP-TH)
Measurement Range -15 °C to 200 °C N/A
Accuracy ±0.5 °C (@ 25 °C) N/A
Resolution 0.05 °C N/A
Number of Channels 2 N/A
  • This specification is for the temperature range of the sensor inside the USB unit. The actual temperature range of the internal sensor is limited by the operating temperature range of the USB unit (-10 to 70 °C).


  • For Temperature and Relative Humidity Measurements
  • External Thermistor Probe with 1.5 m Cable
  • Additional Temperature Probe Available for 2-Channel Temperature Recording
  • USB 2.0 Type A Interface
  • Compact, Thumb-Drive-Sized Housing
  • Software GUI and Drivers Included

Measuring just 69.5 mm x 12 mm x 20 mm (2.74" x 0.79" x 0.47"), which is approximately the size of a USB thumb drive, the TSP01 provides a very compact solution for measuring temperature and humidity as a function of time via an intuitive software interface. Designed for PC use, it can be plugged into any USB Type A port, and it is capable of measuring and logging up to three different temperature signals (1 internal and 2 external sensors) and one humidity signal (internal sensor) simultaneously. Sensors can be enabled/disabled using the "Settings Panel" within the GUI.

pin description of standard stereo headphone connector for external temperature sensor

One external TSP-TH NTC thermistor sensor is included with the purchase of the TSP01 temperature and humidity logger, and a second one can be ordered separately. Both probes are directly connected to the USB housing via a 1.5 m long, shielded cable terminated with an headphone connector. The data can be displayed by the included standalone GUI (see the Functionality tab for details). If desired, a user-supplied external NTC thermistor, providing a measurement range of 200 Ω to 80 kΩ, can be wired and used with this temperature and humidity logger. See the image of the 2.5 mm standard stereo headphone connector to the right for the pin connectorization.

Thorlabs' Beam Profiler software packages are capable of displaying simultaneously the temperature and humidity data as measured by the TSP01 as well as the beam profile data. When used together, beam profile, temperature, and humidity data is all stored together, thereby providing a complete log of environmental conditions as a function of time during an experiment. The included driver set also allows for integration into third-party software. For driver software, as well as programming reference guides for LabVIEW™, Visual C++, Visual C#, and Visual Basic, please see the Software tab.

The TSP-TH thermistor probe is also compatible with the PM400 Touchscreen Power Meter Console.

Measurement Temperature Relative Humidity
Internal Combined Sensor
Units °C, K, °F % RH
Measurement Range -20 °C to 70 °Ca 0% - 100% RH
Accuracy ±1 °C (@ -10 to 70 °C)
±0.5 °C (@ 25 °C)
±2% RH (@ 20 to 80% RH)
±4% RH (@ 0-20% and 80-100% RH)
Resolution 0.05 °C 0.1%
External Sensor TSP-TH (1 Included with TSP01)
(R0 = 10 kΩ @ T0 = 25 °C, B = 3988 K)
Measurement Range -15 °C to 200 °C N/A
Accuracy ±0.5 °C (@ 25 °C) N/A
Resolution 0.05 °C N/A
External Sensor Compatibility
Supported Sensor Type NTC N/A
Number of Channels 2 N/A
Measurement Range 200 Ω to 80 kΩ N/A
Units °C, K, °F N/A
Connector 2.5 mm Headphone Jack (Stereo) N/A
Interface and Power Supply
Interface USB 2.0 (HID Device)
Power Supply 5 VDC, 20 mA via USB
Measurement Update Rate 1/sec (Max)
Operating Temperature Rangeb -20 to 70 °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 70 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 69.5 mm x 20.0 mm x 12.0 mm (2.74" x 0.79" x 0.47")
Weight 50 g (0.2 lbs) without Extension Cable and External Sensor
  • This specification is for the temperature range of the sensor inside the USB unit. The actual temperature range of the internal sensor is limited by the operating temperature range of the USB unit (-10 to 70 °C).
  • Non-Condensing

    All technical data are valid at (23 ± 5) °C and (45% ± 15%) relative humidity (Non-Condensing)

Functionality Overview of the Software Package


The GUI software has multiple logging options, allowing the user to tailor the software to their preferences. The left section of the interface shows the main measurement options.

Measurement Interval: The logging interval, which is the time between two measurements, can be set from 1 to 10,000 seconds in full second increments.

Averaging: When averaging is unchecked, a single measured value per selected measurement interval will be logged. By checking this box, all measured values, which are taken every second regardless of the measurement interval chosen, will be averaged over the user-selected measurement interval and a single averaged value will be logged.

Logging Control Modes:

  • Manual Start / Stop of Logging
  • Start / Stop of Logging by Time Values
  • Stop of Logging after a User-Specified Number of Samples

3 Scale Options for the Time Axis:

  • Time in seconds
  • Time in hours:minutes:seconds
  • Time Stamp (date and time)

The time displayed on the "Graph" and "Table" tabs can be shown in any of the three options mentioned above. As shown in the screenshot above, the "Measurement" tab just shows the value of each active sensor (i.e., no explicit time) and is updated at the user-specified measurement interval that was entered in the logging box.

Start / Stop Logging:
This is a toggle button to start / stop logging data.


The logging statistics are summarized in the bottom left box of the GUI screenshot shown above.

Display Modes

Three different display modes, two of which are shown in the GUI screenshots displayed here, are accessible via tabs.

  • Measurement: (shown in the image above) The values of all enabled sensors are displayed numerically as well as on a bar graph with adjustable range and limit settings.
  • Table: (not shown) A list of Temperature/Humidity values as a function of time is given as well as the full date/time stamp.
  • Graph: (shown in the image to the right) Data for up to three activated temperature sensors [one internal temperature sensor (blue) and two external temperature sensors (green and red)] and one humidity sensor (black) can be displayed. All temperature curves are shown within a single line chart, which features zoom functionality for specific time periods. Sensors are activated in the settings window of the GUI (not shown).

Data and Configuration Import/Export:
The device configuration as well as the measured data can be stored on the connected computer as text files.

Software for USB Temperature and Humidity Logger

This software package also includes the instrument drivers for the National Instruments™, LabWindows™/CVI, and LabVIEW™a development environments. The drivers are intended for developers who want to extend or adapt the functionality of the device to their special requirements.


Version 2.0 (November 28, 2018)

Standard full software application packages and graphical user interfaces. This version improves operation when using multiple instruments. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 10b.

Software Download
  • The software packages supports NI LabVIEW from version 8.5 onwards. For earlier versions the code can be converted. Please contact Technical Support for details.
  • When using the software with Windows 10, the AutoRun application may not work. Opening up the contents on the disc and manually starting setup.exe should resolve the issue.

Posted Comments:
Andrey Kuznetsov  (posted 2019-07-13 01:16:03.033)
Can you please provide files/code to control and log data using Matlab? Would be nice if you posted it on the website, seems like a lot of people are using Matlab these days for automation and integration.
Simon Proud  (posted 2019-07-11 07:34:50.29)
Hello, I am using the TSP01 in conjunction with the windows tool (version 2.0.606.63, Qt version 4.8.6) and the interface is extremely laggy. For example, if I try to switch between the 'graph' and 'measurement' tabs then there is a 3-4 second delay before the tab changes. The same happens when the graph is updated or I select any menu item. Is there something that can be done about this? It really harms usability.
Andreas Dauerer  (posted 2019-07-01 13:19:45.103)
Can you provide us a Manual to program the logger with matlab or better do you have suitable m-files for that purpose?
dpossin  (posted 2019-07-04 04:17:13.0)
Hello Andreas, Thank you for your feedback. We do have programming protocols as well as the API for the humidity logger. I will reach out to you directly in order to provide these documents to you.
Alex Barker  (posted 2019-06-24 08:34:28.54)
Our TSP01 functions fine for a few hours, but the computer inevitably loses the USB connection, and logging stops. We've tried this with different USB cables and computers, but the behaviour is always the same. The behaviour has been like this since we received our unit. Is there some troubleshooting we can do for this? Thanks
MKiess  (posted 2019-06-28 07:04:50.0)
This is a response from Michael at Thorlabs. Thank you for the feedback. The operating system Microsoft Windows allows the computer to shut off power to USB devices. The TSP01 is powered via the USB port. If the USB port is turned off, the TSP01 will also be turned off, resulting in incorrect logging. Turning off the power saving option of the USB port may solve this problem. I will contact you directly to help you.
user  (posted 2019-06-19 16:39:18.693)
Hello, I was wondering if it possible to get custom lengths of sensor cable? I'm looking for a fairly short length, just to monitor temperature local to the USB widget. Many thanks!
mdiekmann  (posted 2019-06-24 02:35:52.0)
Response from Meike at Thorlabs: Thank you for your message. We will contact you directly to discuss options.
Eneko Lopez  (posted 2019-05-20 07:09:13.44)
Is there any way to log temperature and humidity data using MATLAB software? It would be very helpful for us. Thank you!
wskopalik  (posted 2019-05-28 03:21:15.0)
This is a response from Wolfgang at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry! You can e.g. use the function "loadlibrary" to load the instrument driver files into MATLAB and use them there. Alternatively, you can also use the .NET driver files we provide. The corresponding function in MATLAB is "addAssembly". In both cases you can access all the functions implemented in the drivers and control the device. Unfortunately, we don't have any documentation about it. But I will contact you directly to provide further assistance.
Carey Johnson  (posted 2019-05-03 11:27:28.857)
I recently purchased this item as well as the TSP-TH because I need to log temperature and humidity in my lab LONG TERM: for a period of days. However, the TSP01 records for a few hours (8 to 12 usually) and then your program looses connection with the sensor. I have had this experience with two different computers. So the device DOES NOT WORK for my purposes. Can you advise how to fix the problem?
swick  (posted 2019-05-15 04:19:13.0)
This is a response from Sebastian at Thorlabs. Thank you for the feedback. We already got in contact with you but the issue was not reproducible on your or our side. We will further investigate and keep you updated.
Andrew Mead  (posted 2019-04-18 11:10:45.257)
The THOR web page doesn't indicate the total temporal range of the TSP01 - what is it? Also, there is no suggestion as to the TSP01 capability to operate as a stand-alone device; must it be connected to a support computer to actively log data or can it be parameter-programmed then disconnected for long-term logging?
nreusch  (posted 2019-04-26 08:48:05.0)
This is a response from Nicola at Thorlabs. Thank you for your inquiry. The device cannot be used as stand-alone device and needs to be connected to the USB port of a PC. The minimum duration of logging is 2 s. There is no maximum value for the logging time, but for a value of more than 24855 days (or 68 years), the duration of measurement will not be calculated correctly.
Loo KC  (posted 2019-04-15 10:17:32.2)
Hi, may I know the accuracy of TSP01 more temperature more than 130 deg C? Any calibration is needed for more than 130 deg C measurement? Thanks
swick  (posted 2019-04-25 03:58:27.0)
This is a response from Sebastian at Thorlabs. Thank you for the inquiry. Operating temperature range of the USB unit is -10 °C to 70 °C only but external thermistor (TSP-TH) works within -15 °C to 200 °C. For measuring temperatures above 130°C you could use the external thermistor TSP-TH.
Tung-Duong Tran-Luu  (posted 2019-04-05 09:54:00.42)
Does the TSP01 need a driver for Ubuntu? Please send a quote to: Army Research Lab 2800 Powder Mill Road Adelphi, MD 20783 ATTN: FCDD-RLS-SP
nreusch  (posted 2019-04-15 05:46:59.0)
This is a response from Nicola at Thorlabs. Thank you for your inquiry. We are currently preparing the drivers for Linux. I will contact you directly to send you the Linux version as soon as it is available.
user  (posted 2019-03-29 08:46:46.953)
Hello Thorlabs team, I got Your TSP01 temperature and humidity logger early this week and been testing it. It works fine and will be implemented to our testing lab. Great product I must say. The one thing I was wondering is useing Agilent VEE possible with TSP01. I know it supports SCPI commands and VISA drivers which are also included at Agilent VEE. I have done our automated testing softwares with VEE and it would be great if I could get the readings out from TSP01 that way. Best regarsd, Vesa Moilanen Laboratory Engineer Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Non-Ionizing Radiation Surveillance (NIR) Laippatie 4, P.O.Box 14 FI-00811 Helsinki Tel. +358 9 759 88 581 Mobile. +358 40 170 5853
nreusch  (posted 2019-04-16 05:14:17.0)
This is a response from Nicola at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your feedback! Unfortunately, we cannot provide extensive support for Agilent VEE. I will contact you directly to provide further assistance.
kqr2  (posted 2019-02-26 19:55:06.6)
Is there a command reference for TSP01 B version? The manual only covers the previous older version. It would be nice to have the command reference for developing our own custom application.
swick  (posted 2019-04-25 03:54:09.0)
This is a response from Sebastian at Thorlabs. Thank you for the inquiry. In order to write your own application, you need specific instrument driver and some tools, which are installed to your computer during software installation. You can find additional information in manual at chapter 4.1 (WYOA, Write Your Own Application) and after software installation at path: C:\Program Files (x86)\IVI Foundation\VISA\WinNT\TLTSPB\Manual.
bradley.hallock  (posted 2019-01-30 08:52:15.503)
I downloaded and installed the TSP01 Rev2 software on Windows 7 and on Windows 10 64-bit computers. NI LabVIEW 2018 64-bit including NI MAX was installed on both computers. The TSP01 Rev2 hardware was not recognized by the Windows Device Manager nor was it recognized by NI MAX. So, I can't get a reference to the instrument driver in LabVIEW. I see that 64-bit DLLs and header files were installed in IVI Foundation folders. Also, your application works and takes measurements from the device. How can I get LabVIEW to recognize the TSP01 IVI drivers? Also, why isn't the TSP01 shown in the Windows Device manager utility?
MKiess  (posted 2019-04-16 08:59:42.0)
This is a response from Michael at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for the inquiry. The TSP01 Rev.B released in the beginning of this year is installed as human interface device because of using Windows native drivers. The Windows Device manager shows this as HID-compliant device defined by the manufacturer. Regarding the control with LabVIEW, I will contact you directly.
shaham.roy  (posted 2018-11-26 00:11:50.277)
Hi, The TSP has a blinking blue led, similar to peter.sears question from 24 March 2017. Can you please help me connect the device? Cheers, Roy
MKiess  (posted 2018-12-03 03:38:56.0)
This is a response from Michael at Thorlabs. Thank you for your inquiry. The flashing LED indicates that the TSP cannot connect to the software. Apparently there is a software driver problem. I have contacted you directly for further assistance.
ncostello  (posted 2018-07-17 13:49:54.77)
We are using the TSP01 Humidity function as a reference point against units under test. But i am unsure of the calibration of this unit since the drift between all of the units to the logger is +2~+7%, Logger Unit Humidity Value:43.39275, UUT 1 Humidity Value: 46 Logger Unit Humidity Value:43.5157, UUT 2 Humidity Value: 49 Logger Unit Humidity Value:43.7072, UUT 3 Humidity Value: 50 How do i calibrate this Unit or verify calibration? I have 10 of these in used as temperature reference points and they work great, this is the first time we are utilizing the humidity section though.
nreusch  (posted 2018-07-25 10:49:29.0)
This is a response from Nicola at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. The sensors probably need to be reconditioned. The recommended procedure is baking at 120 °C (3 hrs) and Re-Hydration at 30±5 °C at 80±5% RH for 60 hrs. In the email you sent in addition to this feedback you asked for the option to store the offset within the sensor as this might already solve the issue. We will send you the instructions on how to do that.
ItayBlochM  (posted 2017-12-18 00:52:13.37)
Hello, thank you for a great product. I want to create a log of few hours, and I tried to use the SCPI, but I found it only takes single measurements. Is there a way to use the SCPI to measure many data points together with time stamps? Thanks and best regards
mvonsivers  (posted 2017-12-19 05:51:25.0)
This is a response from Moritz at Thorlabs. Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, there is no single SCPI command to start a long term measurement. You could program a loop which regularly reads out single datapoints. I will contact you directly for further support.
kumma365  (posted 2017-08-10 09:56:37.31)
How selective is the humidity sensor response? I am working with a whole range of vapours like methanol and ethanol. The data logger seems to register the presence of methanol as water vapour.
tschalk  (posted 2017-08-11 03:55:43.0)
This is a response from Thomas at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. I will contact you directly with detailed information about the humidity measurement.
ngoquan.bacgiang  (posted 2017-07-03 19:31:16.21)
Hi, I have few questions: 1)Can we able to automatically save a log file now? 2)How can I get a certification for TSP01? 3) What is a calibration plan for this product, if I need to do an annual calibration. Thanks
swick  (posted 2017-07-04 04:02:46.0)
This is a response from Sebastian at Thorlabs. Thank you for the inquiry. 1. It is possible to log and save data in the GUI. 2. and 3. The internal sensor is factory calibrated, we do not provide a traceable calibration with certificate. Therefore we do not recommend a calibration plan.
peter.sears  (posted 2017-03-24 05:13:54.84)
Hi - the second TSP01 we installed in a test system is flashing its blue LED (on 1 sec, off 2 sec) - the LED in the first one is on continuously. Both units seems to be working OK. What's the flashing telling us?
swick  (posted 2017-03-27 03:42:13.0)
This is a response from Sebastian at Thorlabs. Thank you for the feedback. The blinking LED should indicate that the TSP is not connected to the software. I will contact you directly to provide assistance.
lee.johnston  (posted 2017-03-23 06:46:29.843)
Hi, I have a question regarding the accuracy of the TSP01. Is the quoted accuracy of 1%RH and 0.3°C only achievable with using offsets in the software? I am currently trying to calibrate a large amount of these units (new) for a customer and cant get most of them to meet the quoted accuracy.
swick  (posted 2017-03-24 04:12:32.0)
This is a response from Sebastian at Thorlabs. Thank you for the feedback. I will contact you directly for troubleshooting and assistance.  (posted 2017-03-03 23:18:26.73)
Hi, I received TSP01 today and tested it. The readout of the TH1 is not smooth. It does show 10mK resolution but the reading stays on 22.59, 22.69, 22.79, etc (**.*9, 100mK step) much longer than other readings. The internal temperature readout also has a "step-wise" jump though not as prominent. Please let me know how to solve this problem. Also, is it possible to log the thermistor value directly than the temperature? Thank you!
swick  (posted 2017-03-08 03:30:29.0)
This is a response from Sebastian at Thorlabs. Thank you for the feedback. For the external sensors (TSP-TH) the Thermistor value in Ohm can be read out in Labview via command TLTSP_getThermRes. For the internal sensor this is not possible. I have contacted you directly for further assistance.
kitsolution  (posted 2017-01-16 16:06:49.453)
Is there any 'in-house' calibration verification to come with this temp/logger ? Edgar WONG
wskopalik  (posted 2017-01-16 05:14:37.0)
This is a response from Wolfgang at Thorlabs. Thank you for your feedback! The TSP01 is adjusted during production to ensure that the specified accuracies for temperature and relative humidity are met. There is however no further certification for it. I have contacted you directly to discuss this in further detail.
tsori  (posted 2017-01-16 14:09:12.177)
Hi, we've had TSP01 in our lab running on an old computer just fine. When trying to install on a new Windows 10 computer we got these two errors: 1. "The ordinal 147 could not be located in the dynamic link library c:\Program Files (x86)\Thorlabs\TSP01GUI.exe". 2. "The ordinal 18 could not be located in the dynamic link library c:\Program Files (x86)\Thorlabs\VISA32.dll". What is wrong here? The installation from a zip file downloaded at ThorLabs contains a VISA part but seemingly the user has to install it separately. Should TSP01 be installed before or after VISA? Can you publish (or send) installation files for Win10 with instructions?
wskopalik  (posted 2017-01-17 05:49:19.0)
This is a response from Wolfgang at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your feedback! The TSP01 software is compatible to Windows 10 so this wouldn't cause this issue. Apparently the VISA interface hasn't been correctly registered on your computer during installation so now the VISA32.dll cannot be detected. I have contacted you directly to troubleshoot this issue further.
suresh7730  (posted 2016-12-12 15:21:47.86)
Hi, Are there any linux driver available for TSP01. I notice there was a similar feedback on this. Please let me know if there're any possibilities to use TSP01 usb temp/humidity sensor with raspberry pi and debian.
wskopalik  (posted 2016-12-12 03:10:24.0)
This is a response from Wolfgang at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. Unfortunately we do not have Linux drivers available for the TSP01. You can however find a list of SCPI commands in the programming manual which can be used on Linux as well. These commands support the same functions as the driver, they do however require a VISA connection between computer and TSP01 to use them. I will contact you directly to check if there is a suitable VISA interface for your Linux distribution available.
baozhulu  (posted 2016-07-07 12:22:11.41)
In the app Notes, you said that the TSP drivers are only compatible with 32 bit LabVIEW. But unfortunately I only have 64 bit LabVIEW. Is there any way for me to use the TSP in a 64 bit LabVIEW?
shallwig  (posted 2016-07-08 05:16:24.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry, I have sent you the 64 bit LabVIEW drivers by email.
r.bloem  (posted 2016-04-29 09:33:05.567)
We bought the TSP01. Like other commenters, we have problems with the humidity measurement. It has an offset. When another sensor shows 5% or so, the TSP01 will show 0%. At lower humidity, the value will not be displayed at all. I understand there is no way to calibrate the device, but is it at least possible to show negative values? We are not really interested in the absolute humidity anyway.
shallwig  (posted 2016-05-02 08:49:52.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you for your inquiry, I am sorry that you have problems with your TSP01. It is no possible to get negative values but an offset can be set in the GUI “settings”. If the Chip is exposed to extreme conditions or contaminated with chemical vapors and gives permanently too low values the following reconditioning procedure will recover the sensor back to calibration state: Baking: 120°C for 3 hrs and Re-Hydration: 30±5°C at 80 ±5%RH for 60 hrs. I will contact you directly for further troubleshooting.
leoluce  (posted 2016-02-10 09:32:31.413)
I have a few questions regarding the 2-channel compact USB temperature and humidity logger. 1. Your site shows that the Temperature measurements: -15 to 200°C. But your specs. sheet states a range of -40 to 125°C. Our application requires a temperature sensor that can be placed into a chamber to measure temperature and humidity. 2. Is the temperature and humidity measured with one sensor or do have to use two separate sensors one temp and one humidity. 3. Since we are an accredited laboratory do you offer these with a calibration certificate. If so to what standard ISO 17025? 4. If you do not offer them calibrated can these be calibrated or just verified? Sincerely, Leo Luce
shallwig  (posted 2016-02-11 06:20:01.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. 1. The specified operating temperature range is -40 to 125°C We will change the information on the site. 2. The Chip package contents a Capacitive polymer RH Sensor and a PTA (Proportional to Absolute) Temperature sensor integrated ASIC chip. Please see also the manufacture spec sheet for more details 3. and 4. We do not offer any calibration for these sensors, they are tested and calibrated by the manufacture but we cannot provide any further testing certificates. I will contact you directly to discuss your Needs in more detail .
bmcguyer  (posted 2016-01-20 09:48:09.7)
Hi Thorlabs, I just received a TSP01 and have started to use it to monitor and log laboratory conditions. Following up on an earlier post, would it be possible to add functionality to your software to automatically save log files, say once per day? Or to save data to a chosen text file in real time, especially if it allows the software to show data over several days? Additionally, could full time stamps be added to each data point, so a user could manually find an entry in a file without re-plotting all the data? Last but not least, could you fix the date and time x-axis labels for the Graph panel so that when data is taken over several days, it's still possible to read the x axis? I think many other customers would also like features like these, which would make the TSP01 easier to use for logging daily laboratory conditions without custom programming. Thanks!
shallwig  (posted 2016-01-21 04:45:37.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions how we can improve the software for our temperature sensors. We will review these ideas and discuss if we can implement such logging options with further software updates. I will contact you directly to check your needs in more details.
jkim  (posted 2015-09-25 11:49:07.85)
Hi, We just received the TSP01 and tested it. In the drybox condition with constant purging condition (less than 1ppm water content), the reading should be close to 0 %-RH after an overnight purging. Instead, we found there's a large fixed offset in sensor reading. Does Thorlabs tests and calibrates each humidity sensor at the factory? If so, what are the conditions?
shallwig  (posted 2015-09-29 06:28:14.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. The sensors get calibrated by the manufacturer, we test them at 25°C and 40% RH. The sensor is specified to measure relative humidity from 0% to 100%. I will contact you directly to troubleshoot this in detail.
asliman  (posted 2015-06-09 13:35:17.747)
Is there anyway that the software save the log files automatically, say everyday?
shallwig  (posted 2015-06-10 05:30:49.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. At the moment saving log files in a certain interval is not implemented in our software. I will contact you directly to discuss your requirements in more detail to offer a modified software containing this function.  (posted 2015-06-02 11:02:32.407)
Is it possible the wire range of extent the external sensors by normal head phone cables? (If so over which distance is it working?)
shallwig  (posted 2015-06-08 05:01:45.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. The external sensor used with the TSP01 is a 10 kOhm Thermistor with following parameters: EPCOS NTC M861 (R0 = 10 k @ T0 = 25 °C, B = 3988 K). You can extent the sensors cable by using head phone cables, at room temperature the cable resistance can be neglected and will have nearly no influence since the tolerance of the thermistor resistance is already 1%. At higher temperatures the change of the cable resistance can become more critical as the thermistor resistance becomes smaller and absolute measurements are less precise then. I have contacted you directly to discuss the topic in more detail.
gnishi  (posted 2015-04-14 18:58:39.893)
Hi, if you can install usbtmc driver, you can control TSP01 directly with commands in the manual through character device /dev/usbtmcN from your application program. The Programming Manual is a bit fazy and I could not understand how differ FETC, MEAS, READ or using SENS:DATA? commands, though. It would be nice if you could describe the details about these commands.
shallwig  (posted 2015-04-15 05:27:56.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. All mentioned commands: FETC, MES and READ are defined by the USB Test and measurement class. The TSP01 is conform with this class but the commands are not all really necessary for reading out the temperature. The FETCH command is normally used when there is a signal /information just coming with a certain repetition rate but not continuously. It tries to fetch data within a certain time interval, if there is no signal coming within the interval it will give out a time error. For the temperature sensor where there is a steady signal all the time this command has not much use. For getting the fundamental value of the temperature it is recommended to use the MEAS command. I will contact you directly to discuss if there are any further documentation necessary for your application.
daniel.wilson  (posted 2015-03-24 16:22:14.247)
Hello, I'm making a deployable environmental monitor using a raspberry pi and debian. Do you have linux drivers available for the TSP01? Thanks.
shallwig  (posted 2015-03-27 10:17:42.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. Unfortunately we do not have Linux drivers available for the TSP01. I will contact you directly to check if there is another possibility to communicate with your raspberry pi maybe by using the low level commands which can be found in our programmers reference manual on page 6
Graeme.Petrie  (posted 2015-03-05 09:29:24.55)
Hi, I am interested in your 2-Channel Compact USB Temperature and Humidity Logger but can I ask if you can increase the channels to say 30 channels. Our company tests ATM's and we tend to use many probes in different locations. Many thanks, Graeme
shallwig  (posted 2015-03-06 06:16:58.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. At the moment it is not planned to offer such a Temperature and Humidity Logger with more than 2 channels. I forwarded your request to the responsible product engineer and we will discuss if it is possible to offer you a customized solution. I will contact you directly to check your application and needs in more detail.
amirulatlantis  (posted 2015-02-24 12:58:45.04)
Hi there, I want to know if the TSP01 external sensor measures both temperature and humidity or just temperature? Is it the same with TSP-TH? Thanks Amirul
cdaly  (posted 2015-02-24 04:44:34.0)
Response from Chris at Thorlabs: Humidity is measured only through an internal sensor on the USB stick-like device. The included external probe as well as the optional second external probe, TSP-TH, have only temperature sensors.
alexander.powell  (posted 2015-01-27 15:33:40.093)
Hi there, Can you tell me the model number or type of humidity chip that this detector uses to detect humidity please? I need to look up the specific details of the sensing component to compare it with an optical prototype we are creating. All the best, Alex
shallwig  (posted 2015-01-27 09:47:42.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. I will contact you directly to check when you bought the device and to provide you the information of the built in chip in your model.
m.bisi  (posted 2014-10-07 00:01:37.77)
I would like to store the TSP01 readings as soon as they are available in a database, which can't be done with the accompanying software. Would it be possible to receive the source code relative to the communication with the instrument? Unfortunately, the programming manual is nothing more then the list of the accepted IEEE-448.2 commands. Yours faithful Marco Bisi
shallwig  (posted 2014-10-07 09:25:50.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. You are right with the delivered software it is not possible to store the data live, during a measurement. But with the programmer manual which we provide on our website you can write your own application within different programming environments. We also provide programming examples for C,C++, C# and Labview which get downloaded automatically when installing the software. All mentioned environments require the NI VISA instrument driver dll. In the manual we describe which files are necessary for which programming environment and the location of the automatically downloaded drivers. I will contact you directly to discuss in which programming environment you are working and how your application looks in detail.
bslalit  (posted 2014-07-19 11:50:57.653)
Can TSP01 humidity logger be used for measuring RH of air flow line (around 6 lpm)?
shallwig  (posted 2014-07-21 04:33:25.0)
This is a response from Stefan at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. We have no experience with your application and cannot confirm that the TPS001 is suitable for measuring the RH of air flow. But if you have already this device we would recommend you to test that once with and once without the protective cover. Maybe without the cover the results are more reliable. In case you do not have the device we will be happy to offer you a Loan for testing it. I will contact you directly to discuss that in detail.
patrick.jacquet  (posted 2014-02-26 14:59:50.02)
Hi Using the associate dll in Labview the sensor slows dramatically (nearly stops) the other usb instruments when it is interrogated. Is it a bug or a feature?
jvigroux  (posted 2014-03-05 10:24:34.0)
A response from Julien at Thorlabs: I am sorry to hear about the issue you are having. This is not a known issue so we would need to understand better the system you are currently using to help troubleshooting. I will contact you directly.
user  (posted 2014-01-17 09:41:43.577)
Are there any plans to offer a calibration service to go with the TSP01. I like the product, but I would need to have a calibrated instrument (with some sort of tracibility certificate) and the possibility to have it recalibrated occasionally.
tschalk  (posted 2014-01-17 09:46:16.0)
This is a response from Thomas at Thorlabs. Thank you very much for your inquiry. We don’t offer a calibration for our TSP01. All Temperature and Humidity Data Logger are tested in a defined environment for plausibility. I am sorry that we can not offer a calibration service for this item. Please contact me at if you have any further questions.
tcohen  (posted 2012-12-28 13:37:00.0)
The TSP01 software is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows ® XP (32-bit) SP3, Windows ® Vista (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows ® 7 (32-bit, 64-bit). An NI-VISA is also required and comes with the installation CD. The engine can also be found on our online software download within the full software package under the "Software" tab or through National Instruments' website
cwellhausen  (posted 2012-12-27 15:29:57.067)
What operating system does the temperature logger need please
jvigroux  (posted 2012-10-01 11:33:00.0)
A response from Julien at Thorlabs: Thank you for your inquiry! The probe that is included in the TSP01 (thermistor) can only measure up to 150°C because of the fact that the resistance range available from the read-out electronics. The outer Jacket is also only specified up to this temperature We also offer the TSP-TH that can measure up to 200°C.
franxm  (posted 2012-09-28 17:21:22.0)
Can the external temperature probe measure bulk material temperature > 150 degC? Does the probe have an outer jacket? Thanks.

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