Stabilize Threaded Fiber Collimators in Threaded Mounts with Epoxy

Stabilize Threaded Fiber Collimators in Threaded Mounts with Epoxy

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Fiber Collimators: Tip for Mounting with Adapters


Epoxy adapters into mounts to preserve alignment when exchanging optical connectors.
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Figure 1: The components shown above are joined using threaded interfaces. Since unscrewing the fiber connector could unintentionally loosen connections between the other components, Thorlabs suggests applying epoxy to the other two interfaces to immobilize them. 

Fiber collimators are often used to introduce light into an optical setup from a fiber coupled source. Thorlabs offers a variety of fiber collimator packages, some only provide a smooth barrel (like the triplet collimators) and others have a metric thread at the end of the barrel (like the asphere collimators).

For both packages, Thorlabs typically suggests the use of an adapter with a nylon tipped set screw that holds the barrel against a two line contact.

Adapters for the external thread are available (AD1109F) that allow the user to thread the fiber collimator into a mount.

However, the use of these adapters results in a stack up of threaded interfaces (threaded fiber connector, threaded collimator, and threaded adapter). As a result, it is possible that unscrewing the fiber connector could inadvertently loosen another thread interface and create an unknown source of instability in the setup.

For this reason, Thorlabs suggests epoxying the threaded fiber collimators into the threaded mounts if that mounting mechanism is preferred.

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