Mobile Photonics Lab - Europe

Mobile Photonics Lab - Europe

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May 14

Mensa Campus

11 AM - 3 PM
May 13

Thorlabs GmbH

11 AM - 1 PM
May 16

LMU Mensa

11 AM - 3 PM
May 15

Mensa Hochschule München

11 AM - 3 PM

In May 2024, we embarked on our first route, covering a total distance of 77 km across four transfers! This journey marks a significant milestone as we deepen our engagement with European communities, empowering them with the tools and knowledge necessary to embrace photonics.

Our mobile labs are about more than reaching destinations; they raise awareness and provide access to the equipment and people needed to generate advancement within the photonics community.

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Mobile Lab

Mobile Photonics Lab - Europe

Thorlabs envisions a world where photonics is accessible for all. To achieve this, we are actively developing new educational initiatives worldwide providing awareness, access, and advancement within the photonics community.

In September 2023, we debuted the Mobile Photonics Lab Experience at our Headquarters in Newton, NJ, which continues its journey across the U.S. throughout 2024. This mobile lab visits schools and community events, providing immersive, hands-on photonics learning experiences.

Meanwhile, our efforts will extend internationally as we adapt this model to serve students in Europe. The introduction of a mobile lab on three eco-friendly wheels aligns with our commitment to sustainability, ensuring minimal environmental impact as we continue to share photonics education. In Europe, where space is often limited on university campuses, our mobile lab's compact design is well-suited. This mobile lab is easily maneuverable and akin to a friendly arrival on a bike, carrying the equipment and people needed to facilitate learning experiences.

UNESCO International Day of Light
The mobile photonics lab's inaugural tour took place during the week of the UNESCO International Day of Light, a day to celebrate the contributions of light to the advancement of both science and culture.


Thorlabs GmbH → Garching →
München → Martinsried

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77 km

Posted Comments:
Christoph Lienau  (posted 2024-05-21 18:52:30.07)
Dear Thorlabs colleagues- what do we need to do to get the Thorlabs Bike to Oldenburg? All the best Christoph
jjadvani  (posted 2024-05-22 03:36:49.0)
Dear Christoph, Thank you very much for your feedback! We will arrange our travel and keep you informed of our plans.
Donn Silberman  (posted 2024-05-08 15:35:49.767)
You guys are AMAZING !!! Loved the Mobile Photonics Lab !! And now this Bicycle version look crazy good. Please send more photos of how this will be used in the "Wild". Maybe I can make something like this for Southern California. An Old Friend of Thorlabs -
fmortaheb  (posted 2024-05-13 04:38:08.0)
Thank you very much for your feedback! we'll keep you posted about our journey.