Miniaturized Two-Photon Microscope (Mini2P)

  • Designed for Calcium Imaging in Freely Moving Specimens
  • Interchangeable Objectives for Application-Specific Customization
  • Two MEMS Laser Scanning Options


Mini2P Includes an Integrated Flexible Circuit Board with Built-In Signal Detection and Laser Scanning



(Exhibited at Neuroscience 2023)

A Mini2P Mounted on a
Ø6 mm Optical Post
(Post Not Included)

Spontaneous Neuronal Activity in a Mouse
Somatosensory Cortex Expressing GCaMP6
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This video shows the spontaneous signal of a mouse somatosensory
cortex expressing GCaMP6 and was taken with the Thorlabs’ Mini2P Microscope.
(Sample preparation courtesy of Mario Fernandez de la Puebla. Imaging performed
at Dr. Weijian Zong’s lab at Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience, Norway.)


  • Stable Two-Photon Imaging without Impediment to Specimen Behavior*
  • Fast Multiplane Imaging with a Microtunable Lens (<0.4 ms Response Time)
  • Simultaneous Measurement of Hundreds of Neurons is Possible 
  • On-Board Detection with a High-Sensitivity Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM)
  • Two MEMS Scanner Configurations:
    • Fast Scanning: 0.17 mm2 FOV, 40 Hz (256 x 256 Pixels)
    • Large FOV: 0.25 mm2 FOV, 15 Hz (256 x 256 Pixels)
  • Multiple Interchangeable Objectives

Thorlabs' Miniature Two-Photon Imaging System (Mini2P) is a fast, high-resolution miniscope designed for in vivo two-photon imaging of non-stationary specimens. This Mini2P is based on the original design referenced in the paper by Zong. W., et al.** The lightweight, head-mounted design allows for stable calcium imaging without impediment to the sample. Interchangeable objectives facilitate use with cranial windows, prisms, and GRIN lenses for imaging tissue at different depths and orientations. The Mini2P allows for hundreds of neurons to be monitored in a single FOV, while visualization of up to a thousand cells is achievable through multiplane imaging controlled through the built-in microtunable lens.

A near-infrared, 920 nm femtosecond pulsed laser provides ideal excitation for two-photon imaging of GFP. Fiber coupling with a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber creates a stable system without complicated alignment procedures. Laser scanning is performed by a 2D microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device that is available for either fast scanning or large FOV applications. Signal detection is achieved with an on-board, dual-color silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) detector, eliminating the need for a fiber collection bundle that could impede movement. Laser scanning, signal detection, and z-scanning are all integrated into a flexible circuit controlled by a single miniaturized coax cable bundle and dedicated control box.

*The Mini2P microscope is under development and all specifications are subject to change.

**Large-Scale Two-Photon Calcium Imaging in Freely Moving Mice.

Zong, W., Obenhaus, H. A., Skytøen, E. R., Eneqvist, H., de Jong, N. L., ... & Moser, E. I.

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Sam Tesfai
Sam Tesfai
General Manager,
Thorlabs Imaging Systems

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Mini2P Post-Mounted
Click to Enlarge
A Mini2P Mounted to a Mini-Series Optical Post, connected to an MSH3 Swivel Base and MSWC Swivel Post Clamp (Post Assembly Not Included)
Mini2P Controller Box
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The Mini2P microscope is controlled via a fully integrated electronics control box.
GRIN Lens for Multiphoton Imaging App Note
Scanner Large FOV Fast Scanning
Imaging Speed 15 Hz (256 x 256 Pixels) 40 Hz (256 x 256 Pixels)
Detector Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM)
Objective Threading M5 x 0.5
Center Wavelength 920 nm
Pulse Width 125 fs
  • This item is still in development and specifications are subject to change.
Objective Optionsa
Magnification 3X 3X 7X
Collection NA 0.50 0.45 0.70
Working Distance 0.582 mm (Air) 0 - 0.7 mm (Air/Water)
1.5 - 2 mm (Glass)
0.24 mm (Water)
0.17 mm (Glass)
Use Case GRIN Lens Prism Window
Focus Rangeb 240 µm 240 µm ~40 µm
  • This item is still in development and specifications are subject to change.
  • Specification with the Given Objective

Thorlabs recognizes that each imaging application has unique requirements.
If you have any feedback, questions, or need a quotation, please
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