Veneto® Inverted Microscopes

Veneto® Inverted Microscopes

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A Walkthrough of the Veneto Inverted Microscope
 This is an excerpt from the 2021 Focus on Microscopy Meeting with Jeff Brooker, our CTO for Life Sciences.
Sam Tesfai
Sam Tesfai
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Veneto® Inverted Microscope Systems

Thorlabs' Modular Inverted Microscopy Platform provides a turnkey solution for widefield, confocal, and multiphoton imaging. Inverted microscopes are powerful and versatile research tools that can accommodate a range of applications, such as fluorescence, in vivo, ex vivo, 3D, high-resolution, high-speed (video-rate), and live tissue imaging. This platform is designed to meet the needs of labs working in cell biology and other life science applications that require an inverted microscopy platform while including key features provided by our upright systems, such as multiple imaging modalities, accessory ports, and easily accessible light paths.

The key highlights that set our Veneto inverted microscope platform apart from the typical inverted microscope are listed in the Highlights tab, while the Features tab gives more details on the supported imaging techniques and the day-to-day usage features. This platform is available as a turnkey system that also offers users access to internal optomechanics and optics for DIY customization. We offer configurations that support widefield, brightfield, phase, Dodt, confocal, and multiphoton imaging; see the Configurations tab for more details.

Options at a Glance

Laser Scanning

  • 8 kHz and 12 kHz Resonant-Galvo-Galvo (US Patent 10,722,977) and Galvo-Resonant Scanners for High-Speed Imaging
  • Galvo-Galvo Scanners for User-Defined ROI Shapes and Photostimulation Patterns
  • Super Broadband Scan Optics Optimized for Two-Photon and Three-Photon Imaging

Signal Detection

  • Standard Multialkali or High-Sensitivity GaAsP PMTs
  • 13° Detection Module for up to Four PMTs with Confocal Imaging
  • 13° Non-Descanned Detection Module for Two PMTs with Multiphoton Imaging

Up to 7 Customizable Optical Pathways

  • 3 Paths on Bottom Tier for Laser Scanning and Widefield Imaging
  • 1 Path on Second Tier for Reflected Light Illumination or Laser Scanning
  • 1 Path on Third Tier Behind the Objective for Non-Descanned Detection
  • 1 Transmitted Light Path
  • 1 Trinocular Path

If you have additional questions about our Veneto imaging systems, please click on the Contact Me button to the right to send us an email.

Credit for Image Above: Wild-type mouse brain section (300 μm x 300 μm) tagged with DAPI (405 nm), Alexa 488 anti-S100B, Alexa 555 anti-Neurofilament, and Alexa 633 anti-GFAP. Sample Courtesy of Lynne Holtzclaw, NIH/NICHD/MIC.

Veneto® Highlights

The Veneto Inverted Microscopes are turnkey systems that support widefield, confocal, and multiphoton imaging. This tab outlines the key highlights that set the Veneto platform apart from the typical inverted microscope. See the table to the right for the quick links to each section.


Click on different parts of the microscope for more details.

Explore the Veneto Inverted MicroscopeMountedLEDTransmittedLightModuleStageObjectiveTurretEpiFilterWheelCameraTrinocsSolisPathways

Inverted 4-Channel Confocal Example Configuration

Vertically Integrated System

  • Composed of Thorlabs Manufactured Components
  • Multiple Ports for Mounting Scientific Cameras or Detection Devices
    • Bottom Port for Efficient Emission Detection (Requires Custom Optical Table with Compatible Opening for Access; To Request More Information, Click Here)
  • Motorized Six-Position Turret Holds Ø32 mm Excitation and Emission Filters to Support Greater Collection Angles for Increased Signal
  • High-Speed Motorized XY Stage with Scanning Speed up to 250 mm/s
  • Light Sources

Our Veneto microscopes come fully integrated with all the necessary components required to meet the exact needs of an experiment. As shown in the image to the right, Thorlabs manufactures the components to ensure seamless functionality; click on different parts of the microscope for more details. With a compact 32" x 18" (812.8 mm x 457.2 mm) footprint, our inverted microscopes offer broad compatibility with a variety of light sources and accept Ø32 mm optics in a motorized six-position filter turret. Direct access to several independent optical paths via SM2 (2.035"-40) ports with 60 mm cage pattern holes or SM30 (M30.5 x 0.5) ports allows researchers the option to build in their own custom imaging modalities.

Integrated Control Unit and ThorImage®LS Software
The included ThorImageLS software supports multiple imaging techniques and offers seamless modality changes when switching between configurations. An electronic control unit allows the user to operate all included motorized components through ThorImageLS and handheld controllers. The software recognizes each component once plugged in. Additionally, the control unit offers empty slots for future upgradability to add more modalities. Users can customize their workspace in the intuitive GUI and choose to visualize only the settings relevant to each aspect of the experiment. Open SDKs enable users to code their own device plugins; see the ThorImageLS tab for more details.


Frames per second graph for 8 kHz and 12 kHz galvo resonant scanners.
Galvo-Resonant Scanners offer high frame rates for high-speed imaging. The 8 kHz scanners offers a maximum frame rate up to 400 fps for 512 x 32 resolution. The 12 kHz scanners offer a maximum frame rate up to 600 fps for a 512 x 32 resolution.

High-Speed Scanners

  • 8 kHz and 12 kHz Galvo-Resonant Scanners for High-Speed Imaging
  • Galvo-Galvo Scanners for User-Defined ROI Shapes and Photostimulation Patterns
  • 8 kHz and 12 kHz Resonant-Galvo-Galvo (US Patent 10,722,977) for Sequential Targeting

Veneto inverted microscopes can be configured with one or two co-registered scan paths to propagate, condition, and direct an input laser beam. We offer galvo-resonant scanners, a galvo-galvo scanner, and resonant-galvo-galvo scanners. These choices allow the user to optimize each experiment as needed for high frame rates, high sensitivity, and/or targeted exposure of the regions of interest.

Galvo-Resonant Scanners for High-Speed Imaging: Thorlabs offers 8 kHz and 12 kHz galvo-resonant scanners. Our 8 kHz scanners utilize the entire field of view and offer a maximum frame rate of 400 fps, while our 12 kHz scanners provide an increased frame rate of 600 fps.

Galvo-Galvo Scanners for User-Defined ROI Shapes: Galvo-galvo scanners support user-drawn scan geometries (lines, polylines, squares, and rectangles) and also support custom photoactivation patterns (circles, ellipses, polygons, and points). They offer consistent pixel dwell times for better signal integration and image uniformity.

Resonant-Galvo-Galvo Scanners for Random Access Scanning: Thorlabs offers 8 kHz and 12 kHz resonant-galvo-galvo (RGG) scanners. The design of our RGG scanners is registered under US Patent 10,722,977. These scanners use an additional galvanometer in concert with a traditional galvo-resonant scanner to move the scan region. The resonant scanner can access independent ROIs enabling multiple areas within a single FOV to be imaged at high speed and spatial resolution in quick succession. Edges of the scan region and the path the beam takes between scan regions are masked by Pockels cells to avoid unwanted exposure. Our 8 kHz scanners utilize the entire field of view and offer a maximum frame rate of 400 fps, while our 12 kHz scanners provide an increased frame rate of 600 fps.


Built-In Motorized Focusing Module
Click to Enlarge

The built-in motorized focusing module translates the entire third tier pathway (outlined in red). This pathway includes the objective turret and the non-descanned PMTs.

Built-In Motorized Focusing Module

  • Innovative Motorized Focusing Module Designed into the Microscope Frame
  • Z-Stacks Can be Taken with Different Objectives by Turning the Objective Nosepiece
  • Move Objectives Using Stepper Motor with 15 mm Travel Range and 50 nm Resolution
  • Optional Piezo Motor with 100 µm Travel Range and 50 nm Resolution
  • Control Focusing Module via the Included ThorImageLS Software

The Veneto microscope platform features an innovative built-in motorized focusing module fitted with a absolute linear encoder and a compact stepper motor actuator. The actuator provides smooth linear motion control and allows very small step sizes over the entire 15 mm travel range, delivering greater flexibility with a fine 50 nm resolution. The focusing module translates the entire third tier pathway that lies behind the objective; see the image to the right. This means a Z-stack can be easily taken with different objectives by simply turning the nosepiece to a new objective. This pathway is mounted on a vertical stage, which has a rigid, all-steel design and heavy-duty cross-roller bearings for uniform performance over the entire range of motion. The focusing module, which is built into the microscope frame behind the pathway, drives the stage to translate the objective turret and non-descanned PMTs.

For more precise movement, the focusing module can include an optional piezo motor that offers 100 µm travel with 50 nm resolution. The dual-drive option for the focusing module allows users to image multiple z-stacks by using the stepper motor and piezo simultaneously. Users can control the focusing module via the included ThorImageLS software.



Mounted LEDs 

  • Wavelengths Ranging from 265 nm to 1650 nm
  • White, Broadband, and Dual-Peak LEDs Also Available
  • Thermal Properties Optimized for Stable Output Power

Solis® High-Power Mounted LEDs

  • Typical Collimated Output Powers from 570 mW to 7.1 W
  • Fanless Design Efficiently Dissipates Heat without Introducing Vibrations
  • 20 Wavelengths Available

Chrolis™ 6-Wavelength High-Power LED Sources

  • Combine 6 User-Changeable, High-Power LEDs into One Liquid Light Guide
  • Eleven Wavelength Options Cover All Known Fluorophores Between 365 nm and 780 nm
  • Pre-Configured or Custom Configurations Available
Click to Enlarge

Illumination Sources



  • Steers Light into the Transmitted Light Optical Path
  • Designed for Use in the 400 - 700 nm Wavelength Range
  • Mounts on Top of the Microscope Frame and is Easily Removable
  • Condenser Arm Tilts Back up to 20° to Allow for Clearance when Mounting Samples
  • Compatible with Our Mounted LEDs
  • Ideal for Brightfield, Oblique, and Dodt Illumination



  • Ultra Fast XY Scanning Up to 250 mm/s
  • Integrated Brushless DC Linear Servo Motor Actuators
  • 110 mm x 75 mm (4.3" x 2.95") Travel Range
  • High Repeatability (0.25 µm) and Position Accuracy (<3 µm)
  • See the Complete Website Presentation
Scanning Stage
Click to Enlarge

High-Speed Motorized XY Scanning Stage



  • Zelux™ Monochrome or Color CMOS Cameras for General-Purpose Imaging Applications
  • Kiralux® CMOS Cameras for a Range of Applications, Including Fluorescence Microscopy, Materials Inspection, and Multispectral Imaging
    • Monochrome, Color, NIR-Enhanced, or Polarization-Sensitive Sensors Available
  • Quantalux® Monochrome sCMOS Cameras for Low-Light Applications
    • Version Available with Hermetically Sealed TE-Cooled Packaging
  • See Our Complete Range of Scientific Cameras.
Click to Enlarge

Camera Housings of Our Compact Scientific and Scientific CCD Cameras



  • Reflected Light Illuminator Features Optical Elements AR Coated for the 365 - 700 nm Range
  • Motorized Six-Position Turret Accepts Large-Area Ø32 mm Optics to Support Greater Collection Angles for Increased Signal
  • Users Can Monitor Filter Turret Positions via a USB Port Connection



  • Holds up to Five Objectives at Once
  • Compatible with M25 x 0.75 Threads
  • Bronze Housing with 440C Stainless Steel Precision Detent Mechanism



  • 10X Eyepieces to Observe FOV with Naked Eye
  • Versions for Upright or Inverted Images
  • Available With or Without IR Filters for Eye Protection
  • Adjustable Interpupil Distance
  • Top-Located Port for Camera Attachment via a Camera Tube
  • Compatible with C-Mount (1.00"-32) Scientific Cameras




  • 6500 K (Cold White) Color Temperature
  • 2350 mW (Min) Output Power
  • 700 mA Max Current (CW)
  • Typical Lifetime >100,000 Hours
  • Ideal for Fluorescence Microscopy Applications
Imaging Techniques
Scan Paths Designed In-House
  • Optimized for Photostimulation, Confocal, or Multiphoton Imaging
  • Designed to be Compatible with a Range of Infinity-Corrected Objectives
  • Take Full Advantage of the Latest Widely Tunable Ti:Sapphire and OPO Systems
  • Fill up to a Ø20 mm Back Aperture Objective
  • Up to F.N. 20
Scanner Options Resonant-
  • 8 kHz Scanner: Image at 2 fps (4096 x 4096 Pixels), 30 fps (512 x 512 Pixels), or 400 fps (512 x 32 Pixels)
  • 12 kHz Scanner: Image at 45 fps (512 x 512 Pixels) or 600 fps (512 x 32 Pixels)
  • Design Registered Under US Patent 10,722,977
  • 8 kHz Scanner: Image at 2 fps (4096 x 4096 Pixels), 30 fps (512 x 512 Pixels), or 400 fps (512 x 32 Pixels)
  • 12 kHz Scanner: Image at 45 fps (512 x 512 Pixels) or 600 fps (512 x 32 Pixels)
  • User-Defined Scan Geometries: Squares, Rectangles, Circles, Ellipses, Lines, and Polylines
  • Capture Weak Signals with Long Dwell Time Integration
  • Consistent Dwell Times Across Field of View
  • 48 fps at 512 x 32 Pixels and 70 fps at 32 x 32 Pixels
Confocal Imaging
  • Motorized Pinhole Wheel with 16 Round Pinholes from Ø25 µm to Ø2 mm 
  • Two to Four Laser Lines (488 nm Standard; Other Options Range from 405 nm to 660 nm)
  • 13° Detection Module for up to Four PMTsa
  • Standard Multialkali or High-Sensitivity GaAsP PMTs
  • Easy-to-Exchange Emission Filters and Dichroic Mirrors
  • Angles Quoted for an Objective with a Ø20 mm Entrance Pupil
Multiphoton Imaging
  • Scan Optics for 450 - 1100 nm, 680 - 1300 nm, or 800 - 1800 nm Range
  • Achieve Reduced Background Scatter for Greater Sensitivity in Deep Tissue Imaging
  • 13° Non-Descanned Detection Module for Two PMTsa
  • High-Sensitivity GaAsP PMTs
  • Available with or without Mechanical Shutters for Photoactivation Experiments
  • Angles Quoted for an Objective with a Ø20 mm Entrance Pupil
Widefield Viewing
  • Trinoculars with 10X Eyepieces and a Camera Port
  • Compatible with Thorlabs or Third-Party C-Mount-Threaded Scientific Cameras
  • Locate Areas of Interest without Unnecessary Laser Excitation
Reflected Light Illumination
  • Six-Filter-Turret Reflected Light Illuminator Module
  • Visualize Samples with Fluorescence or Reflected Light
  • Variety of Available Sources for Illumination
    • Thorlabs' MountedSolis®, and Chrolis LEDs
    • Optional Port for Industry-Standard Liquid Light Guides
Transmitted Light Imaging
  • Compatible with Our Mounted LEDs
  • Supports Brightfield, Oblique, and Dodt Illumination
Beam Conditioning Modules for Multiphoton Imaging
Fast Laser Power Modulators
  • 0 to 20 kHz Modulation Frequency
  • Contrast Ratios of 250:1 or 2500:1 Available
  • Compatible with Galvo-Galvo Scanner Only
  • See Full Web Presentation Here
Pockels Cells
  • Edge and Fly-Back Blanking to Minimize Sample Photobleaching
  • Fast (1 MHz) and Slow (250 kHz) Masking for ROIs
  • Customize Laser Power at Each Slice Using Software Control
Variable Attenuator
  • Manual and Computer Control of Laser Power in Systems Without a Pockels Cell
  • Improves Pockels Cell Performance
  • One-Click Shutter
Beam Stabilizer
  • Maintain Stable Beam Pointing During Laser Excitation, Laser Wavelength Switching, and Temporal Drift
Day-to-Day Usage
Several Software Packages
  • ThorImage®LS: Our Internally Developed, Open-Source Solution
  • Full SDK for LabVIEW and C++ Available Upon Request
  • Compatible with ScanImage
Input and Output Triggers
  • Use Electrical Signals to Synchronize All Your Equipment
  • Input Triggers Can Start a Single Series or an Indefinite Series
  • Output Triggers Can be Sent at the Beginning of a Frame or Line
  • High-Bandwidth Signal Integration with Electrophysiology
Thorlabs Support
Fully Designed and Manufactured In-House
  • Engineers Work Under One Roof to Lower Your Costs and Create Seamless Solutions
  • Expertise in Every System Component
Professional Installation
  • Thorlabs Technician Visits Your Lab to Assemble, Test, and Demonstrate Use of Your Microscope
Quick Support
  • Thorlabs Technicians and Application Specialists Available for Videoconferencing
  • Communicate with Our Support Staff Faster than an Engineer Could Travel to Your Location
  • Thorlabs Will Ship You a Camera with a Microphone to Facilitate the Conversation
  • With Permission, Thorlabs Will Remote Desktop in to Address Software Issues

Thorlabs recognizes that each imaging application has unique requirements.
If you have any feedback, questions, or need a quotation, please use our
inverted microscope contact form or call (703) 651-1700.

Example Configurations

The Veneto® Inverted Microscopy Platform is designed to enable application-specific configurations. We currently offer confocal and two-photon configurations; two example configurations are shown below. Both configurations additionally support widefield viewing. As shown in the images below the Features bullets, users can remove the side cover to access several independent optical pathways. DIY customization is possible via SM2 (2.035"-40) ports with 60 mm cage pattern holes or SM30 (M30.5 x 0.5) ports if users want to build in their own custom imaging modalities.

Two-Photon + Widefield Configuration


  • High-Speed Imaging via Galvo-Resonant or Resonant-Galvo-Galvo Scanners
  • Pockels Cell and Motorized Variable Attenuator for Remote Laser Adjustment
  • Two Detection Channels for GaAsP PMTs
  • Tiberius® fs Ti:Sapphire Tunable Laser
2P + Widefield Configuration
Click to Enlarge
Two-Photon + Widefield Configuration with the Side Cover Removed

Confocal + Widefield Configuration


  • High-Speed Galvo-Resonant or Galvo-Galvo Scanning
  • Motorized Pinhole Wheel with 16 Sizes from Ø25 μm to Ø2 mm
  • Four Detection Channels for GaAsP or Multialkali PMTs
  • Four-Channel Confocal Fiber Laser
Confocal + Widefield Configuration
Click to Enlarge
Confocal + Widefield Configuration with the Side Cover Removed

The full source code for ThorImage®LS is available for owners of a Bergamo®, Cerna®, Veneto® or confocal microscope. Click here to receive your copy.

ThorImageLS Brochure

ThorImage®LS Software

ThorImageLS is an open-source image acquisition program that controls Thorlabs' microscopes, as well as supplementary external hardware. From prepared-slice multiphoton Z-stacks to simultaneous in vivo photoactivation and imaging, ThorImageLS provides an integrated, modular workspace tailored to the individual needs of the scientist. Its workflow-oriented interface supports single image, Z-stacks, time series, and image streaming acquisition, visualization, and analysis. See the video to the lower right for a real-time view of data acquisition and analysis with ThorImageLS.

ThorImageLS is included with a Thorlabs microscope purchase and open source, allowing full customization of software features and performance. ThorImageLS also includes Thorlabs’ customer support and regular software updates to continually meet the imaging demands of the scientific community.

For additional details, see the full web presentation.

Advanced Software Functionality

  • Multi-Column Customizable Workspace
  • Image Acquisition Synced with Hardware Inputs and Timing Events
  • Live Image Correction and ROI Analysis
  • Independent Galvo-Galvo and Galvo-Resonant Scan Areas and Geometries
  • Tiling for High-Resolution Large-Area Imaging
  • Independent Primary and Secondary Z-Axis Control for Fast Deep-Tissue Scans
  • Automated Image Capture with Scripts
    • Compatible with ImageJ Macros
  • Multi-User Settings Saved for Shared Workstations
  • Individual Colors for Detection Channels Enable Simple Visual Analysis

Seamless Integration with Experiments

  • Simultaneous Multi-Point Photoactivation and Imaging with Spatial Light Modulator
  • Fast Z Volume Acquisition with PFM450E or Third-Party Objective Scanners
  • Electrophysiology Signaling
  • Wavelength Switching with Tiberius® Laser or Coherent Chameleon Lasers
  • Pockels Cell ROI Masking
  • Power Ramped with Depth to Minimize Damage and Maximize Signal-to-Noise

Features of ThorImage®LS

Veneto® Microscope Specifications
Optical System  Infinity Corrected
Optical Field Number 20
Laser Scanning Scan Path Wavelength Range 450 - 1100 nm, 680 - 1300 nm, or 800 - 1800 nm
Scan Paths Resonant-Galvo-Galvo Scanner, Galvo-Resonant Scanners, or
Galvo-Galvo Scanners; Single or Dual Scan Paths
8 kHz Resonant-Galvo-Galvo
or Galvo-Resonant Scan Speed
2 fps at 4096 x 4096 Pixels
30 fps at 512 x 512 Pixels
400 fps at 512 x 32 Pixels
12 kHz Resonant-Galvo-Galvo
or Galvo-Resonant Scan Speed
4.4 fps at 2048 x 2048 Pixels
45 fps at 512 x 512 Pixels
600 fps at 512 x 32 Pixels
Galvo-Galvo Scan Speed 3 fps at 512 x 512 Pixels
48 fps at 512 x 32 Pixels
70 fps at 32 x 32 Pixels
Pixel Dwell Time: 0.4 to 20 µs
Galvo-Galvo Scan Modes Imaging: Line, Polyline, Square, or Rectangle
Non-Imaging: Circle, Ellipse, Polygon, or Point
Field of View 20 mm Diagonal Square (Max) at the Intermediate Image Plane
[12 mm Diagonal Square (Max) for 12 kHz Scanner]
Scan Zoom 1X to 16X (Continuously Variable)
Scan Resolution Up to 2048 x 2048 Pixels (Bi-Directional)
[Up to 1168 x 1168 Pixels for 12 kHz Scanners]
Up to 4096 x 4096 Pixels (Unidirectional)
[Up to 2336 x 2336 Pixels for 12 kHz Scanners]
Observation Tube Trinoculars with 10X Eyepieces and
Camera Port for 1X Camera Tube with External C-Mount Threads
Brightfield Light Source MCWHLP1 Mounted LED
Widefield Light Source Thorlabs' MountedSolis®, and Chrolis LEDs or
 Optional Port for Industry-Standard Liquid Light Guides
Laser Scanning Light Source Tiberius® Ti:Sapphire Femtosecond Laser or
 Confocal Laser Source (See Tables Below)
Condenser LWD 0.52 NA
3.5 mm Translation with Trans-Illumination Module
Motorized XY Scanning Stage Travel Range 110 mm x 75 mm (4.3" x 2.95")
Velocity (Max) 250 mm/s
Acceleration (Max) 2000 mm/s2
Horizontal Load Capacity (Max) 1.0 kg (2.2 lb)
Objective Turret Five Manual Positions with M25 x 0.75 Threads
Focusing Unit 15 mm of Motorized Travel Focus and Optional Autofocus
Stepper Motor: 15 mm Travel Range, 50 nm Resolution
Piezo: 100 µm Travel Range, 50 nm Resolution
Filter Turret Six Motorized Positions for Ø32 mm Excitation and Emission Filters
Control Units Stage Joystick and Microscope Control Pad
Tiberius® Laser Specifications
Laser Specifications
Tuning Range 720 - 1060 nm
Pulse Width 140 fs
Average Power >1.0 W at 720 nm
>2.3 W at 800 nm
>1.4 W at 920 nm
>0.5 W at 1000 nm
>0.3 W at 1040 nm
Noisea <0.15% (RMS)
Repetition Rate 77 MHz (Nominal)
Beam Diameter (1/e2) 1.5 mm (Nominal)
M2 <1.2 at 800 nm
Pointing Stability During Tuning <50 µrad per 100 nm
Electrical Requirements
Input Voltage 100 - 240 V
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Power Consumption 1.2 kW (Max)
Environmental Requirements
Room Temperature 17 - 25 °C
Room Temperature Stability <3 °C Over 24 Hours
Housing Dimensions 29.38" x 7.48" x 11.32"
(746.3 mm x 190.0 mm x 287.4 mm)
  • Measurement Bandwidth: 10 Hz - 1 MHz
Confocal Laser Source Options
Laser Source
Identification #a
# of
Excitation Wavelengths Included Emission Filters
UV Blue Green Red Emission Filters
(Center Wavelength/Bandwidth)
Longpass Dichroic Cutoff Wavelength(s)
SRQ7004K 2 - 488 nm 561 nm - 525 nm/45 nm and 600 nm/52 nm 573 nm
SRQ7005K 3 405 nm 488 nm 561 nm - 440 nm/40 nm, 525 nm/45 nm, and 600 nm/52 nm 495 nm and 573 nm
SRQ7006K 3 - 488 nm 561 nm 642 nm 525 nm/45 nm, 600 nm/52 nm, and 607 nm/Longpass 561 nm and 635 nm
SRQ7007K 4 405 nm 488 nm 561 nm 642 nm 440 nm/40 nm, 525 nm/45 nm, 600 nm/52 nm, and 647 nm/Longpass 495 nm, 573 nm, and 647 nm
  • The laser source is not offered separately from the Inverted System, but we have provided a laser source identification # here for convenience when discussing a system configuration with one of our representatives.
  • For sources with fewer than four lasers, slots will be filled from left to right.

Thorlabs recognizes that each imaging application has unique requirements.
If you have any feedback, questions, or need a quotation, please use our
inverted microscope contact form or call (703) 651-1700.

To schedule an in-person or virtual demo appointment, please email

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