Rail Joiner for 66 mm Rails

  • Extend Existing Rail Segments
  • Same Outer Profile as Standard 66 mm Rails
  • Ø55 mm Clear Aperture

Cap Screws Tighten Rail Into Rail Joiner


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  • Links Two 66 mm Rail Segments End to End
  • Same Outer Profile as Standard 66 mm Rails
  • Ø55 mm Clear Aperture
  • Eight M3 Cap Screws Included

The XT66J Rail Joiner adapts two standard 66 mm rails together at their ends, allowing the construction of long rail sections from smaller segments of rail. Eight M3 cap screws are provided with the rail joiner, which can be threaded into the tapped holes on the rail ends with a 2.5 mm balldriver (not included). To maintain a straight edge along both the X and Y axes, Thorlabs recommends that the rails are held against a hard corner while the rail joiner is tightened.

Like our standard 66 mm construction rails, this rail joiner features a Ø55 mm clear aperture, allowing the interior to be used as a beam path in conjunction with our XT66-to-SM2 adapter. The joiner's outer profile matches that of standard XT66 rails, allowing attached components to be clamped to or slid across the entire rail junction.

Thorlabs offers an extensive selection of accessories for 66 mm rails, including clamps and angle brackets, breadboard mounts, mounting platforms, rail carriages, rail platform positioners, rotation slide platforms, rail joiners, and lens tube adapters. Together with size adapters that incorporate 34 mm and 95 mm rails into an XT66 setup, these tools provide a complete family of rigid, versatile building blocks suited for virtually any optomechanical setup.

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XT66JCustomer Inspired! Rail Joiner for 66 mm Rails, 8 M3 Cap Screws Included
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