Rotation Slide Platform for 66 mm Rails

  • Rotating, 5" Long Dovetail with Graduated Scale
  • ±45° of Rotation with 1° Resolution
  • Bottom Clamps Directly to 66 mm Rails


Rotate Rails with
Well-Defined Angles

Application Idea

Precisely Align
Rail-Mounted Optomechanics

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  • Attaches Directly to 66 mm Rails and Provides ±45° of Rotation
  • 5.00" (127 mm) Long Rail Allows Translation of Mounted Objects with Respect to Center of Rotation
  • Easy-to-Read Laser-Engraved Scale with 1° Resolution

The XT66RP1 Rotation Slide Platform provides a 5" (127 mm) long mounting surface that can be rotated by up to ±45° from the axis defined by the base rail. It clamps to a 66 mm rail using two rear-mounted locking screws. The laser-engraved scale features 1° graduations and allows mounted optomechanics to be precisely and repeatably rotated.

Thorlabs offers an extensive selection of accessories for 66 mm rails, including clamps and angle brackets, breadboard mounts, mounting platforms, rail carriages, rail platform positioners, rotation slide platforms, rail joiners, and lens tube adapters. Together with size adapters that incorporate 34 mm and 95 mm rails into an XT66 setup, these tools provide a complete family of rigid, versatile building blocks suited for virtually any optomechanical setup.

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XT66RP1Rotation Slide Platform for 66 mm Rails
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