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PRO8 Modular Optical Switch Modules

  • Very Fast Response Time: 0.5 ms Typ., 1 ms Max
  • Low Insertion Loss: Typ. 0.7 dB (1x2), Max. 1.5 dB (1x4)
  • Excellent Repeatability of ±0.01 dB
  • Four Modules: 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, & 2x2

PRO800 with
Optical Switches



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Four Versions to Choose from:

  • 1 x 2 MEMS PRO8 Series Optical Switch Module: OSW8102
  • 1 x 4 MEMS PRO8 Series Optical Switch Module: OSW8104
  • 1 x 8 MEMS PRO8 Series Optical Switch Module: OSW8108
  • 2 x 2 MEMS PRO8 Series Optical Switch Module: OSW8202


  • Operating Wavelength 1240 - 1610 nm
  • Switching Configuration 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, or 2x2
  • Switching time <1 ms
  • MEMS based fiber optic switches
  • Free LabVIEW™ and LabWindows™/CVI drivers
  • All Models Occupy 1 PRO8 Slot

The OSW8000 Series Optical Switches are MEMS (microelectro-mechanical) based plug-in modules for the PRO8 platform. They provide additional “building-blocks” when constructing automated optical test networks. Four different bidirectional switching modules are available, providing highly flexible routing of optical signals.

These bidirectional switches have a typical switching time of 0.5 ms, and a broad wavelength range of 1240 nm to 1610 nm. The four different modules provide 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, and 2x2 switches with low insertion loss and repeatability of ±0.01 dB.

MEMS Technology for Long Lifetime
The switching mechanism is based on silicon MEMS (microelectro- mechanical) technology which ensures very long lifetime and is inherently fast. This technology also provides very low crosstalk between channels; the 1x4 and 1x8 switches have a maximum crosstalk specification of -60 dB. The 1x2 and 2x2 are both rated at -50 dB.

User-Friendly Controls
The display menu of the PRO8 chassis allows configuration of any OSW8000 module. The operational parameters are easily accessed using mneumonic symbols, and simple prompts provide user-friendly operations.

For further information, please contact Tech Support.

Item # OSW8102 OSW8104 OSW8108 OSW8202
Switching Configuration 1 x 2 1 x 4 1 x 8 2 x 2
Switching Time 0.5 ms Typical (1 ms Max)
Wavelength Range 1240 to 1610 nm
Input Power (Max) +17 dBm
Insertion Loss (Typical/Max)a 0.7 dB / <1.5 dB 1.2 dB / <2.1 dB 1.6 dB / <2.6 dB 0.7 dB / <1.5 dB
PDL (1550 nm) <0.1 dB <0.15 dB <0.2 dB <0.15 dB
Crosstalk <-50 dB <-60 dB <-60 dB <-50 dB
Repeatability ±0.01 dB
Return Loss -50 dB -50 dB -45 dB -50 dB
Connectors FC/APC; Others Upon Request
General Data
Operating Temperature 0 to 35 °C
Storing Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C
Module Width 1 PRO8 Slot
  • Including Connectors

The following parts are included together with each of our OSW8000 Series Optical Switch Modules:

  • 1 OSW8000 Series Optical Switch Module
  • Operating Manual

Posted Comments:
jhartmann  (posted 2009-07-09 11:15:58.0)
A response from Juergen at Thorlabs to icsmith : Yes, WL other than the specified telecomm WL range are available as a custom special. For the PRO8 chassis system are 1x2, 2x2, 1x4 and 1x8 configurations available - what switch configuration you need?
icsmith  (posted 2009-07-06 11:58:02.0)
The fiber optic switch modules and chassis specs say thay are limited to >1200nm but the individule switched are available at 980nm. Can you get a chassis using the 980nm switches?
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OSW8102 Support Documentation
OSW8102PRO8 Series Optical Switch, 1 x 2 MEMS, FC/APC, 1 Slot Wide
Lead Time
OSW8104 Support Documentation
OSW8104PRO8 Series Optical Switch, 1 x 4 MEMS, FC/APC, 1 Slot Wide
Lead Time
OSW8108 Support Documentation
OSW8108PRO8 Series Optical Switch, 1 x 8 MEMS, FC/APC, 1 Slot Wide
Lead Time
OSW8202 Support Documentation
OSW8202PRO8 Series Optical Switch, 2 x 2 MEMS, FC/APC, 1 Slot Wide
Lead Time
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