Lab Bench for Optical Table Workstations

  • 1400 mm x 600 mm Work Surface
  • Compatible with Wide Range of Workstation Accessories
  • Steel Support Frame with Melamine-Faced MDF Tabletop


Lab Bench, Nominal 934 mm
Work Surface Height

PSY502 Lab Bench Equipped with Various Workstation Accessories

Leveling Feet for ±25.0 mm
of Height Adjustment

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Lab Bench
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Lab Bench Attached to the Lean Bars of a Nexus Workstation Using the Included Brackets
Lean Bars Required
*The bench is free-standing, so lean bars are only required to connect the bench to the workstation.
Work Surface 1400 mm x 600 mm
(55.12" x 23.62")
Surface Height
933.9 mm (36.77")
Leveling Feet
Height Adjustment
±25.0 mm
Load Capacity 350 kg (770 lbs)


Thorlabs' PSY502 Free-Standing Lab Bench has a 1400 mm x 600 mm work surface to provide additional preparation or storage space in the lab. The bench is designed to have a nominal work surface height of 934 mm making it compatible with the Nexus® Optical Table Workstation's lean bars. Additionally, the steel support frame can support loads up to 350 kg and has leveling feet for height adjustments up to ±25.0 mm. Two ports with removable covers are provided for managing cables.

As shown in the photo to the right, two brackets are included to attach the bench directly to the Nexus workstation's lean bars. The brackets can be mounted to any side of the bench using the included M8 screws, thus allowing for it to be placed in any orientation around the workstation. The bench will not interfere with the isolated work surface when attached to the workstation's lean bars.

Optical Table Workstation Accessory Compatibility
Any post-mountable workstation accessory, including shelving, storage, or monitor and keyboard mounts, can be attached to the bench using the rear-located Ø17.5 mm through holes. The bench also includes four M6 x 1.0 tapped mounting holes along the front and rear of the supporting frame. These mounting holes allow various accessories, such as 12-outlet power strips, light strips, or cable trays, to be attached to the edge of the bench.

Casters can be mounted to the bottom rails of the desk to convert it into a mobile workstation. A 19" rack chassis can also be attached to the desk using the PSY177 brackets, available below.

Posted Comments:
xianlin Xia  (posted 2020-04-10 10:23:21.883)
Does this work bench support customization, I need a 1400*750 mm bench?
DJayasuriya  (posted 2020-04-14 06:19:16.0)
A response from Dinuka at Thorlabs: Thank you for your inquiry, unfortunately we would not be able to do custom size's of these work benches for low quantities. Sorry

Lab Bench for Optical Table Workstations

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PSY502 Support Documentation
PSY502Lab Bench for Optical Table Workstations, 1400 mm x 600 mm, 934 mm Tall, Free-Standing


  • Locking Mechanism Prevents Unintentional Movement
  • Max Load: 320 kg (704 lbs) (Set of Four)

These Casters attach to the bottom of a lab bench to convert it into a mobile workstation. Once the bench is in the desired location, a foot can be lowered on each leg of the frame to provide a stable work environment. The casters also feature a locking mechanism to prevent inadvertent movement when the frame's feet are not lowered. They are sold in a Set of Four.

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PSY140 Support Documentation
PSY140Casters, Set of Four
Lead Time

19" Rack Chassis and Required Brackets

Rack Chassis Brackets
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(Left) First Attach the Bracket to the Chassis and then (Right) Attach the Bracket to the Lab Bench Frame
  • PSY177 Brackets Required to Attach Rack Chassis to Lab Bench
  • Standard 19" EIA Equipment Rack
  • 360 mm (14.17") High, 8U Capacity
  • Heavy-Duty, 3" Wide Vertical Channels
  • Load Capacity: 60 kg (132 lb)

The TFR19 Heavy-Duty Instrumentation Rack is manufactured from industrial-grade steel, U-channels, and angle extrusions. It can support up to 60 kg (132 lbs) when the weight is distributed evenly throughout the height of the rack.

As shown in the photo to the right, the PSY177 bracket is required to attach the rack chassis to the frame of the lab bench. First attach the bracket to the TFR19 Rack Chassis and then mount that assembly to the inside of the lab bench frame using the provided M8 screws.

Once the chassis is fitted, the lab bench can be used with our range of 19" Rack Hardware and other industry-standard 19" lab equipment.

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TFR19 Support Documentation
TFR1919" Rack Chassis for Optical Table Workstations
Lead Time
PSY177 Support Documentation
PSY177Rack Chassis Brackets for PSY501/PSY502 Lab Bench and TFR19 Rack Chassis
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