Mounted Terahertz Lenses

  • Broadband Transmission in THz Regime
  • Optically Transparent in 780 - 1550 nm Range
  • Lightweight TPX Material for Easy Handling


Ø1" THz Lens, f = 35 mm
(Post Not Included)


Ø1.5" THz Lens, f = 200 mm
(Post Not Included)

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Jason Reeves
Jason Reeves
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Please note that these terahertz lenses are available directly from Menlo Systems, Inc. within the United States and from Menlo Systems GmbH outside the United States.
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Phone: +1-973-300-4490
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  • High Transparency in THz Regime
  • Pre-Mounted for Convenience
  • Easily Focus or Collimate Terahertz Radiation
  • Transparent in Optical Range from 780 nm to 1550 nm

Menlo Systems’ plano-convex, aspherical TPX lenses are optimized for collimation and focusing in THz applications.

Item # TPX35 is a Ø1” lens with an effective focal length (EFL) of 35 mm, designed for collimation of highly divergent THz radiation. Item # TPX50 is a Ø1.5” lens with a 50 mm EFL, featuring the same numerical aperture as the TPX35. Both TPX35 and TPX50 are optimized for collimation in combination with Menlo Systems’ TERA15-FC antenna series.

Item #s TPX100 and TPX200 are Ø1.5” lenses with a 100 mm and a 200 mm EFL, respectively, ideal for focusing THz radiation for increased working distance in the terahertz path.

TPX35 is mounted in a Ø1” lens holder and offers a clear aperture of 23.0 mm, whereas TPX50, TPX100, and TPX200 are mounted in a Ø1.5” lens holder and offer a clear aperture of 35.5 mm.

Item # TPX35 TPX50 TPX100 TPX200
Effective Focal Length 35 mm 50 mm 100 mm 200 mm
Lens Diameter 1.00" (25.4 mm) 1.50" (38 mm)
Lens Geometry Plano-Convex, Aspheric
Wavelength Range Broadband THz Range
Material TPX Polymer
Mounting Tap M4

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song juah  (posted 2023-10-13 15:41:13.45)
Hello. I'm Song Ju-ah from ACTRO company in Korea. I'd like to buy two TPX35. Please send me an estimate by e-mail. Thank you.
jdelia  (posted 2023-10-13 10:06:02.0)
Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. You can request a quote on the following contact form: You can also email to request a quote.
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TPX35 Support Documentation
TPX35Mounted Ø1" Lens for Terahertz Radiation, f = 35 mm
Menlo Lead Time
TPX50 Support Documentation
TPX50Mounted Ø1.5" Lens for Terahertz Radiation, f = 50 mm
Menlo Lead Time
TPX100 Support Documentation
TPX100Mounted Ø1.5" Lens for Terahertz Radiation, f = 100 mm
Menlo Lead Time
TPX200 Support Documentation
TPX200Mounted Ø1.5" Lens for Terahertz Radiation, f = 200 mm
Menlo Lead Time