Mounted Terahertz Lenses

  • Broadband Transmission in THz Regime
  • Optically Transparent in 780 - 1550 nm Range
  • Lightweight TPX Material for Easy Handling


Ø1" THz Lens, f = 35 mm
(Post Not Included)


Ø1.5" THz Lens, f = 200 mm
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Simon Kocur
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Please note that these terahertz lenses are available directly from Menlo Systems, Inc. within the United States and from Menlo Systems GmbH outside the United States.
United States
Phone: +1-973-300-4490
Outside United States
Phone: +49-89-189166-0


  • THz Collimation and Focusing
  • Broadband THz Spectroscopy


  • Mounted in a Fixed Lens Mount
  • Easily Focus or Collimate Terahertz Radiation

Menlo Systems' plano-convex, aspheric TPX lens series is optimized for collimation and focusing in THz applications. The TPX35 is designed for collimation of highly divergent THz radiation. Both the TPX35 and TPX50 are optimized for use in combination with Menlo Systems' terahertz antennas for 1560 nm. The TPX100 and TPX200 are optimized for focusing THz radiation over a longer working distance. See the table below for more specifications.

Each lens comes mounted in a fixed lens mount with a bottom-located M4 mounting tap.

Item # TPX35 TPX50 TPX100 TPX200
Effective Focal Length 35 mm 50 mm 100 mm 200 mm
Lens Diameter 1.00" (25.4 mm) 1.50" (38 mm)
Lens Geometry Plano-Convex, Aspheric
Wavelength Range Broadband THz Range
Material TPX Polymer
Mounting Tap M4

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TPX35 Support Documentation
TPX35Mounted Ø1" Lens for Terahertz Radiation, f = 35 mm
Menlo Lead Time
TPX50 Support Documentation
TPX50Mounted Ø1.5" Lens for Terahertz Radiation, f = 50 mm
Menlo Lead Time
TPX100 Support Documentation
TPX100Mounted Ø1.5" Lens for Terahertz Radiation, f = 100 mm
Menlo Lead Time
TPX200 Support Documentation
TPX200Mounted Ø1.5" Lens for Terahertz Radiation, f = 200 mm
Menlo Lead Time