Compact Optical Frequency Comb

  • Compact, Fully-Automated Optical Frequency Comb, 100 MHz
  • Compact 19" 3U Housing
  • Includes Advanced Application Programming Interface (API)


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Jason Reeves
Jason Reeves
Menlo Systems
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Please note that the Compact Optical Frequency Comb is available directly from Menlo Systems, Inc. within the United States and from Menlo Systems GmbH outside the United States.
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  • Patented Fiber-Based Femtosecond Frequency Comb System
  • Touch Panel Control
  • Full Remote Control via LAN-Interface 
  • 1.5µm Optical Output
  • Integrated Measurement Port for 630-2000nm CW-Lasers 
  • Interal 10 MHz OCXO Reference  


  • High Precision CW Laser Stabilization
  • Calibration of CW Lasers
  • Length Metrology
  • Optical Fiber Links
  • Cold Atoms and Ions

SmartComb is an optical metrology system in a compact 19” 3U package. It features the first fully automated turn-key optical frequency comb designed and built for use both inside and outside of the optics lab. It measures optical frequencies anywhere in the 630 - 2000 nm wavelength range, and can measure the frequency of external lasers with 14 digits of precision. Alternatively, it can provide optical reference lines within the same spectral range (choose wavelength when ordering).

SmartComb can be used as a standalone device due to its internal RF reference. To enable measurements of higher precision, a radio frequency or an optical reference input is available separately to stabilize the SmartComb.

SmartComb’s modular design enables one of the most versatile commercially available frequency comb systems. Internal components can be adapted to measure different wavelengths, or can be replaced with amplifiers to provide up to 6 output ports. Additional external modules are retrofittable to provide higher powers, customized spectra, and pulse lengths.

SmartComb’s underlying proprietary technology, based on figure 9® lasers, has already been verified onboard aircraft and rockets, demonstrating it is well-suited even for demanding environments.

Specifications SMARTCOMB (Class 1 Laser)
Phase Lock to Optical Reference Phase Lock to RF Reference
Comb Spacing 100 MHz
Accuracy 2 x 10-16 (τ > 100 s) 1 x 10-14 (τ > 1000 s)
Stability (ADEV) <7 x 10-16 in 1 s,
<5 x 10-17 in 1000 s
<5 x 10-13 in 1 s
Laser Input One Linearly Polarized SC/APC PM Input Port
Center Wavelength 1.5 µm
Spectral Range @ 1550 nm >25 nm
Measurement Wavelengths Choose One in the 630 - 2000 nm Range
Laser Outputs Up to 6
Requirements  SMARTCOMB
RF Input Requirements
(From External Reference)
10 MHz Frequency Reference, Power Level +7 dBm or Internal Atomic Clock
Operating Voltage 100/115/230 VAC
Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Power Consumption <100 W
Cooling Requirements None
Operating Temperature 22 ± 5 °C
Optical Unit Dimensions / Weight 19" x 3U / 17 kg

SmartComb Used in the PMWG-1500 for Generation of Ultra-low Phase Noise Microwaves

Special Options SMARTCOMB (Class 3 Laser)
Additional Extensions Rack- or Table-Mounted Amplifiers and Beat Detection Units in the 530 - 2000 nm Range
Optional Packages Up to 6 Output Ports (1.5 µm)
GPS-Based 10 MHz Frequency Reference
Locking Electronics to Stabilize CW Lasers
External Amplifiers at Wavelengths Between 530 and 2000 nm
Rack- and Table-Mounted Extensions
CSAC Chip-Scale-Atomic-Clock

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SMART-COMBCompact Fully-Automated Optical Frequency Comb, 100 MHz, 1.5 µm
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