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PMT Transimpedance Amplifier

  • Transimpedance Amplifier for Photomultiplier Tubes
  • DC to 60 MHz Bandwidth
  • Low Input Current Noise

Application Idea

TIA60 Transimpedance Amplifier Shown Integrated into a Bergamo® II Multiphoton Microscope


Transimpedance Amplifier
Shown with All Included Accessories

Power Cord AdapterBNC to SMA Input CableTrim Pot Adjuster


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The TIA60's connections include an SMA input, a 4-pin power socket, and a BNC output.
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The image above shows how to use the included screwdriver to adjust the DC offset.


  • Transimpedance Gain: 30 200 V/A
  • Large Operation Bandwidth: DC to 60 MHz
  • Low Input Current Noise: 4.8 pA/√Hz @ 1 MHz
  • Designed for Multiphoton and Other Laser Scanning Microscopies
  • Ideal for Hamamatsu H7422, H10720, and H10721 Series PMTs

Thorlabs' TIA60 Transimpedance Amplifier is designed to amplify the output signal from a photomultiplier tube (PMT), PIN photodiode, or other devices that require an amplified current to voltage signal. It offers a large operational bandwidth range from DC to 60 MHz (3 dB) and low noise output (4.8pA/√Hz @ 1 MHz). A trim pot, accessible through a hole in the top of the amplifier (see image to the right), provides a DC offset adjustment to improve the dynamic range of the data collection system.

The TIA60 can be powered by the KPS101 Power Supply Unit (sold below). Internal electronics of the TIA60 regulate the power to the amplification circuitry, isolating the performance of this amplifier from electrical noise that may be inherent to the power source.  

The compact amplifier housing is designed to be mounted close to the detector in order to reduce the noise coupled into the unamplified signal between the detector and the amplifier. It comes with an SMA to BNC adapter, a 4-pin to power jack adapter, and a trim pot adjuster. M3 screws are also included for mounting the amplifier to the Hamamatsu H7422 series PMT.

This amplifier is fully compatible with Hamamatsu's H7422, H10720, and H10721 series PMTs, but the mounting hole pattern will only accommodate the H7422 series. The TIA60 amplifier is also compatible with our biased photodetectors and passive electrical filters.

AC Performance
Bandwidth (3 dB, Cin = 4 pF)a - 60 MHz -
Rise/Fall Time (10% to 90%) - 5.5 ns -
Settling Time (3%, 0.5 V Output) - 16 ns -
Transfer Characteristics
Total Transimpedance (Combined Stages, DC)b 29 000 V/A 30 200 V/A 32 000 V/A
Transresistance (Input Stage Z-Amp, DC) - 6.04 kΩ -
Linear Input Range, 0 V Bias - - ±50 µA
Maximum Inputc - - ±500 µA
DC Input Impedance - 33 Ω -
Input Reference - 0 V -
Input Current Noise (1 MHz, Cin = 4 pF)a - 4.8 pA/√Hz -
Total Input RMS Noise (DC to 60 MHz)a - 50 nA -
DC Bias (50 Ω Load) -0.15 VDC 0 VDC 1.5 VDC
Output Range (50 Ω Load) -1.5 V - 1.5 V
Impedance (DC to 60 MHz) - 50 Ω -
Return Loss (DC to 60 MHz) 15 dB - -
Slew Rate - 625 V/µs -
DC Performance
Offset Voltage Drift (at Output) - ±103 µV/°C -
Power Supply
Input Voltage 9 V 12 V 15 V
Input Current - 65 mA 100 mA
  • Bandwidth and equivalent input current noise are typical values, which depend on the source capacitance. Keep the source capacitance as low as possible by using short cables at the input to achieve best possible bandwidth and noise performance.
  • Positive Gain. Current is considered positive flowing into the amplifier input, and produces a resulting positive output voltage.
  • A significant chance of damaging the amplifier exists if operating above this specification.

The graphs below represent measured data using the TPS001 as the power source. For a file containing the raw data, click here.

Output Voltage Signal

BNC Female

BNC Female

50 Ω Recommended Termination

Input Current SignalSMA Female

Input Power SignalSMA Female

1 +V Input
2 NC
3 NC
4 Ground

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Posted Comments:
Posted Date:2017-12-11 18:50:49.753
Hi, we are attempting to use the TIA60 together with a Hamamatsu H10770PA-40 PMT, is this trans-impedence amplifier compatible the PMT as we are struggling to get it working? Many thanks, Joseph
Posted Date:2017-12-27 04:37:28.0
Hello, Joseph. Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. While I don't have a Hamamatsu H10770PA-40 on hand to test, I see that the max output current is about 2uA, only a little less than PMTSS. I will reach out to you directly to troubleshoot.
Posted Date:2016-05-23 16:27:50.757
We are using the TIA60 together with the Thorlabs PMTSS PMT. (We are connecting the PMT to the amplifier with the supplied BNC to SMA cable and driving them from the same 15V source.) It seems that this combination results in an excessive noise level. Already at very low PMT gain and light levels the amplifier is completely saturated and/or there is excessive number of voltage spikes in the signal. (We have tested the PMT and TIA60 separately and they function as expected). Is there a problem specific to this amplifier/PMT combination?
Posted Date:2016-05-25 10:23:06.0
Response from Bweh at Thorlabs USA: You can in principle use these together as the KPS101 that is used for the TIA60 should have enough power if proper wiring is done, which may not be the case with your setup now. We can actually provide a special version of the PMTSS with the amplifier and power supply integrated that should give you the desired performance. Or you may test using a separate power supply for the PMTSS. I will follow-up with you.
Posted Date:2015-11-23 16:21:53.97
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I am looking for a transimpedance amplifier with a large operating temperature range. Could you please give me further information about the thermal behaviour of the TIA60? Thank you very much With best regards Bernd Polder Inertial Sensors MEMS Technologies Sensor Business Group TDK-EPC AG & Co. KG A TDK Group Company Beeskowdamm 3- 11 14167 Berlin Telephone: +49 30 890 4055 5345 Fax: +49 3329 6068 15 mailto: · Headquarters: Berlin ∙ Commercial register of the local court (Amtsgericht): Charlottenburg ∙ HRA 28220 B General Partner: EPCOS AG Headquarters: Munich ∙ Commercial register of the local court (Amtsgericht): Munich ∙ HRB 127250 Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Dr. Werner Faber Management Board: Joachim Zichlarz, Chairman ∙ Joachim Thiele · Dr. Norbert Hess · Christian Block
Posted Date:2015-11-25 02:19:43.0
Response from Bweh at Thorlabs USA: Our Germany division will provide this to you via email.
Posted Date:2015-04-29 16:53:23.86
I have a number of biased Si photodiodes e.g. DET100A DET10A and was wondering on the compatibility of this amplifier (TIA60) with them to boost their output when observing low power beams and scatterred light that is modulated at high frequency (close to MHz). I am aware of the PDA200C for photodiodes but I wish to sample beyond 1 MHz if possible to avoid undersampling the signals.
Posted Date:2015-04-29 03:40:00.0
Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: The TIA60 can be used with the DET series detector. Please make sure the cable between them is as short as possible (one short SMA to BNC cable is included with the TIA60).

Transimpedance Amplifier

Please note that the TIA60 does not ship with a power supply. A compatible power supply is our KPS101, sold below.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available / Ships
TIA60 Support Documentation
TIA60PMT Transimpedance Amplifier

Transimpedance Amplifier Power Supply

  • Power Supply Compatible with TIA60
  • Universal Input: 90 - 264 VAC
  • Interchangeable AC Plug

The KPS101 Power Supply Unit supports a single TIA60 Transimpedance Amplifier. It is connected to the TIA60 using the 4-pin to power jack adapter that is included with the TIA60. A location-specific adapter plug is shipped with the KPS101 based on your location.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available / Ships
KPS101 Support Documentation
KPS10115 V, 2.4 A Power Supply Unit for One K-Cube or T-Cube
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