Cylindrical Lens Mount for 60 mm Cage Systems

  • Mount Cylindrical Lenses or Other Rectangular
    Optics in 60 mm Cage Systems
  • Maximum Optic Height of 1.84" (46.8 mm)
  • Engraved Graduations at 1 mm Spacings


Application Idea

Two Cylindrical Lenses
Oriented Perpendicular
to Each Other Correct
Astigmatism in an Image

Max Optic Height:
1.84" (46.8 mm)


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Back View of Cylindrical Lens Mount
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A rear view of the CYLCP Cylindrical Lens Mount. The side-mounted cage rods have been replaced with 4" long versions (Item # ER4) to increase the maximum optic height.

This animation depicts various mounting options of the CYLCP Cylindrical Lens Mount.


  • Rectangular Optic Mount for 60 mm Cage Systems
  • Two Manually Positioned Arms Hold Optics up to 1.84" (46.8 mm) Tall Within the Cage System
  • Mounting Arms and Cage Plate can be Moved Independently (See Animation at Right)
  • Graduations at 1 mm Intervals Help with Centration and Repeatability
  • Internal SM2 (2.035"-40) Threads Compatible with Ø2" Lens Tubes
  • One 8-32 (M4) Tapped Hole for Post Mounting

Thorlabs' Cylindrical Lens Mount for 60 mm Cage Systems is designed to orient a cylindrical lens or another rectangular optic horizontally or vertically within a 60 mm cage system. The lens is effectively clamped between the two sliding arms, each of which is lined with a 2.70" (68.6 mm) long rubber pad and has a lip for resting the plano side of the lens against, as shown in the image at the top of the page. The manually positioned arms can hold optics from 0.16" to 1.84" tall (4.0 mm to 46.8 mm) before they begin to obscure the through holes for the cage system. In order to accommodate taller optics, the included 3" long cage rods can be replaced with longer cage rods (sold separately), but the mount cannot be used within a cage system if the arms or the optic overlap with the through holes.

Each arm is secured to the side-mounted 3" long cage rods (Item # ER3) using two 4-40 setscrews that accept a 0.05" (1.3 mm) hex key. The cage plate is tightened to these cage rods by two additional 4-40 setscrews. The cage plate and arms can be moved and locked independently. Hence, by loosening the cage plate while keeping the arms tightened, the user may translate a lens parallel to these cage rods (i.e., in a transverse direction) without disturbing the rest of the cage system. The arms can also be relocated from the front of the cage plate to the back of the cage plate.

As shown by the photo to the right, the cage plate is engraved with tick marks. Both sides of the plate are engraved. The major ticks occur every 5 mm, the minor ticks occur every 1 mm, and the pattern spans a total length of 50 mm. To help center the mounted optic, a major tick is placed at the center line of the plate. It is easiest to center the cylindrical lens when the cylindrical axis is parallel to the arms, as demonstrated in the Application Idea at the top of the page.

Four 4-40 setscrews that accept a 0.05" (1.3 mm) hex key secure the cage plate within a 60 mm cage system. The central bore is internally SM2 threaded (2.035"-40), as shown in the photo to the right, making it compatible with our Ø2" lens tubes. The plate also contains an 8-32 (M4) tapped hole for mounting on a Ø1/2" post. Please note that an attached post can mechanically clash with the bottom arm if the arm has been moved down too far.

Thorlabs also manufactures Kinematic Mirror Mounts for Rectangular Optics, which offer tip and tilt adjustments, and a 60 mm Cage Mount for 2" Square Filters, which uses spring-loaded clips instead of rubber-lined mounting arms to hold optics.

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