USB HID Joystick

  • Hand-Operated 3-Knob Joystick for Control of Three Separate Channels
  • USB HID (Human Interface Device) Configurable for General Applications
  • Compatible with ORIC® Piezo Inertia Stage Controller


Sensitivity can be controlled via the Speed knob on the top of the MCMK3 joystick.

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Key Specifications
HID Specifications
Reporting Controller
Features - HID In
3 Rotating Encoder Knobs for
3 Unique Axis Controls,
3 Push-Buttons with
Embedded Green LEDs
Rotating Encoder Knob
Bit Resolution
10 Bits
Rotating Encoder Knob
Encoder Resolution
Input Power Requirements
Voltage 5 VDC (USB)
Current 50 mA (Avg.), 100 mA (Max)
Computer Connection USB 2.0
Housing Dimensionsa
(W x D x H)
5.04" x 5.92" x 3.17"
(128.1 mm x 150.3 mm x 80.4 mm)
  • Includes the Bend Radius of the USB Cable


  • Utilizes Standard USB HID Protocol
  • Knobs Provide Hand-Operated Control for up to 3 Channels
  • Output Speed Adjustable via Top-Located Knob
  • Each Knob has Associated LED Button
  • Powered via USB Port

Thorlabs' MCMK3 Joystick is a hand-operated, 3-knob box with an attached USB cable. Each of the three side faces of the joystick includes a rotating encoder knob and a push-button LED switch. Each encoder knob provides its own channel, allowing for three unique axes to be controlled by a single joystick. The push-button switches each have an embedded green LED. The function of these push buttons can be set by the user, including but not limited to whether the button operates as a switch to enable/disable the encoder knob on the same face of the joystick or as an independent control for another purpose; whether the LED lights up as a status indicator; and the brightness of the LED if it is in use. A smaller knob on the top face adjusts the velocity output of the larger rotating encoder knobs on the sides. This allows for variable levels of precision in the output of the encoder knobs.

The MCMK3 joystick is a USB HID device and is powered through the USB cable. As an HID device, the MCMK3 joystick can be configured and used with a variety of different controllers or devices which utilize the HID class, such as the PDXC Piezo Inertia Stage Controller. The joystick can also be configured for general applications; for more information how to configure the joystick, including the USB HID In and Out reporting, please see the manual by clicking on the red Docs icon (Docs Icon) below. While the joystick has the same design as the knob box for our Compact Controllers for Microscopy, it is not directly compatible.

Troubleshooting and testing the HID In and Out reporting of the joystick can be done using the visual interface provided by the Thorlabs Joystick Test Utility, which can be found in the Software tab along with its mimimum computer requirements.


Version 1.0 (February 7, 2023)

The software package contains the Thorlabs Joystick Test Utility, which provides a visual interface to verify the HID IN and Out reporting of the MCMK3 Joystick.

Software Download
Minimum Computer Requirements
Operating System Windows 10 64-bit (or later)
Other Software Microsoft .NET 4.8 (or later)
Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0
USB Version USB 2.0

Software for USB HID Joystick

Thorlabs offers software tools for the MCMK3 Joystick. The software download page offers links to the Thorlabs Joystick Test Utility and Thorlabs Firmware Update Utility. The Joystick Test Utility can be used for troubleshooting the MCMK3 Joystick Controller and assessing the HID In and Out reporting functionality. The Firmware Update Utility can be used to update the firmware of the MCMK3 Joystick. The minimum computer requirements to operate this software are given in the table to the right.

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USB HID 3-Knob Joystick

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