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Ø1" Optical Post Assemblies

Thorlabs' Ø1" (25 mm) posts are essential building blocks of rigid 3D structures. Included are Ø1" pedestal posts, standard Ø1" posts, Ø1" posts designed for our Polaris® mirror mounts, post holders, C-clamps, and accessories. The solid stainless steel construction of these posts provides unparalleled strength and rigidity. All of our posts are directly compatible with our solid steel clamping forks or clamping arms, which provide a high degree of positional flexibility when securing the post to an optical table. Finally, the construction cube series is ideal for building rigid 3D structures from the non-pedestal Ø1" posts; these construction cubes are machined on all six sides from a solid block of aluminum, thereby providing a truly rigid structure.