Ø1/2" Manual Linear Positioner

  • Adjustment Screw in a Ø1/2" Post Body
  • 120 TPI Fine-Adjustment Screw with Steel Ball Contact
  • Compatible with all Ø1/2" Post Construction Accessories



Application Idea 

A TR2P linear positioner is mounted in an RA90 right-angle clamp to push a 34 mm rail carrier into position.

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The adjuster screw in the TR2P (TR50P/M) is actuated by a thumbscrew with six holes for a 1/16" balldriver.


  • 3/16"-120 Adjuster Screw
  • 0.25" (6.4 mm) Adjustment Range
  • Ø1/2" Post Compatibility
  • Side- and Bottom-Actuated Thumbscrew

The TR2P Ø1/2" Linear Positioner is designed for precision positioning of optomechanical components. It includes a finely threaded 3/16"-120 adjuster screw within the body of a Ø1/2" post, making it compatible with all of Thorlabs' Ø1/2" Post Construction Accessories. The positioner can be actuated from the side using a thumbscrew, which includes six holes that accept a 1/16" hex key or balldriver. In addition, the bottom of the knob accepts a 5/64" (2.0 mm) hex key or balldriver, which can be inserted through the bottom of the body of the post.

These thumbscrew adjustments provide a 0.25" (6.4 mm) travel range for the adjustment screw, bringing the total height of the TR2P from 2.22" to 2.47" and the total height of the TR50P/M from 55.7 mm to 62.1 mm. Each revolution of the thumbscrew provides 0.008" (0.21 mm) of translation. The end of the adjustment screw includes a spherical steel ball contact that is designed to contact a flat surface, as shown in the images above and to the right. Please note that a restoring force must be applied if backward motion is required when the adjuster screw is retracted. Like the rest of our Ø1/2" posts, the bottom of this adjuster includes a 1/4"-20 (M6) tapped mounting hole.

We also offer the TRT2 (TRT2/M) Ø1/2" translating optical post and a line of kinematic positioners for adjusting components mounted on breadboards and optical tables. In addition, we have a complete line of motion control products for more precise positioning applications.

Posted Comments:
tmorgus  (posted 2015-08-22 13:31:12.047)
Hello cbrideau, Thanks for the feedback. This adjuster is the first in a line of products being designed. I'll add your idea to the product development effort. Tyler, MBU Leader Thorlabs
cbrideau  (posted 2015-08-21 18:00:06.203)
I would like to see an adjuster like this built for your different rail families. You could sell a carriage with an adjuster like this pointing out the side that would push on adjacent carriers. This would allow for more precise positioning along the rail. You could even use this post design by integrating a horizontal post holder/clamp into a carriage.
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TR2PØ1/2" Manual Linear Positioner, 1/4"-20 Tap
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TR50P/MØ1/2" Manual Linear Positioner, M6 Tap