Post-Mountable Tablet Holder

  • Compatible with Tablets or Phones from 5.5" to 8.7" Wide
  • Ø1/2" Stud for Compatibility with Thorlabs Optomech
  • 40° Adjustment Cone


Tablet Holder with
Ø1/2" Stud

Application Idea

PSX123 Tablet Holder Shown Mounted Using RA90 Clamp, TR3 Post, and UPH2 Post Holder
(Each Sold Separately; Tablet Not Included)

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  • Spring-Loaded Clamp Fits Devices from 5.5" to 8.7" (140 to 220 mm) Wide and ≤0.67" (17 mm) Thick
  • Ø1/2" (12.7 mm), 0.66" (16.8 mm) Long Stud with M4 x 0.7 Threading Designed for Use with:
  • 40° Adjustment Cone with Lockable Ball Joint

The PSX123 Tablet Holder is compatible with tablets from 5.5" to 8.7" (140 to 220 mm) wide and ≤0.67" (17 mm) thick. The tablet is held by a spring-loaded clamp with a yellow strap on each end, designed to aid in pulling the clamp arms apart. The mount also features a Ø1/2" stud with M4 x 0.7 threading, making it compatible with a variety of Ø1/2" post construction accessories, as well as standard and universal post holders. The locknut that holds the ball end of the mounting stud can be loosened to change the angle of the holder.

Tablets can also be mounted on Ø1.5" ScienceDesk posts using the PSY122 Tablet Adapter attached to a PSY121 Monitor Mount.

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Post-Mountable Tablet Holder

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PSX123Customer Inspired! Tablet Holder with Ø1/2" (Ø12.7 mm) Post, M4 x 0.7 Thread