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Rotation Mount for Scientific Cameras

  • Precise Rotational Adjustment of a Camera in a Microscope System
  • ±8° of Fine Rotation; 360° Manual Coarse Rotation
  • 60 mm Cage System and SM1 Lens Tube Compatible


Thorlabs’ Scientific Camera Mounted
to a Nikon Eclipse Ti using an LCP02R
Rotation Mount, SM1 Lens Tubes, and
SM1A44 Camera Port Adapter

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Camera Rotation Mount
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A USB C-Mount camera can be mounted to the LCP02R using the SM1A39 thread adapter.
Camera Rotation Mount
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The LCP02R rotation mount is attached to a Scientific Camera using four ER Cage Rods.
Microscope Camera Rotation Mount
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A recess in the back plate of the mount accepts a C-mount-threaded scientific camera's aperture.


  • Control Rotation of Thorlabs' Scientific CCD Cameras in Microscopy Systems
  • 1° Engraved Graduations, Labeled Every 2°
  • Front and Back Plates Have Internal SM1 (1.035"-40) Threads for Ø1" Lens Tubes
  • Suitable for Stable Mounting of Cantilevered Loads with up to 0.5 ft-lbs (0.68 N•m) Torque

Thorlabs' LCP02R Rotation Mount is designed to provide ±8° of fine, bi-directional rotation angle adjustment of a Thorlabs Scientific CCD Camera that is mounted on a microscope. Three setscrews around the edge of the front face can be loosened using a 1/16" (1.5 mm) hex key to allow manual 360° rotation. Once these screws are tightened, fine rotation adjustment is achieved via a threaded adjuster. A fine adjustment scale engraved on the side of the mount has graduations every 1° with a range of ±8°. For motorized adjustments, the manual adjuster can be replaced with a Z812 servo motor actuator that provides a total of 13° of fine rotation adjustment.

Mounting Thorlabs' Scientific CCD Cameras
The back plate of the mount features four through holes for ER cage rods that are compatible with Thorlabs' 60 mm cage system. A scientific CCD camera can be attached using these through holes, as shown in the middle photo to the right. Recessed areas in the front and back of the mount provide clearance for the camera's input aperture and minimize the adjustments needed to correct the camera's parfocal distance. Thorlabs' Quantalux™ sCMOS cameras must be mounted using the SM1 aperture as described below.

Mounting Other Cameras or Devices
The front and back plates of the mount have 0.20" (5.1 mm) deep internal SM1 (1.035"-40) threads, allowing Ø1" lens tubes and other SM1-threaded components, such as Thorlabs' Quantalux sCMOS cameras, to be integrated with the rotation mount. Alternatively, Thorlabs' USB C-Mount CCD or CMOS cameras can be attached to one of the SM1-threaded bores in the LCP02R rotation mount via the SM1A39 SM1 to C-Mount Adapter, as shown in the photo above and to the right.

A side-located setscrew that accepts a 0.050" hex key helps to prevent the rotation angle from being displaced by accidental contact. Two 1/4"-20 (M6) taps in the back plate allow the LCP02R to be post mounted.

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LCP02R Support Documentation
LCP02R60 mm Cage System Rotation Mount with SM1-Threaded Aperture, 1/4"-20 Taps
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Metric Price Available
LCP02R/M Support Documentation
LCP02R/M60 mm Cage System Rotation Mount with SM1-Threaded Aperture, M6 Taps
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