PMT Housing for Side-On Hamamatsu PMTs

  • Light-Tight Design Securely Holds PMT via Threaded Retaining Collar
  • Compatible with SM1 Lens Tube and 30 mm Cage Construction Systems
  • Post Mountable via 8-32 (M4) and 1/4"-20 (M6) Taps

The PXT1 housing centers the PMT active area along a beam path built using our SM1 lens tubes and 30 mm cage system.


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  • Active Area of PMT Centered in SM1-Threaded Bore
  • Optical Axis, Defined by Cage and Lens Tube Compatibility, Simplifies Alignment
  • Light-Tight Mounting of PMT into PXT1 Housing
  • Light-Tight Mounting of Lenses and Filters Using SM1 (1.035"-40) Lens Tubes

The PXT1(/M) housing helps create light-tight connections between the Ø1-1/8" barrel side-on photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) sold by Hamamatsu and Thorlabs' SM1 (1.035"-40) lens tubes and 30 mm cage system. This housing eliminates the need to design custom adapter plates for these PMTs.

Internal SM1 threads, 0.38" (9.5 mm) deep, enable connections to our Ø1" lens tubes. Four Ø6 mm holes accept cage rods and are spaced for compatibility with our 30 mm cage system. For post mounting, the PXT1 body features two 8-32 tapped holes and one 1/4"-20 tapped hole, whereas the PXT1/M has two M4 tapped holes and one M6 tapped hole.

To insert the PMT into the PXT1, first remove the retention collar. As seen in the drawings below, the active area of the PMT is slid into the body of the PXT1 housing, where an O-ring creates a light-tight seal. The the retention collar can then be fastened on to lock the PMT in and create a second light-tight seal.

Note that the PXT1 housing is not compatible with PMTs that have windows which protrude outside the cylindrical Ø1-1/8" profile.

Solidwork Drawing of PMT in Housing
PMT in Housing
solidworks drawing cross section showing PMT in housing
Cross-Sectional View of PMT in Housing

Posted Comments:
user  (posted 2023-11-16 18:23:03.497)
Hello. PMTs usually have a metal magnetic shield case around them to protect the PMT (which is sensitive to interference from magnetic fields) from external mag fields. The standard Hamamatsu E989 shield case has a diameter of ~ 35 mm, so the PXT1 housing in its current form can only be used with an unshielded PMT. I cannot find the material that the PXT1 is made from in your literature so I am not sure if it has magnetic shielding properties. Maybe you need to introduce a model with a wider barrel to allow the Mag shield casing to be included.
cdolbashian  (posted 2023-11-17 01:23:57.0)
Thank you for reaching out to us with this feedback. I have passed this excellent suggestion along to our microscopy division.
Sangsub Kim  (posted 2020-09-21 03:13:59.613)
Hamamtsu R9182-01 is marked as compatible with the PXT1 product. However, in the case of R9182-01, it seems that it will not fit into the PXT1 product because it has an insulation cover. I really want to know if R9182-01 is compatible with PXT1.
llamb  (posted 2020-09-25 08:42:13.0)
Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. The insulation cover on Hamamatsu's R9182-01 PMT would need to be removed for fitting into the PXT1. While Hamamatsu generally doesn't offer support on their PMT after that cover is removed, doing so will indeed allow it to be compatible with the PXT1. The outermost tube can be easily peeled off by making a cut with a blade. Then, the paint inside can be washed off with water. In the case of R9182-01, if water gets in through the gap of PMT body and base part, it may cause a short circuit, so caution will have to be used if you choose to remove the insulation cover. I have reached out to you directly as well to discuss this further.
david.hill  (posted 2017-06-28 11:11:43.157)
Hello, I was wondering if this product will also fit Newport PMTs, like Newport #77348. Thanks
tfrisch  (posted 2017-08-03 12:11:29.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. Looking at both drawings, it appears that that PMT has a larger diameter than our housing is designed to hold. I will reach out to you directly to discuss your application.
sdmt99  (posted 2015-04-12 23:17:43.713)
Hi, I have a Hamamatsu H10723 PMT which doesn't fit with your PMT housing. Maybe thorlabs could consider developing housings for the kind of PMT I mentioned?
jlow  (posted 2015-04-28 04:38:21.0)
Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: Thank you for the feedback. We will look into providing housing for other Hamamatsu PMT.
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PMT Housing for Side-On Hamamatsu PMTs

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