25 mm Travel Compact 3-Axis Manual Stage, Crossed-Roller Bearings

  • 25 mm XYZ Travel Provided by Metric Micrometers
  • Crossed-Roller Bearings for Superior Angular Deviation
  • Each Stage Ships with Individual Test Data Certificate

The included locking brackets guard against accidental movement. One is engraved with a unique serial number.


3-Axis XYZ Stage

Rear View

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Item # LX30 LX30/M
Stage Specifications
Travel 25 mm
Angular Deviationa <125 µrad
Vertical Straightnessa,b <10.0 µm
Platform Size 2.55" x 2.56" (64.8 mm x 65.0 mm)
Mounting Holes Seven 1/4"-20 Taps Seven M6 Taps
Vertical Load Capacityc 8.8 lbs (4 kg) Max
Horizontal Load Capacityc 8.8 lbs (4 kg) Max
Bearing Type Crossed-Roller Bearings
Micrometer Specifications
Micrometer Item # 150-801ME-H
Resolution 500 µm Translation Per Revolution
Micrometer Barrel Size Ø3/8" (Ø9.5 mm)
  • Specified per Axis, Over the Full Travel Range
  • Vertical straightness is the maximum linear deviation from straight motion per axis, measured on a plane normal to the plane of motion.
  • Limited by the Micrometer


  • Self-Contained Stage with Integrated Micrometer Mounts
  • Crossed-Roller Bearings for Low Angular Deviation
  • Seven 1/4"-20 (M6) Tapped Mounting Holes
  • Side-Mounted Metric Micrometers with Ø3/8" (Ø9.5 mm) Barrel
  • Each Stage Individually Tested and Shipped with Test Data Certificate
  • Mounts to Optical Table Using Four 1/4" (M6) Counterbores

Thorlabs' LX30(/M) Compact Translation Stage provides 25 mm of linear translation with less than 125 µrad of deviation per axis in pitch and yaw over the full range of travel. Featuring a compact footprint, this stage uses crossed-roller steel bearings to support precision motion. The monolithic top and bottom plates feature integrated micrometer mounts and are machined from cast tool and jig aluminum for high stability and minimal internal stress. Please be aware that this multi-axis stage cannot be disassembled into single-axis stages. We also offer single- and dual-axis versions of this stage.

After each stage is manufactured, the pitch, yaw, and vertical straightness of the stage are tested. This ensures that each stage meets the stated specifications over the full translation range of the stage. A summary of the test results is provided on an individualized data sheet that ships with each stage. Click here for a sample data sheet.

XYZ Translation Stage Mounting
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The middle micrometer must be removed to access one of the mounting holes in the base.

The mounting surface includes an array of seven 1/4"-20 (M6) tapped holes with 1/2" (12.5 mm) spacings. The stage axis is lockable via a side-located 5/64" (2.0 mm) hex screw in a locking bracket to guard against accidental movement. The stage can be bolted directly to the optical table using four counterbored 1/4" (M6) holes that are revealed by translating the lower plate. Note that the micrometer attached to this plate partially blocks one of the mounting holes beneath it, so it may be necessary to first remove this micrometer depending on the screw and hex driver used. The base of the stage also has four Ø2.4 mm alignment holes for use with Ø3/32" dowel pins.

Note: Do not remove the micrometer until the leadscrew is no longer engaged with the moving body of the stage or the locking bracket is fully tightened. Failure to do so could result in damage to the stage or require it to be recalibrated to meet its specified performance.

This stage comes equipped with a metric micrometer head for each axis, graduated in millimeters, with 500 µm of travel per revolution. The micrometer can be translated using the knurled knob or, for finer translation, a 5/64" (2.0 mm) hex key. The micrometer can be removed and replaced at any time by loosening the side-located flexure clamp with a 5/64" (2.0 mm) hex key. This flexure clamp can hold any micrometer that has a Ø3/8" (Ø9.5 mm) mounting barrel.

Posted Comments:
Dodge Phommala  (posted 2023-02-07 11:38:05.717)
Hello, are there any magnetic bases that can be attached to
cdolbashian  (posted 2023-02-17 11:31:17.0)
Thank you for reaching out to us with this inquiry. It seems like we do indeed have some magnetic kinematic base plates which would work with this stage. The stage you are looking at has 2" spaced, 1/4"-20 counterbore holes. The KB3X3 would be directly compatible. Feel free to check out our other magnetic kinematic base plates here: https://www.thorlabs.com/newgrouppage9.cfm?objectgroup_id=1546.

25 mm XYZ Translation Stage, Crossed-Roller Bearings

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LX30Self-Contained XYZ 25 mm Translation Stage, 1/4"-20 Taps
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LX30/MSelf-Contained XYZ 25 mm Translation Stage, M6 x 1.0 Taps
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