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High-Speed Transmitters and Receivers

Our high-speed telecommunications test and measurement equipment for use up to 70 GHz includes transmitters, receivers, and related accessories. We offer reference transmitters for both digital and linear applications, calibrated electrical-to-optical converters for use with VNAs, and optical transmitters with phase modulators. These devices are based on proven lithium niobate (LiNbO3) modulator technology driven by high-fidelity RF amplifiers.

Ultrafast photoreceivers and detectors are optimized for time domain applications and provide bandwidths up to 40 GHz. They are available as fully operational instruments or in compact, hermetically sealed packages for OEM applications.

We also offer various accessories for use in telecommunications test. Fiber-coupled intensity, phase, or IQ modulators for speeds up to 40 GHz can be driven by our EO modulator drivers. The modulator bias controller is compatible with our fiber-coupled intensity modulators, and the C- and L-band lasers are tunable on the ITU 50 GHz frequency grid.