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Optogenetics Patch Cables

Thorlabs offers lightweight Patch Cables with a Ø1.25 mm or Ø2.5 mm ceramic ferrule on one end, and an FC/PC or SMA connector on the other. Cables for optogenetics applications are available with lightweight Ø1/16" heat-shrink, Ø2 mm PVC, or Ø2.3 mm stainless steel tubing. Our patch cables with low-autofluorescence properties are ideal for users performing fiber photometry measurements with implanted cannulae. Dual-Core Patch Cables, Bifurcated Y-Cable Bundles, and 1-to-7 Fan-Out Bundles enable the delivery of light to multiple cannulae and are intended for bilateral or multilateral stimulation applications. Rotary Joint Patch Cables are designed to allow for free rotation of the patch cable with minimal insertion loss making them ideal for in vivo experiments.