Vytran® Polyimide Fiber Recoater with Linear Proof Tester

  • Recoat Fusion-Spliced Fibers to Restore Strength and Flexibility
  • Designed for Polyimide-Coated Fibers
  • Features an Integrated Linear Proof Tester
  • Fully Programmable and Automated Recoater


Polyimide Fiber Recoater with Linear Proof Tester (Handset Controller Not Shown)


Shown with Included Handset Controller

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  • Automatic Polyimide Fiber Recoater with Integrated Proof Tester
  • Fiber Holding Block Top Inserts
  • Fiber Holding Block Bottom Inserts
  • Quick Snap-On Connectors for Compressed Air Source
  • Handset Controller

Must be Purchased Separately

  • Polyimide Recoat Resin (Not Available from Thorlabs)
  • 80 - 120 psi Compressed Air/Gas Source (Not Available from Thorlabs)
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Thorlabs' PRL201 Polyimide Fiber Recoater detailing the die assembly, fiber block holders, and fiber block inserts.


  • Recoat Spliced Polyimide Fibers to Restore Flexibility
  • Designed for Polyimide-Coated Fibers with Ø125 µm Cladding and Coatings up to Ø155 µm
  • 35 mm Maximum Recoat Length
  • Fully Programmable with Push Button Operation
  • Features an Integrated Linear Proof Tester

Thorlabs' Vytran® Polyimide Fiber Recoater with Proof Tester offers an easy, integrated solution to recoat and test fusion-spliced fibers. The recoating process uses a translating die to apply a polyimide resin along the length of the recoated section, up to 35 mm in length. One pass can apply a Ø3 µm - Ø10 µm coat of resin, and multiple passes can be made for higher reliability and increased coating diameter. The recoat process is fully programmable; by setting parameters such as injection rate and the velocity of the die, the diameter of the recoat per pass can be set. Dual heater filaments in the die thermally cure the recoated section of fiber with each pass. The restored buffer coating gives the fiber the same flexibility as when originally manufactured, making this device ideal for applications that require handling and coiling of fusion-spliced fibers. Due to handling and storage constraints, we do not offer polyimide recoat material.

This recoater features an integrated linear proof tester, which can test each fiber up to 20 N (4.5 lbs) to ensure that it meets strength requirements for the required service load. The proof tester takes the fiber up to a predetermined load and then releases it. The testing process is fully programmable, allowing the user to select parameters such as the load, the rate at which the load is applied, and the hold time. To ensure the long-term reliability of the fiber, the proof test level should be about three times higher than the applied service load for the spliced fiber. Unlike standard heat shrink protection sleeves, a recoated fiber can be handled and coiled normally, while protecting the fusion-spliced section of fiber.

The recoating process starts with the fusion-spliced section of fiber being place in the middle of the die’s path (about midway between the fiber holding blocks). Once set in position, the tops of the fiber holding blocks are closed in order to secure the spliced fiber in place. Recoat material is pumped into the die (both undercoat and overcoat volumes can be set), which then coats the fiber as it passes. After each coat, the fiber is thermally cured in two steps. Each pass includes the recoat and two-stage thermal cure steps. The die is pneumatically actuated and requires an external 80 - 120 psi compressed air source (not included). Each system comes with a handset controller, which allows the user to program fully and control the unit. All recoat and proof test parameters can be set through the handset controller.

Customized dies for cladding sizes other than Ø125 µm are available; please contact Tech Support for more information.

Item # PRL201
Recoater Type Automatic Polyimide
Recoater Diea Designed for Ø125 µm Cladded Fibersb
Recoat Diameter ≤155 µmc, Programmabled
Maximum Recoat Length 35 mm (1.38")
Recoat Material Thermal Cure Polymide
Thermal Source Dual Filament Heaters 
Recoat Injection Automatic
Total Cycle Time 2 - 7 min(Typical)
Dimensions (L × W × H) 10.14" × 7.78" × 7.17" (257.4 mm × 197.5 mm × 182.2 mm)
AC Power 110 - 120 V / 200 - 240 V, 47-63 Hz
Proof Tester Specifications
Load Mechanism 1.5" (38 mm) Linear Fiber Clamp
Fiber Spacing 3.7" (94 mm)
Maximum Load 20 N (4.5 lbs)
235 kpsi (1.6 GPa) for a Ø125 µm Fiber
Accuracy ±2%
Ramp Rate 22 N/s (5 lbs/s), Programmabled
Hold Time 0.00 s - 9.99 s, Programmabled
Display Units lbs, kg, N, kpsi, and GPa
  • Requires an 80 - 120 psi Dry Compressed Air Source
  • Custom die sizes are available; contact Tech Support.
  • Based on the number of layers; each layer is approximately 3 - 10 µm in diameter.
  • Programmable with the Handset Controller

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Product Demonstrations

Thorlabs has demonstration facilitates for the Vytran® fiber glass processing systems offered on this page within our Morganville, New Jersey office. We invite you to schedule a visit to see these products in operation and to discuss the various options with a fiber processing specialist. Please schedule a demonstration by contacting technical support. We welcome the opportunity for personal interaction during your visit!

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