Kinematic Pellicle Mounts

  • Mount Ø1/2" and Ø1" BP-Series Pellicles
  • 3/16"-100 TPI or 1/4"-80 TPI Hex Adjuster Screws
  • Hardware Steel Inserts at Kinematic Contact Points
  • Ø1" and Ø2" Versions Feature Removable Adjuster Knobs




BP133 Not Included

Mounted with BP133

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The KM05BP, KM100BP, and KM200BP combine the kinematic adjustment of our most popular mirror mounts with an easy-to-use front plate designed specifically for our Ø1/2", Ø1.0", and Ø2.0" pellicle beamsplitters. The front plates come equipped with two clearance slots that accommodate the included 2-56 cap screws used to secure the position of the pellicle within the mount. These mounts feature phosphor bronze bushings, high-quality 3/16"-100 TPI or 1/4"-80 TPI adjuster screws (see below for details), and hardened inserts at all key wear locations. All adjusters can be actuated using a HKTS-5/64 hex key thumbscrew or other 5/64" hex key. An optional accessory, the LN19100 or LN2580 bronze locking nuts, are available to lock the 3/16"-100 TPI or 1/4"-80 adjusters, respectively, once the desired position is reached. The Ø1/2" version features 8-32 or M4 x 0.7 tapped mounting holes, while the Ø1" and Ø2" versions feature #8 (M4) counterbores for post mounting. The mounts are fabricated from black anodized aluminum.

Item #Angular RangeResolutionAdjustment ScrewsMounting
KM05BP ±4° 13 mrad (0.75°) per rev 2 x 3/16"-100 TPI Two 8-32 or M4 x 0.7 (/M version) Tapped Mouting Holes
KM100BP ±4° 8 mrad (0.5°) per rev 2 x 1/4"-80 TPI Two #8 (M4) Counterbored Through Holes
KM200BP ±3° 5 mrad (0.3°) per rev 2 x 1/4"-80 TPI Two #8 (M4) Counterbored Through Holes

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manivannan rajendiran  (posted 2023-12-26 15:09:09.88)
i cant able to download you product in site and thru email also. can you plz sent the step file thru my mail.
jdelia  (posted 2023-12-26 04:30:29.0)
Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. I have reached out to you directly via email to share the STEP file for KM05BP.
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KM05BPKinematic Pellicle Mount for KM05 series.
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