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Spectrometers & Signal Detectors

Thorlabs offers complete optical spectrum analyzers for FTIR measurements over the near-UV to mid-IR wavelength ranges. Our holographic grating spectrometer is fiber compatible and can be easily integrated into an OCT system. The compact CCD spectrometers are also fiber compatible and available with 3 different wavelength ranges. Portable Raman spectrometers and the modular Raman spectroscopy kit allow Raman shift to be measured for solid or liquid samples. We also provide an acoustic detection module for quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy. Our Fabry-Perot interferometers are ideal for examining fine spectral characteristics of CW lasers. Our intensity noise analyzer analyzes an input voltage signal from a source such as a photodiode to characterize noise in an optical system by determining the power spectral density (PSD) or relative noise intensity (RIN). We offer integrating spheres that can accept free-space or fiber-coupled sources, have user-configurable ports, and may be calibrated with user-selected sensors upon request.