SC10 Benchtop Shutter Controller Download

This software package is used to operate the SC10 Benchtop Shutter controller and includes a GUI, drivers, and LabVIEW™/C++ SDK for secondary development. The following packages are available:

  1. Software: Software package with GUI and drivers to control the SC10, as well as an SDK for third-party development.
  2. Firmware: Firmware Update for Compatibility with the SH1 Ø1" Shutter.
  3. Archive: The previous version of the software.
DescriptionSoftware package to operate Thorlabs benchtop shutter controller, including a GUI, drivers, and LabVIEW/C++ SDK for secondary development.
Filesize21.8 MB
System RequirementsThis software was verified with the following platforms: Windows® XP (32-bit version sp3), Windows 7 (32-bit version), Windows 7 x64 Edition (64-bit version), Windows 10 (32-bit version), Windows 10 x64 (64-bit version)
Additional SoftwareMicrosoft .Net Framework 4.0 Client Profile is required. The install program will check and download the client profile from the internet if necessary.
DescriptionThe firmware of the SC10 has been updated to address compatibility issues with our SH1 Shutter. For units purchased prior to October 2012, this firmware update ensures compatibility with both SH1(/M) and the previous-generation SH05(/M) shutters. This update addresses a bug in the software communica 
Filesize2,827 kB
System RequirementsThe SC10 features a serial port for connection to a PC. In order to install the firmware update, a computer with a serial port is required. Alternately, a USB to serial adapter can be used.
DescriptionComplete software package containing the GUI and drivers. Also included are drivers for controlling the device using LabVIEW or LabWindows. 
Filesize79 MB
System RequirementsPentium Class Processor or Newer and Windows® 98 or Newer. Not Compatible with 64-bit Windows.
Additional SoftwareNational Instruments™ VISA and IVI Runtime Software (included in download file).