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Thorlabs introduces New, Versatile Multi-Channel Optical Switch

Newton, NJ, May 1, 2002 Thorlabs Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative photonics products, today announced the introduction of a Multi-Channel Optical Switch. This unique test instrument offers a versatile solution to optical switching applications. Incorporating four individual 1x2 bi-directional optical switches, this instrument can be configured as four separate optical channels or as an optical multiplexer with as many as five inputs, creating optimum flexibility.

The MCS412 Multi-Channel Optical Switch features 4 individual 1x2 bi-directional optical switches for multiple signal multiplexing, low insertion loss and high repeatability providing easy connection of single mode optical fibers on an array of FC/PC connectors. Ease of operation has been accomplished through a conveniently located switch on the front of the unit, or by applying a control signal to a DB9 connector located on the rear of the unit. Designed for laboratory use, this product can be easily adapted for use in other applications requiring optical switching and multiplexing Some applications include Optical Monitoring, Optical Signal Routing, Network Protection/Restoration and Network Test Systems.

Ralph Savioli, Senior Engineer at Thorlabs, commented, "The MCS412 is a valuable tool for any optical switching application."

Small enough to be used as a stand-alone bench top instrument as well as being rack mountable in a standard 19" equipment rack, the MCS412 Multi-Channel Optical Switch accommodates a variety of testing environments.

About Thorlabs Inc.:
Thorlabs, Inc. specializes in the building blocks for laser and fiber optic systems. From opto-mechanical components to telecom test instrumentation, Thorlabs' extensive manufacturing capabilities produce high-quality, well-priced components and devices for next-day delivery. Founded in 1989, the company remains a leader in the development and creation of advanced optical products for the commercial and research marketplaces. The company is headquartered in Newton, New Jersey, and has offices in Grünberg, Germany.

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