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Thorlabs Purchases OFR, Supplier of Critical Optical Components

Newton, NJ January 2, 2007 – Thorlabs and OFR announced today the acquisition of OFR Inc. located in Caldwell NJ by Thorlabs. OFR has a 30 year history as an important supplier of critical optical components, sub-systems, and systems to the photonic market. The OFR products are used extensively in both research (basic and applied) and industry. OFR brings a broad array of products that include both free space and fiber based optical isolators and circulators; high performance objective lenses for laser machining and marking; and a novel set of optomechanical building blocks in the form of their “Fiber Bench” series. The Fiber Bench series is used throughout the photonics market by scientists, engineers, and technicians to rapidly prototype complex optical systems that utilize both free space as well as optical fiber based light fields. Additionally OFR´s products have been adopted by a number of key market segments identified as critical to Thorlabs´ future, including the core research markets as well as the rapidly growing high power fiber laser and advanced imaging markets.

Chief Executive Officers of both organizations offered their views on the benefits of the acquisition for both teams. According Donald Wilson President and Founder of the OFR organization, "The union of OFR and Thorlabs makes good sense. Both companies manufacture and supply highest quality products into the world´s photonics markets, from the laboratory to product development to OEM supply. Thorlabs´ outstanding manufacturing capacity will significantly increase OFR´s ability to meet our OEM customers´ delivery requirements, something we critically need. At the same time, we will continue doing what we do best here at OFR, fiber-optic product and isolator innovation and product development, thereby adding to the expanding product lines of both companies. Alex Cable’s call to me regarding a potential acquisition by Thorlabs could not have come at a better time; he and I have a longtime professional relationship built on mutual respect and I think the fit is an excellent one."

Alex Cable, President and Founder of Thorlabs, Inc. said of the new acquisition “I am thrilled to welcome OFR into the Thorlabs family of companies, which now includes seven entities, all with substantial manufacturing and design capabilities. OFR has a stellar reputation and an extensive history of providing important products to our industry. I used OFR produced products before founding Thorlabs, and have always been impressed with the OFR business model as well as their approach to the world. I believe that the combination of OFR and Thorlabs will be quite powerful and will be highly beneficial to the customers we serve.”

OFR which will continue operations at their Caldwell NJ site provides another significant addition to the Thorlabs design and manufacturing base which now includes over 120,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. The 12,500 sq. ft. OFR manufacturing facility is fully vertically integrated and provides full support for the production of the OFR products.

OFR was established in 1976 to manufacture and market precision optical components and instruments for use in university, government and medical research, the military, research and development, and other industrial applications. In 1985, OFR developed the first optical isolator in the United States. OFR then entered new markets and today manufactures more isolator models than any other producer in the world used primarily in the construction of high power lasers, both fiber and free space. Isolators led OFR into the fiber optics market, and, today, OFR is a major supplier of specialized fiber-optic devices and components for the R&D and OEM markets via its Fiber Bench line. Since its inception, OFR has earned a reputation as a stellar manufacturer of superior quality products.

Thorlabs, Inc. is a broad based optical technologies company. Its product portfolio covers an extensive array of products ranging from basic build blocks such as optical and mechanical components, to integrated test and measurement systems such as its polarization measurement and control products as well as its newly release optical coherence tomography microscope. Thorlabs catalog products are produced in manufacturing centers in the USA, Germany, Japan, and Sweden and the UK.