Passive Fiber-Pigtailed Laser Diode Mount

  • Mount for Our Fiber-Pigtailed Laser Diodes
  • Compatible with ESD Protection/Strain Relief Cables
  • Post or Breadboard Mountable




Fiber-Pigtailed Laser Diode
with SR9 ESD Protection/Strain
Relief Cable Mounted on Ø1/2”
Post Using PTLB1 Bracket

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Pigtailed Laser Diode Attached to PTLB1 Post Mounting Adapter

The PTLB1 is designed to mount our single mode, multimode, or polarization-maintaining fiber-pigtailed TO can laser diodes to either a breadboard or a Ø1/2" Post. The universal mounting design allows the L-bracket to be mounted to either imperial or metric components. The PTLB1 has an internal 13/32"-40 thread through the center of the mounting area, allowing the user to plug the pigtail into one of our ESD protection and strain relief cables.

Supported Laser Diode Pin Codes
Pin Codes Supported by ESD Protection/Strain Relief Cables

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Passive Fiber-Pigtailed Laser Diode Mount

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PTLB1 Support Documentation
PTLB1Ø1/2" Post-Mountable Bracket for Fiber-Pigtailed Laser Diodes