Microscope Objective Turrets

  • Objective Lens Turrets with up to Four Ports
  • Mount RMS-Threaded Objective Lenses 
  • Connect to Microscope via SM1 Threads


Objective Lens Turret,
RMS Threads 

Application Idea

The OT1 Nosepiece holding four objectives.

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  • Easily Rotate Objectives in an Imaging System
  • Mount Four Objectives at Once
  • OT1 Objective Lens Turret Compatible with SM1 Lens Tubes

Thorlabs offers four-position microscope objective lens turrets for mounting objective lenses in either horizontal or vertical orientations. The OT1 is a compact objective lens turret that has four RMS (0.800"-36)-threaded ports and an SM1-threaded mounting interface, making it compatible with Thorlabs' lens tubes

Additionally, we offer a Post-Mountable Focus Block that includes a built-in five-objective turret.

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Microscope Objective Lens Turret, Four Ports

  • Four RMS-Threaded (0.800"-36) Objective Lens Ports
  • SM1-Threaded (1.035"-40) Mounting Interface
  • Bi-Directional Repeatability: ±2.5 µm

The OT1 is a compact objective lens turret with four RMS (0.800"-36)-threaded ports. The aluminum housing has steel inserts at critical points to ensure the durability and precision of the detent mechanism, which reproducibly positions the objective lenses with a high degree of accuracy. The mounting interface for the OT1 objective lens turret has SM1 (1.035"-40) threading so that it can be easily integrated into custom imaging systems built using Thorlabs' Lens Tube and Cage Systems. To mount the OT1 turret in a cage system, use a CP33(/M) or CP33T(/M) for a 30 mm cage system and an LCP02(/M) for a 60 mm cage system.

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OT1 Support Documentation
OT1Objective Lens Turret, 4 RMS-Threaded Objective Ports