A Message from Alex

Like all organizations, Thorlabs has had to rapidly respond to the global impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As of today, many of our items continue to be stocked in one or more of our global warehouses and are currently available for same-day shipment, but others are facing longer manufacturing times than usual due to global disruptions to procurement and transport of everything from raw materials to finished goods.

We recognize that our same-day order fulfillment commitment is one of the reasons that many of you choose Thorlabs and are aggressively working to reduce current lead times as well as replenish the inventory in our worldwide warehouses to pre-pandemic stock levels, all while ensuring the continued health and wellbeing of our employees. As local lockdowns were lifted over the past several months and many of you returned to work, we saw record demand for our products, leading to atypical lead times for some products. During that same period, our vendors came back online and have been working to get back to pre-pandemic operating levels to meet the pent-up demand we are seeing.

We will remain diligent in exploring all options available to expedite our return to pre-pandemic service levels ensuring continuity of supply and service for your organization. We have rapidly brought on new vendors, escalated and expedited our purchase orders, extended manufacturing and assembly working hours, deployed “surge teams” from other areas of the business to assist in manufacturing and distribution, and looked for opportunities to further leverage automation to shorten manufacturing times.

Throughout the pandemic, all Thorlabs entities have remained open and operational, with updated protocols being adopted as recommended by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, relevant local health officials, and local authorities. To that end, we have implemented changes to reduce the risk to our personnel, including the implementation of work from home strategies for support personnel, mandatory face mask usage in all of our facilities, split shifts in our manufacturing, social distancing, on-site COVID-19 testing clinics, and limiting access to our facilities.

I appreciate your understanding during this difficult and challenging time. To our customers in the biotechnology industry who are working tirelessly to provide tools to prevent, diagnose, and treat this disease, thank you for your efforts.


Alex Cable
Founder & President

This information is up to date as of January 17, 2022