APT Video Tutorials

The APT video tutorials available here fall into two main groups - one group covers using the supplied APT utilities and the second group covers programming the APT System using a selection of different programming environments.

Every APT controller is supplied with the utilities APTUser and APTConfig. APTUser provides a quick and easy way of interacting with the APT control hardware using intuitive graphical control panels. APTConfig is an 'off-line' utility that allows various system wide settings to be made such as pre-selecting mechanical stage types and associating them with specific motion controllers. The APT Utilities link below takes you to the tutorial videos that cover using both the APTUser and APTConfig programs.

APT Utilities

The APT Software System is implemented as a collection of ActiveX Controls. ActiveX Controls are language independant software modules that provide both a graphical user interface and a programming interface. There is an ActiveX Control type for each type of hardware unit e.g. a Motor ActiveX Control covers operation with any type of APT motor controller (DC or stepper). Many Windows software development environments and languages directly support ActiveX Controls and once such a Control is embedded into a custom application all of the functionality it contains is immediately available to the application for automated operation. The APT Programming link below takes you to a set of tutorial videos that illustrates the basics of using the APT ActiveX Controls with LabView, Visual Basic and Visual C++. Note that many other languages support ActiveX including LabWindows CVI, C++ Builder, VB.NET, C#.NET, Office VBA, Matlab, HPVEE etc. Although these environments are not covered specifically by the tutorial videos, many of the ideas shown will still be relevant to using these other languages.

APT Programming