These Video Tutorials illustrate using the supplied utilities APTUser and APTConfig.

APT User Utility

The following video gives an overview of using the APTUser Utility:

  APT User - Overview

The OptoDriver single channel controller products can be operated via their front panel controls in the absence of a control PC. The stored settings relating to the operation of these front panel controls can be changed using the APTUser utility. The following video illustrates this process:-

  APT User - OptoDriver Settings


APT Config Utility

There are various APT system wide settings that can be made using the APT Config utility, including setting up a simulated hardware configuration and associating mechanical stages with specific motor drive channels. The first video presents a brief overview of the APT Config application. More details on creating a simulated hardware configuration and making stage associations are present in the next two videos.

  APT Config - Overview
  APT Config - Simulator Set Up
  APT Config - Stage Association