Software for the Open-Loop Piezo Controllers

This is the software package for our previous generation MDT694A single-channel and MDT693A three-channel open-loop piezo controllers.

The latest version of the software for our MDT694B and MDT693B controllers can be found here.

The following software packages are available:

  1. Software: Software to control the MDT694A and MDT693A.
  2. Libraries: Library containing LabVIEW VIs.
  3. Firmware: The latest firmware for operating these devices.
DescriptionStandalone software package capable of operating the unit remotely. The main window imitates the front panel with control knobs to adjust each channel independently and a display to view the current settings.
Filesize7.1 MB
System RequirementsWindows 95 or later; Pentium/AMD processor, 32 MB RAM, 6 MB hard disk space, 800 x 600 display resolution with 256 colors.
DescriptionThis file is a library containing LabVIEW VIs for communicating with our piezo controllers. 
Filesize103 kB
Firmware Update for MDT693A  
DescriptionThis firmware update resolves issues when utilizing the device with LabVIEW. This update is only for the MDT693A. 
Filesize48 kB
AdditionalPlease note: this firmware can only be used to operate the MDT693A. It cannot be used with the MDT694A.