ThorRaman Software for RASP Series Raman Spectrometers

The software package for Thorlabs' Raman Spectrometers includes a graphical user interface (GUI) and instrument drivers. The software GUI is required to perform all system functions, including system calibration, spectral acquisition, and analysis. Calibration reports, acquired spectra, and sample libraries can be exported. Exports of measured spectra also include an SPF2X file for compatibility with ThorSpectra.

  1. Software: ThorRaman Software
64-Bit Installer  
Description64-Bit Software Installation Package for RASP Series Raman Spectrometers
Filesize286 MB
Only download from trusted sources, like Thorlabs, and always scan files before executing.

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System RequirementsWindows® 10 (64-Bit); Intel Core i5 or Higher Processor, >2.4 GHz; 4 GB RAM; 1024 x 768 Pixels Resolution; 64 GB HD Space (SSD >256 GB Recommended); Free High-Speed USB 3.0 Port