Example Code for Using the TSI-IOBOB2 Scientific Camera Breakout Board with Arduino

This is example code for using the TSI-IOBOB2 Scientific Camera Break-Out Board with Arduino. Code descriptions are included in the Readme file, and for more information about using the TSI-IOBOB2 in a scientific camera application, please see the user guide on the Support tab.

  1. Example Code: Three samples to give you an idea of the possibilities when combining our TSI-IOBOB2 with an Arduino.
  2. Support: PDF copy of the TSI-IOBOB2 user guide, which contains more information about setting up and operating the board as a shield for Arduino.
Example Code  
DescriptionThere are three example programs in the attached file:
  • Trigger the Camera at a Rate of 1 Hz
  • Trigger the Camera at the Fastest Possible Rate
  • Use the Direct AVR Port Mappings from the Arduino to Monitor Camera State and Trigger Acquisition
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AdditionalFor additional information on setting up the TSI-IOBOB2 as an Arduino shield, please see the user guide on the Support tab.
DescriptionThis is the User Guide for the TSI-IOBOB2, containing additional information for setting up the board as a shield for Arduino, as well as information regarding the example programs.
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