Motorized Dual-Objective Nosepiece Software

This software monitors the position of the objectives in our CSN210 Motorized Dual-Objective Nosepiece. Included in this download are the application software, driver, firmware, SDK, and device utility.

  1. Software: Software package with graphical user interface, driver, and LabVIEW™ software development kit for monitoring the device in standard applications.
  2. Firmware: Low-level software for the internal operation of the device. You should update this to the newest version available to guarantee optimal performance.
64-Bit Installation  
DescriptionGUI Software Package developed by Thorlabs. This package contains Windows® 7 and 10 compatible driver, firmware (v3.4), a LabVIEW™ example, C++ SDK, and support documentation describing the functions available for direct communication with the motorized nosepiece.
Filesize14.7 MB
AdditionalThe Visual C++ Redistributable Package, and Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later Client Profile are installed automatically as part of the installer. The .Net framework installation requires connection to internet.
System RequirementsWindows® 7 or 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
DescriptionThe latest firmware version for the Motorized Dual-Objective Nosepiece. For installation instructions consult the users manual. 
Filesize48.9 KB
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