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Thorlabs Releases New ScienceDesk Antivibration Workstations

Newton, NJ - November 30, 2009. Thorlabs, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of vibration isolation systems, is pleased to announce the release of the second generation of ergonomic ScienceDesk workstation frames and accessories. Updates to the product line include improvements to the construction and vibration isolation performance as well as an expanded and redesigned selection of accessories. Together, these improvements provide a workstation that offers premium quality and performance at an industry-leading value.

The ScienceDesks had a successful debut at Neuroscience 2009 in Chicago last October. Attendees were drawn by the modularity and accessories that would allow them to tailor the antivibration workstation around an imaging system and also reduce the overall footprint. They were also impressed with the range of sizes available from stock. As a result, ScienceDesks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for vibration-sensitive microscopy applications such as high resolution microscopy, confocal microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and electrophysiology.

The base configuration of the ScienceDesk workstation includes a breadboard and a frame, with working surfaces ranging from 2' x 3' to 3' x 4'. A range of vibration isolation options are available depending on the application and environment. A variety of accessories can be added to the base configuration, enabling the user to build a truly individualized 3D work space environment. Shelving options are available that allow the user to place instrumentation above, below, or around the isolated work surface. Unlike other systems that have fixed wrap-around shelving solutions that can result in a claustrophobic and dim working environment, the ScienceDesks have a modular accessory system that allows the user to add or remove shelves in order to conform to changing requirements. This leads to a more open, flexible, and comfortable working environment. Other accessories include a monitor mount, a keyboard holder, a wrist rest, and casters. All frames and components are stocked for immediate delivery.

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