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Economic and easy to use Femtosecond Laser

Thorlabs announces a new family of fiber coupled Femtosecond Lasers. The passive mode locked lasers of the FSL1010 series are true and reliable turn-key devices. The portable benchtop units automatically align to an optimized operating point after power on and maintain stable without adjustments by the user.

The FSL1010 provides pulse lengths of less than 150fs, a center wavelength of 1550nm, and a fixed repetition rate of 80MHz. Alternative repetition rates are available on request. Thorlabs offers two models with different average output powers, 10mW or 150mW. A version with frequency doubled output (780nm) will be available soon.

The new Thorlabs Femtosecond Laser FSL1010 is designed and recommended for applications where short pulse lengths, high peak power, stable repetition rates, ease-of use, and low cost are all required. Examples are 2-Photon-Fluorescent Microscopy, Laser Spectroscopy, testing of fast photodiodes and research on superconductivity.

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