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Thorlabs Introduces Six-Channel, Wide-Range Digital Delay Generator

Newton, NJ February 7, 2003Thorlabs Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative photonics products, today announced the release of the DG100N Digital Delay Generator. The DG100N’s precision and accuracy make it ideal for a wide range of test and measurement tasks, especially precision time control and laser-timing applications.

The Thorlabs DG100N Digital Delay Generator features six high-precision, fully definable digital pulse outputs with independent delay times from 100ns to 1,500 seconds, and a resolution of 25ns. The delay and gate times are easily controlled via RS232 commands. A user-friendly Windows-based interface program will be available in the near future.

Each independent channel has three trigger options (internal, master and external), which gives the Thorlabs Digital Delay Generator far greater flexibility than its competition. Additionally, the stand-alone design makes the unit highly versatile.

Heinrich Stevens, Lead Engineer for the DG100N, commented, “The six independent triggerable channels and the wide delay time range make this unit ideal for most standard timing problems in industry and scientific applications.”

About Thorlabs Inc.:
Thorlabs, Inc. specializes in the building blocks for laser and fiber optic systems. From opto-mechanical components to telecom test instrumentation, Thorlabs' extensive manufacturing capabilities produce high-quality, competitively priced components and devices available for next-day delivery. Founded in 1989, the company remains a leader in the development and creation of advanced optical products for the commercial and research industries. The company is headquartered in Newton, New Jersey, and has offices in Grünberg, Germany and Tokyo, Japan.

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