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Jennifer Cable Named President of Thorlabs

Jenn Cable

Newton, NJ – June 3, 2021 – Thorlabs is pleased to announce that Jennifer Cable has been named President of Thorlabs, a vertically integrated manufacturer of photonics equipment. Since its establishment in 1989, Alex Cable, her father, has served as both President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), growing a fledgling startup, operating out of his garage, into a thriving multinational organization that employs over 2000 individuals with sales and manufacturing facilities in nine countries. Moving forward, Alex will continue to guide the privately held organization he founded through his role as CEO.

Since joining the company in 2015, Jennifer has held a variety of positions that have leveraged her previous experience leading a strategy team that developed and executed strategic plans for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, a major company in the healthcare industry. Prior to that, she earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy from Vassar College and a master’s degree in bioethics from Columbia University, and worked for Population Services International in Laos as a Princeton-in-Asia Fellow.

“I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to co-lead with my father the company he founded. Even as a child, I was aware of the fundamental values he instilled to guide the organization – curiosity, commitment to the sciences, and loyalty to our customers and employees,” commented Jenn. “It’s my goal to continue his vision as we look to build on our 30+ years of success and strong growth.”

“I remember fondly back to the early days of Thorlabs when I used to bring Jenn to work with me,” noted Alex. “Over the last few years, I’ve enjoyed watching her immerse herself in all areas of the business, and since the start of the pandemic, she’s been a de-facto member of our executive team, guiding us through this crisis. Her passion and dedication to Thorlabs are equal to my own.”

About Thorlabs: Thorlabs, a vertically integrated photonics products manufacturer, was founded in 1989 to serve the laser and electro-optics research market. As that market has spawned a multitude of technical innovations, Thorlabs has extended its core competencies in an effort to play an ever-increasing role serving the photonics industry at the research end, as well as the industrial, life science, medical, and defense segments. The organization’s highly integrated and diverse manufacturing assets include semiconductor fabrication of Fabry-Perot, DFB, and VCSEL lasers; fiber towers for drawing both silica and fluoride glass optical fibers; MBE/MOCVD epitaxial wafer growth reactors; extensive glass and metal fabrication facilities; advanced thin film deposition capabilities; and optomechanical and optoelectronic shops.