Power Strips for Optical Table Workstations


US-Style Outlet, 125 VAC


EU-Style Outlet, 230 VAC


UK-Style Outlet, 240 VAC

  • 24-Outlet Power Strips
  • US, EU, or UK Outlets
  • Attach to the Overhead Shelf Unit of the Optical Table Workstation
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Electrical Specifications
Voltage Rating 125 VAC 220 to 250 VAC 250 VAC
Current Rating 15 A 16 A 13 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz
Power Rating 1800 W 3680 W 3120 W
Full Surge Protection 3 kA for 1 µs 1.75 kA for 8/20 µs
EMI / RFI Filtering Yes
CE Approved Yes
Physical Specifications
Cord Length 9.83' (3.0 m) 3 m (9.8')
Cord Gauge 1.5 mm(16 AWG)
Number of Outlets 24
Body Material Aluminum
(L x W x H)
(68.27" x 2.46" x 1.77")
1734.0 x 62.5 x 45.0 mm
1717 x 67.5 x 58.0 mm
(67.6" x 2.66" x 2.28")

These power strips are designed for indoor use only. These devices should not be installed in wet or damp areas exposed to moisture. They are not recommended for use with aquariums. We do not recommend plugging one HDPS24 into another HDPS24 or similar surge-protecting device.

Overhead Shelving Unit Required


  • Attaches Underneath or to the Front of the Overhead Shelf Unit
    Frame (Shown in the Photo Below)
  • 24-Outlet, Surge-Protected Power Strips
  • Three Outlet Types: US, EU, or UK
  • Electrically Grounded Outlets

These 24-outlet Power Strips are available with US-, EU-, or UK-style outlets. Each is designed for indoor use and is housed within an impact-resistant, sturdy metal case with built-in circuit breaker. They can be mounted to the underside of the shelf or to the side edge, as shown below. All power strips are fitted with clearance holes for standard 1/4"-20 or M6 cap screws. The units are turned on and off with a rocker switch.

HDPS24 in the Lab
The HDPS24-UK 24-Outlet Power Strip is shown installed on the front of the overhead shelf of a table frame. It can also be installed to the underside of the shelf.

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24-Outlet Power Strips - US, EU, or UK Plugs

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HDPS24-US Support Documentation
HDPS24-US24 Outlet, Surge-Protected Power Strip, US Plugs
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HDPS24-EU Support Documentation
HDPS24-EU24-Outlet, Surge-Protected Power Strip, EU Plugs
HDPS24-UK Support Documentation
HDPS24-UK24-Outlet, Surge-Protected Power Strip, UK Plugs
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