Optical Reference Systems

  • Ultrastable Optical Reference System
  • Sub-Hz Linewidth
  • High-Finesse Cavity

ORS1500 Vacuum Chamber Detail


Optical Reference System

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Jason Reeves
Jason Reeves
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Please note that the Optical Reference Systems are available directly from Menlo Systems, Inc. within the United States and from Menlo Systems GmbH outside the United States.
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  • Local Oscillator for an Optical Clock
  • Ultra-High-Precision Spectroscopy
  • Low-Noise Microwave Generation
  • Ultrastable Frequency Transfer via Fiber Networks
  • Frequency Metrology
  • Tests of Fundamental Physics


  • State-of-the-Art Linewidth (<1 Hz) and Stability (<2 x 10-15 Hz)
  • Compact Footprint (600 mm x 600 mm)
  • Fully Characterized by Menlo Systems Against Another Optical Reference System
  • Available with CW Fiber Laser (ORS1500) or MOGLabs Cateye External Cavity Laser Diode (ORS-DL)
  • Polarization-Maintaining, Fiber-Coupled Output
  • Custom Systems Available on Request
  • Optional Add-Ons:
    • Stabilization of Output Power
    • Doppler-Cancelled Fiber Link
    • Active Residual Amplitude Modulation Reduction Scheme

Menlo Systems' Optical Reference Systems (ORS) deliver an optical output with ultra-narrow linewidths and outstanding short-term stability. The ORS1500 contains a CW fiber laser, while the ORS-DL contains a MOGLabs external cavity diode laser. In both cases, the laser is locked to a stable, high-finesse cavity made of ultra-low-expansion glass.

The ORS uses a high-vacuum chamber with temperature stabilization and vibrational and acoustic isolation to deliver state-of-the-art linewidth and stability. The compact design allows for integration into a 19" rack system for convenient use in the lab. Additionally, the system design includes a mechanical locking feature which allows the system to be transported without the need to re-adjust the beam coupling into the cavity.

Item # ORS1500 ORS-DL
Performance Specifications
Wavelength 1542 nm or 1064 nma 657 nm, 689 nm, 698 nm, or 729 nma,b
Stabilized Output Power >5 mW >10 mW
Temperature of Minimal Thermal Expansion >20 °C
Finesse ~250 000
Linewidth <1.0 Hz
Stability (Allan Deviation, at 1 s) <2 x 10-15 (Linear Drift Removed)
Linear Drift Rate Approx. 150 mHz/s
Environmental Specifications
Input Requirements 110 - 230 VAC
Line Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Optical Unit Dimensions / Weight 600 mm x 600 mm x 800 mm / 150 kg
(23.6" x 23.6" x 31.5" / 330 lbs)
Control Electronics Dimensions / Weight 19" Rack Unit, 12U / 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Other Wavelengths Available on Request
  • MOGLabs Cateye Laser

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ORS1500 Support Documentation
ORS1500Optical Reference System, >5 mW, Sub-Hz Linewidth, 1064 nm or 1542 nm
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ORS-DLOptical Reference System, >10 mW, Sub-Hz Linewidth, Available Wavelengths from 657 to 729 nm
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