Post-Mountable XYZ Translation Mounts

  • Provide XYZ Translation for Ø1/2", Ø1", or Ø2" Optics
  • XY Travel Ranges up to ±2.5 mm Available

254 µm/rev.

Locking Screw

5 mrad/rev.


Precision, Locking
6-Axis Adjustment


SM1 (1.035"-40)
Tap in Front Slip Plate


Knurled Dial Translates the
Z-Axis Mounting Carriage

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General Specifications
Item # Optic Size
SM Thread Compatibility XY Travel Z Travel Post Mounting Cage
K5X1 Ø1" SM1 (1.035"-40) ±1.0 mm ±3.2 mm Two #8 (M4)
K6X05 Ø1/2" SM05
±1.5 mm ±3.2 mm Two #8 (M4)
K6XS Ø1" SM1 (1.035"-40) ±2.0 mm ±3.2 mm Six #8 (M4)
K6X2 Ø2" SM2
±2.0 mm ±3.2 mm Six #8 (M4)
KC1XY Ø1" SM1 (1.035"-40) ±1.0 mm ±3.0 mm Two 8-32 Tapped Holes 30 mm
KC1-S/M M4 Tapped Hole
CXYZ05A(/M) Ø1/2" SM05 (0.535"-40) ±1.5 mm ±1.5 mm Two 8-32 (M4)
Tapped Holes
30 mm
CXYZ1(/M) Ø1" SM1 (1.035"-40) ±2.5 mm ±1.5 mm Two 1/4"-20 (M6)
Tapped Holes
60 mm


  • XYZ Translation Mounts for Ø1/2", Ø1", or Ø2" Optical Components
  • XY Travel Ranges from ±1 mm to ±2.5 mm
  • Z Travel Ranges from ±1.5 mm to ±3.2 mm
  • Compatible with Our SM-Threaded Lens Tubes
  • Post Mountable via Tapped Hole or Counterbore (Model Dependent)

Thorlabs offers several XYZ translation mounts that provide coarse or precise XYZ translation when positioning optical components. These mounts can accept optics directly or optics mounted inside lens tubes with SM threading. Five of these mounts are equipped with both XYZ translation and tip-tilt adjustment (Item #s K5X1, K6X05, K6XS, K6X2, and KC1XY (KC1-S/M)). Our 5- and 6-Axis mounts enable precision kinematic alignment of the optic cell along their respective axes.

For alignment applications in a 30 mm or 60 mm Cage System, we recommend our three cage-compatible, non-rotating, XYZ translation mounts for Ø1/2" and Ø1" optics (Item #s KC1XY (KC1-S/M), CXYZ05A(/M), and CXYZ1(/M)). In particular, our KC1XY (KC1-S/M) 30 mm cage-compatible kinematic mount with slip plate combines coarse XY translation with kinematic Z-axis and tip-tilt adjustment.

All translation mounts sold here can be post mounted using bottom- or side-located tapped holes or counterbores.

Posted Comments:
user  (posted 2017-03-06 09:24:56.51)
I would like to say that I was very disappointed when I bought the KC1-S/M, If the adjustment of the tilt is ok, the rest of the degree of freedom XYZ are really poor. it's the only optics mount with cage system that seems to allowed various adjustments that I need to hold an objective x100. Adjusting Z translation is very painful because you loose the point that you were focused on and also the intensity as you have to tilt by step the optics to increase Z. You should have put the same Z axis translation as you have done for the CXYZ1/M, that is good by the way. And for the other XY translation, it's too much coarse for an optic device, you just can't adjust it properly. The same device of the CXYZ1/M would have been welcomed. Sorry for my comment, but I was a little upset because this mount costs me 150€ for a thing I cannot use rightly. I hope my comment could help you to reconsider that sort of mount to make a better one. Have a nice day.
tfrisch  (posted 2017-03-23 01:23:55.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. I'm sorry this Kinematic Mount with Slip Plate was not suitable for your application. If you contact us at we may be able to help find a solution for your application or at least help you return the mount that you are not able to use.
user  (posted 2017-01-04 12:53:09.65)
Is it possible to make the same K6XS but with holes for the 60mm cage systems?
tfrisch  (posted 2017-01-06 11:10:01.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. I'd like to discuss your application further with you. Please email us at
lucile.sanchez  (posted 2017-01-04 12:44:49.057)
It would have been very useful to add a Z translation as the K6XS. Using only the 30mm cage system rods to ajust Z is not enough precise when you use a very short focal lens.
tfrisch  (posted 2017-01-04 08:40:31.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. For Z movement more precise than sliding a cage plate, use all 3 tip/tilt actuators together. I will reach out to you directly about your application.

5-Axis Kinematic Optic Mount

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K5X1 Kinematic Mount Shown with a Ø1" Lens Tube and a Ø1/2" Post
  • Five Axes of Lockable Adjustment
    • Pitch/Yaw: ±4° at 8 mrad/rev
    • X and Y Translation: ±0.04" (±1.0 mm) at 254.0 µm/rev
    • Z Translationa: ±0.13" (±3.2 mm)
  • SM1-Threaded (1.035"-40) Bore for Ø1" (Ø25 mm) Optics up to 0.38" (9.5 mm) Thick
  • Two #8 (M4) Counterbores for Post Mounting
  • Compact Size: 2.54" x 2.54" x 2.10" (64.4 mm x 64.4 mm x 53.3 mm)

The K5X1 5-Axis Kinematic Optic Mount offers an optic cell that can be adjusted along 5 axes (pitch, yaw, and XYZ), each with a locking screw for stability. The translating cell has SM1 threading (1.035"-40) for attaching Ø1" mounted optics. The cell can also be used to mount Ø1" (Ø25 mm) unmounted optics up to 0.38" (9.5 mm) thick using the included SM1RR Retaining Ring, which can be tightened using an SPW602 or SPW606 Spanner Wrench (sold separately). The mount features engraved vertical and horizontal tick marks to use as an alignment aid for the mounting cell. For post mounting the K5X1 kinematic mount in a right- or left-handed configuration, two orthogonal #8 (M4) counterbores are provided. For information on the hex key sizes needed to adjust and lock the kinematic mount, please click on the Docs icon () below and select a drawing format.

For adjustment on all of the axes available with the K5X1 plus rotational adjustment, we offer the K6XS 6-Axis Kinematic Mount (sold below).

  • Z-axis translation is accomplished by turning all three tip/tilt adjusters equally in the same direction.
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K5X1 Support Documentation
K5X1Customer Inspired! 5-Axis Locking Kinematic Mount for Ø1" Optics
7-10 Days

6-Axis Kinematic Optic Mounts

  • Six Adjustment Axes with Locks (See Table to the Lower Right)
  • Independent X, Y, and Continuous 360° Roll Adjustment
  • Mounts Available for Ø1/2", Ø1", or Ø2" Optics
  • #8 (M4) Counterbores for Post Mounting

These 6-axis kinematic optic mounts are designed as general-purpose, high-precision positioners. The optic cell can be translated along or rotated about 6 axes, and each axis has a locking screw for stability. All three mounts use 1/4"-80 adjuster screws for pitch, yaw, and z-axis adjustment, and 3/16"-100 adjuster screws for x- and y-axis adjustment. The rotating optic housing is engraved with a graduated scale. Refer to the table below for detailed specifications.

The rotating dial of the K6XS mount has tapped 4-40 holes for attaching the K6A1 prism mounting attachment (sold separately below). In testing, the K6XS was shown to drift less than 15 µrad in 48 hours at typical environmental conditions, with a 2 °C temperature fluctuation. The X and Y axes on the K6XS cause less than ±50 µm of crosstalk when translated over their full range, while the X and Y axes of the K6X05 and K6X2 cause less than ±35 µm of crosstalk.

If higher adjustment resolution is desired for pitch, yaw, or z-translation, the three 1/4"-80 adjusters can be switched with DAS110 or DM22 Differential Adjusters.

Item # Optic Cell
Optic Thickness
Pitch/Yaw Adjust
X/Y Adjust
Z Adjusta
Rotation Scale
Retaining Ring
K6X05 SM05 (0.535"-40) Ø1/2" 0.57" (14.4 mm) ±4° (4.2 mrad/rev) ±1.5 mm
(254 µm/rev)
±3.2 mm
(318 µm/rev)
Every 2° SM05RRb Two #8 (M4)
K6XS SM1 (1.035"-40) Ø1" 0.57" (14.6 mm) ±4° (5 mrad/rev) ±2 mm
(254 µm/rev)
Every 1° SM1RRc Six #8 (M4)
K6X2 SM2 (2.035"-40) Ø2" 0.53" (13.4 mm) ±4° (3.6 mrad/rev) SM2RRd
  • Z-axis translation is accomplished by turning all three tip/tilt adjusters equally in the same direction.
  • Recommended Spanner Wrench (Sold Separately): SPW603 or SPW603L
  • Recommended Spanner Wrench (Sold Separately): SPW602 or SPW606
  • Recommended Spanner Wrench (Sold Separately): SPW604
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K6X05 Support Documentation
K6X056-Axis Locking Kinematic Mount for Ø1/2" Optics
K6XS Support Documentation
K6XSCustomer Inspired! 6-Axis Locking Kinematic Mount for Ø1" Optics
K6X2 Support Documentation
K6X26-Axis Locking Kinematic Mount for Ø2" Optics

Prism Mounting Attachment

K6X Prism Mount
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View Imperial Product List
Item #QtyDescription
K6A11Prism Mount Accessory for K6XS 6-Axis Mount, Imperial
K6XS16-Axis Locking Kinematic Mount for Ø1" Optics
PS9101N-BK7 Right-Angle Prism, Uncoated, L = 10 mm
TR41Ø1/2" Optical Post, SS, 8-32 Setscrew, 1/4"-20 Tap, L = 4"
View Metric Product List
Item #QtyDescription
K6A1/M1Prism Mount Accessory for K6XS 6-Axis Mount, Metric
K6XS16-Axis Locking Kinematic Mount for Ø1" Optics
PS9101N-BK7 Right-Angle Prism, Uncoated, L = 10 mm
TR100/M1Ø12.7 mm Optical Post, SS, M4 Setscrew, M6 Tap, L = 100 mm
K6A1 Prism Accessory Mounted onto a K6XS 6-Axis Mount
  • Mounts on the Face of the K6XS Translating Cell
  • 0.5" x 1.68" (12.7 mm x 42.7 mm) Platform
  • 1/4" (6 mm) Adjustment Range

The K6A1(/M) platform accessory is designed to be mounted on the rotation ring on the K6XS 6-axis kinematic mount and our 30 mm cage-compatible rotation mounts using the included 4-40 screws and hex key. The platform has a height adjustment range of 1/4" (6.3 mm) so that the mounted optic can be positioned on the axis of rotation. Four 6-32 (M4 x 0.7) tapped holes at the corners of the platform surface can be used to mount the included PM3 (PM3/M) prism clamping arm or other optomechanics.

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K6A1 Support Documentation
K6A1Prism Mount Accessory for K6XS 6-Axis Mount, Imperial
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Metric Price Available
K6A1/M Support Documentation
K6A1/MPrism Mount Accessory for K6XS 6-Axis Mount, Metric

30 mm Cage-Compatible SM1-Threaded Kinematic Mount with Slip Plate

Item # KC1XY KC1-S/M
Locking Screw Hex 5/64"
(4 Places)
1.3 mm
(4 Places)
Post Mounting 2 8-32 Tapped Holes M4 Tapped Hole
Angular Drivers 1/4"-80 TPI Adjustersa
XY Travel ±1.0 mm (±0.04") per Axis
with Lockable Slip Plate
Angular Resolution 0.4°/rev
Angular Displacement ±4°
Z Travel ±3.0 mm (±0.12")
Inner Slip Plate
XY Travel
±0.04" (1 mm) per Axis
Optic Thickness (Max) 0.23" (5.8 mm)
Optic Mounting Internal SM1 (1.035"-40) Thread
2 SM1RR Retaining Rings
  • Can be Locked Using a Setscrew and a 5/64" (2 mm) Hex Key

Click to Enlarge

KC1XY Back View
  • Slip Plate Provides ±1 mm of Coarse
    X and Y Adjustment
  • ±4º Tip / Tilt, ±3 mm Linear Translation
    Along the Optical Axis
  • Accepts Ø1" Optics
  • Maximum Optic Thickness: 0.23" (5.8 mm)
  • Compatible with Our 30 mm Cage Systems
  • 8-32 (M4) Tapped Hole for Post Mounting

The KC1XY and KC1-S/M Kinematic Mounts are designed with an SM1 (1.035"-40) threaded mounting hole in a front slip plate that enables direct mounting of optics up to 5.8 mm (0.23") thick using the included SM1RR Retaining Rings. Thicker optics can be accommodated by housing the optic in one of our SM1 Series Lens Tubes and then threading the lens tube into the front plate of the mount. Alternatively, since the back plate of the KC1XY and KC1-S/M Kinematic Mounts features an oversized bore, SM1 lens tubes can also be attached to the front plate from the rear of the mount without sacrificing angular adjustment. This threaded, kinematic mount comes with three adjusters that can be independently locked.

Both the front and rear plates have been machined with four clearance holes designed for direct compatibility with our 30 mm cage system standard. The cage rod holes in the front plate are sufficiently oversized to allow ±4° tip and tilt adjustment without cage rod interference. Once the desired position is achieved, locking setscrews on the rear plate can be used to secure the rods in place. These setscrews have a hex of 5/64" on the KC1XY or 1.3 mm on the KC1-S/M. In addition to 30 mm cage compatibility, the KC1XY and KC1-S/M Kinematic Mounts are post mountable. The KC1XY has two 8-32 tapped holes for post mounting, while the KC1-S/M has one M4 tapped hole on the base.

The slip plate feature incorporated into these mounts provides ±1 mm of coarse travel in X and Y with respect to the front plate, which enables additional freedom when setting an optic's position within a cage system. Three locking screws allow the user to lock the slip plate down once the desired location has been reached. The user should note, however, that loosening the locking screws may result in excessive coarse movement (slop) in the slip plate. For best performance, tighten the locking screws, and then release them only enough to allow for smooth operation of the slip plate.

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KC1XY Support Documentation
KC1XYNEW!Kinematic, SM1-Threaded, 30 mm-Cage-Compatible Mount with Slip Plate for Ø1" Optic
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Metric Price Available
KC1-S/M Support Documentation
KC1-S/MKinematic, SM1-Threaded, 30 mm-Cage-Compatible Mount with Slip Plate for Ø1" Optic, Metric
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XYZ Translators for Ø1/2" or Ø1" Optics

Item # CXYZ05A(/M) CXYZ1(/M)
XY-Axes Drivers 3/16"-100 Adjustersa 1/4"-100 Adjustersb
XY Travel ±0.06" (±1.5 mm) per Axis ±0.10" (±2.5 mm) per Axis
XY Adjustment Resolution 254 µm/rev
Z-Axis Driver 500 µm/rev Adjustment Dialc
Z Travel ±0.06" (±1.5 mm)
(Alignment Tick Marks at 0.25 mm Intervals)
Clear Apertured Ø0.42" (Ø10.7 mm) Ø0.90" (Ø22.9 mm)
Optic Thickness (Max) 0.31" (8.0 mm) 0.39" (10.0 mm)
Optic Mounting Internal SM05
(0.535"-40) Thread
Internal SM1
(1.035"-40) Thread
Post Mountinge Two 8-32 (M4)
Tapped Holes
Two 1/4"-20 (M6)
Tapped Holes
  • Can be Locked Using the Provided Setscrew and 0.035" Hex Key
  • Can be Locked Using the LN25100 Locking Nuts
  • Can be Locked Using an SM15RR (Item #s CXYZ05A(/M) or an SM30RR (Item # CXYZ1(/M)) Retaining Ring (Not Included)
  • When Using the Included SM05RR or SM1RR Retaining Ring
  • Allows Right- and Left-Handed Configurations
XYZ Translation Mount
Click to Enlarge

The Z-Axis position of the CXYZ05A(/M) can be locked by threading an SM15RR retaining ring (sold separately) onto the internal threads of the rear knurled knob. This can be done using the SPW801 Spanner Wrench.
  • Non-Rotating Translation in X, Y, and Z Axes for Ø1/2" or Ø1" Optics
  • Internal SM Threading for Compatibility with Our Extensive Line of SM-Threaded Lens Tubes
  • Compatible with Our 30 mm or 60 mm Cage Systems
  • Two Tapped Holes for Right- and Left-Handed Post Mounting Orientations

Thorlabs' precise XYZ translation mounts offer non-rotating X-, Y-, and Z-axis travel. The CXYZ05A(/M) mount holds Ø1/2" (Ø12.7 mm) optics up to 0.31" (8.0 mm) thick against the back lip of the mount using the included SM05RR retaining ring. The CXYZ1(/M) translator holds a Ø1" (Ø25.4 mm) optic up to 0.39" (10.0 mm) thick in a similar manner using the included SM1RR retaining ring. XY functionality allows travel perpendicular to the optical axis, while the Z-axis functionality allows for compensation of focusing errors in applications such as fiber alignment or lens mounting. The optic cell has been designed to offer pure X, Y, and Z translation.

The optic cell is internally SM05-threaded (Item # CXYZ05A(/M)) or SM1-threaded (Item # CXYZ1(/M)), and is translated along the Z-axis by rotating the zoom adjustment dial on the back of the mount. The optic cell does not rotate during translation. An engraving is included on the knurled dial, indicating the direction that it must be turned for translating the optic cell forward and backwards. Laser-engraved tick marks spaced 0.25 mm apart are included on the optic cell for indicating the Z-axis position. The position can be locked using an SM15RR (Item # CXYZ05A(/M)) or an SM30RR (Item # CXYZ1(/M)) Retaining Ring (sold separately); see the image to the right for more details.

X and Y translation of the carriage on the CXYZ05A(/M) and CXYZ1(/M) mounts is accomplished using the two 3/16"-100 fine adjusters or 1/4"-100 fine adjusters, respectively. The nylon-tipped setscrew at the base of the 3/16"-100 adjusters for the CXYZ05A(/M) mount can be used to lock the X or Y translation using a 0.035" hex key. The 1/4"-100 adjusters on the CXYZ1(/M) mount are locked using LN25100 Locking Nuts (sold separately). For both sets of adjusters, horizontal and vertical witness lines provide a reference for the XY alignment.

All mounts have four through holes for use with our Ø6 mm ER cage rods, making the CXYZ05A(/M) compatible with 30 mm Cage Systems and the CXYZ1(/M) compatible with 60 mm Cage Assemblies. The CXYZ1(/M) has cage rod mounting holes with side-located 4-40 locking setscrews, which use a 0.05" hex key. The CXYZ05A(/M) has cage rod mounting holes with side-located M4 x 0.7 locking setscrews, which use a 5/64" (2.0 mm) hex key. The mounts can easily be adapted to different size cage systems by using the SP15 or LCP02 Cage System Size Adapter. Tapped holes are also provided on opposite sides of the XY adjusters for post mounting in right- or left-handed orientations.

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CXYZ05A Support Documentation
CXYZ05ACustomer Inspired! XYZ Translation Mount for Ø1/2" Optics, 8-32 Taps
CXYZ1 Support Documentation
CXYZ1Customer Inspired! XYZ Translation Mount for Ø1" Optics, 1/4"-20 Taps
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Metric Price Available
CXYZ05A/M Support Documentation
CXYZ05A/MCustomer Inspired!  XYZ Translation Mount for Ø12.7 mm Optics, M4 Taps
CXYZ1/M Support Documentation
CXYZ1/MCustomer Inspired! XYZ Translation Mount for Ø1" Optics, M6 Taps
7-10 Days