Diffuser Kits

  • Mounted Ø1" Ground Glass Diffuser Kit (Grits: 120, 220, 600, 1500)
  • Mounted Ø1" Engineered Diffuser Kit (Square, Circular, and Line Scatter Shapes)



Engineered Diffuser


Ground Glass Diffuser


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Diffuser Selection Guide
Ground Glass Diffusers
Standard Diffusers N-BK7 Substrate Unmounted, Uncoated 350 nm to 2.0 µm
Unmounted, AR Coated 350 nm - 700 nm
650 nm - 1050 nm
Mounted, Uncoated 350 nm - 2.0 µm
UVFS Substrate Unmounted, Uncoated 185 nm - 2.0 µm
Diffuse Reflectors N-BK7 Substrate Unmounted, UV-Enhanced Aluminum Coated 250 nm - 450 nm
Unmounted, Protected Silver Coated 450 nm - 20 µm
Unmounted, Protected Gold Coated 800 nm - 20 µm
Alignment Disks
Engineered Diffusers
Diffuser Kits

Thorlabs' Diffuser Kits each contain a selection of mounted N-BK7 Ground Glass or Engineered Diffusers. Our N-BK7 Ground Glass Diffusers are ideal for general purpose applications, while our Engineered Diffusers offer much more controlled diffusion in various distribution patterns. The diffusers in each kit are encased in SM1-threaded mounts, and are engraved with the item number and a brief description.

N-BK7 Ground Glass Diffusers
N-BK7 Ground Glass Diffusers provide an economical solution for a variety of applications requiring a diffuse Gaussian-like distribution. These diffusers are offered in 120, 220, 600, and 1500 grit polishes. A finer grit (e.g. 1500) has a small diffusion pattern, while a coarser grit (e.g. 120) will have a larger diffuser pattern. The DGK01 Diffuser Kit includes four Ø1" mounted ground glass diffusers, with one diffuser in each grit polish, as well as a Ø1" mounted ground glass alignment disk and a metal storage box.

Engineered Diffusers
Engineered Diffusers™ offer numerous advantages over traditional diffusers, providing unmatched control over light dispersion patterns and high transmission efficiency. These diffusers are transmissive from 380 - 1100 nm, and produce square, circular, and line distribution tophat patterns with a 90% transmission efficiency. The EDK01 Engineered Diffuser Kit includes five Ø1" mounted diffusers, with one diffuser for each intensity profile, and a metal storage box. For more detailed information on Engineered Diffuser technology and performance, please read our Optical Diffusers Catalog Presentation.

Ground Glass Diffusers

transmittance curves


Item # Size Optic
DG10-120-MD Ø1" 2.0 mm 120
DG10-220-MD Ø1" 2.0 mm 220
DG10-600-MD Ø1" 2.0 mm 600
DG10-1500-MD Ø1" 2.0 mm 1500

Engineered Diffusers

tranmission curves
Material Injection Molded ZEONOR
Index of Refraction 1.53
Design Wavelength 400 - 700 nm (Achromatic)
Transmission Spectrum 380 - 1100 nm
Size Ø1" (Ø25.4 mm)
Optic Thickness 1.5 mm
Mount Thickness 12.7 mm
Incident Beam Size ≥0.5 mm
Clear Aperture 95% of Ø1"


Item # Pattern Divergencea Transmission Efficiency
ED1-S20-MD Square 20° (Flat Region) 27° (50% - Max) 36° (10% - Max) 90%
ED1-S50-MD Square 50° (Flat Region) 60° (50% - Max) 70° (10% - Max) 90%
ED1-C20-MD Circle 20° (Flat Region) 27° (50% - Max) 36° (10% - Max) 90%
ED1-C50-MD Circle 50° (Flat Region) 54° (50% - Max) 60° (10% - Max) 90%
ED1-L4100-MD Line 100° (Flat Region) 105° (50% - Max) 115° (10% - Max) 90%
  • Angles are defined for collimated 633 nm incident light. Actual angles may differ from nominal values for other wavelengths or degree of collimation.

Other materials, such as fused silica, silicon, ZnS, ZnSe, and CaF2 are available upon request. Please e-mail our Technical Support department for a quote.

Posted Comments:
Matthew Bohn  (posted 2022-06-30 15:36:48.823)
1/2" diffuser plate?
ksosnowski  (posted 2022-07-01 12:02:55.0)
Thanks for reaching out to Thorlabs. Currently we only offer the 1" diffusers in the kits as these are the most popular items. We do sell 1/2" and 2" diffusers for many of the versions however and you can view the full selection here: https://www.thorlabs.com/navigation.cfm?guide_id=17.

Mounted Ground Glass Diffuser Kit

DGK01 Contents
Item # Description
DG10-120-MD Ø1", SM1-Mounted N-BK7 Ground Glass Diffuser, 120 Grit
DG10-220-MD Ø1", SM1-Mounted N-BK7 Ground Glass Diffuser, 220 Grit
DG10-600-MD Ø1", SM1-Mounted N-BK7 Ground Glass Diffuser, 600 Grit
DG10-1500-MD Ø1", SM1-Mounted N-BK7 Ground Glass Diffuser, 1500 Grit
DG10-1500-H1-MD Ø1", SM1-Mounted Ground Glass Alignment Disk, 1500 Grit
  • Material: N-BK7 (Uncoated)
  • Surface Quality: 80-50 Scratch-Dig
  • Clear Aperture: >90% Diameter
  • Polished Side Surface Irregularity: <4λ
  • Gaussian-Like Intensity Profile

Please see the Specs Tab for more details.

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+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
DGK01 Support Documentation
DGK01Ø1", SM1-Mounted N-BK7 Ground Glass Diffuser Kit, 5 pc

Mounted Engineered Diffuser Kit

EDK01 Contents
Item # Description
ED1-C20-MD Ø1", SM1-Mounted 20° Circle Tophat Engineered Diffuser
ED1-C50-MD Ø1", SM1-Mounted 50° Circle Tophat Engineered Diffuser
ED1-S20-MD Ø1", SM1-Mounted 20° Square Engineered Diffuser
ED1-S50-MD Ø1", SM1-Mounted 50° Square Engineered Diffuser
ED1-L4100-MD Ø1", SM1-Mounted 0.4° x 100° Line Engineered Diffuser
  • Transmission Spectrum: 380 - 1100 nm
  • Square, Circular, and Line Scatter Shapes
  • Five Intensity Profiles Offered
  • High Transmission Efficiency
  • Achromatic Performance

Please see the Specs tab for more details.

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
EDK01 Support Documentation
EDK01Ø1", SM1-Mounted Engineered Diffuser Kit, 5 pc