• Black Masking Tape
  • Color and Photoluminescent Vinyl Tape
  • Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
  • Conductive and Insulating Tapes


Red Vinyl Tape


Green Vinyl Tape


Black Aluminum
Foil Tape


Black Masking Tape


Stickers (Shown
with the Lights off)


Insulating Kapton Tape


Thermally Conductive
Double-Sided Tape


Double-Sided Tape


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Thorlabs offers various types of tape for many different lab applications.

Our tape selections include the following:

  • High-Performance or Standard Black Masking Tape
  • Aluminum Foil Blackout Tape
  • Colored Vinyl Tape (Red, Yellow, or Green)
  • Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
  • Double-Sided Conductive Tape
  • Insulating Kapton Tape
  • Photoluminescent Stickers

Posted Comments:
jean-francois lupi  (posted 2021-11-10 08:37:59.11)
Hi, I have a question concerning tour double-sided tape (DST1950) : is this product waterproof ?
jgreschler  (posted 2021-12-01 09:34:04.0)
Thank you for reaching out to Thorlabs. 3M has confirmed that this tape achieves an IP67 rating when applied dry (dust proof, 1m water submersion for 30 minutes). In most cases water resistance will last much longer but it is not intended for continuous water immersion. Tapes do have a WVTR (water vapor transmission rate) and will eventually pass on some water vapor.
Ivo Aubrecht  (posted 2019-06-18 07:34:13.99)
What is the carrier of your black masking types? What is the thickness? I would like to use a laser marker (at 1064nm, 10W) for cutting openings of various types in them and use them as masks in exposition of photoresist plates. Another application would be for defining an area of interest on a sample before its inspection by means of various devices - a microscope, a scatterometer, a spectrometer etc. In either case low tack and absolutely no residua after removing the mask is essential. I have had some experience with a low tack black tape for advertising purposes which I use to minimize reflections by the rear side of a photoresist plate. I verified that I can cut the opening with that laser marker. I would like to test your tapes too. I am planning to attend Laser World of ..2019 in Munich. Would it be possible to get sample amounts of the types (some 50-100cm)? Any recommendations which of the types would suit best?
llamb  (posted 2019-06-18 09:21:43.0)
Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. Our T137- tape is 0.0049" thick. Our T743- tape is 0.0065" thick. Our T205- tape is 0.0035" thick. I have reached out to you directly to discuss your application further and to discuss possible samples.
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Black Masking Tape

Demonstration 1
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High-Performance Black Masking Tape
Demonstration 2
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Black Masking Tape
  • 1" (25 mm) and 2" (50 mm) Wide Versions Available
  • Paper-Based Masking Tape for General Purpose or Blackout Applications
  • Aluminum Foil Tape for Total Blackout Applications
  • Can be Torn by Hand and Removed Easily Without Leaving Residue
  • Not Intended for Use in Laser Safety Applications

Thorlabs offers a standard and high-performance black masking tape, as well as an aluminum foil masking tape. All types of tape can be torn by hand, are easy to remove, and do not leave a residue. The T137-1.0 and T137-2.0 black masking tape can be used for general applications. For applications requiring minimal ambient light transmission, the T743-1.0 or T743-2.0 high-performance black masking tape is recommended. For total blackout requirements or high-power applications, we offer the T205-1.0 or T205-2.0 non-reflective, flame-retardant aluminum tape. This foil tape has been tested to withstand up to 10 seconds of exposure from a 20 W, Ø6 mm, 10.6 µm laser beam.

In the photographs shown above, a collimated LED (Item # M530L2-C2) with approximately 170 mW output power was used to illustrate how the T743-2.0 high-performance tape allows very little light transmission as compared to the T137-2.0 standard black masking tape. The table below gives the measured power and percent transmittance when various wavelengths of light were incident upon each type of tape.

Black Tape Performance
Incident Power Measured Output Power (% Transmittance)
T137-2.0 Masking Tape T743-2.0 High-Performance Masking Tape T205-2.0 Aluminum Foil Tape
1.07 mW at 635 nm 1.34 µW (0.13%) 0.90 µW (0.08%) Zero (0%)
4.79 mW at 635 nm 5.92 µW (0.12%) 0.24 µW (<0.01%) Zero (0%)
1.41 mW at 632.991a 3.36 µW (0.24%) 0.012 µW (<0.01%) Zero (0%)
20.34 mW at 850 nmb 28.74 µW (0.14%) 1.04 µW (<0.01%) 0.0006 µW (<1 x 10-5%)
  • Tested using the former-generation HRS015 Stabilized HeNe Laser, which has been replaced by the HRS015B.
  • Tested using the LDM850 laser module.
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T137-1.0 Support Documentation
T137-1.0Black Masking Tape, 1" x 180' (25 mm x 55 m) Roll
T137-2.0 Support Documentation
T137-2.0Black Masking Tape, 2" x 180' (50 mm x 55 m) Roll
T743-1.0 Support Documentation
T743-1.0High-Performance Black Masking Tape, 1" x 180' (25 mm x 55 m) Roll
T743-2.0 Support Documentation
T743-2.0High-Performance Black Masking Tape, 2" x 180' (50 mm x 55 m) Roll
T205-1.0 Support Documentation
T205-1.0Customer Inspired! AT205 Black Aluminum Foil Tape 1" x 81' (25 mm x 25 m) Roll
T205-2.0 Support Documentation
T205-2.0Customer Inspired! AT205 Black Aluminum Foil Tape 2" x 81' (50 mm x 25 m) Roll
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Colored Vinyl Tape

  • 1/2" (12.7 mm) Wide Vinyl Tape
  • 108' (32.9 m) Long Roll
  • Available in Red, Green, or Yellow

Colored rolls of vinyl tape are ideal for color coding fibers cables, electrical cables, tools, and samples. The semi-gloss finish can be written on with permanent marker, and the tape can be used in environments from 40 °F to 170 °F (5 °C to 76 °C), although it is best to apply the tape at room temperature.

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VTR-050 Support Documentation
VTR-050Red Vinyl Tape, 1/2" Wide x 108' Long (12.7 mm x 32.9 m)
VTG-050 Support Documentation
VTG-050Green Vinyl Tape, 1/2" Wide x 108' Long (12.7 mm x 32.9 m)
VTY-050 Support Documentation
VTY-050Yellow Vinyl Tape, 1/2" Wide x 108' Long (12.7 mm x 32.9 m)
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Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

  • White, Double-Sided Tape with 3M Adhesive 375
  • 10.2 mils (0.26 mm) Thick, 19 mm Wide, 50 m Long
  • Bonds on Contact to Almost any Surface
  • Bonds are Durable with High Peel and Shear Strength
  • Resistance to UV Light, Solvents, Plasticizers, and High Temperatures

This 3M tape is 10.2 mils (0.26 mm) thick, double-coated with 375 adhesive, and is made from PVC. The tape features a high peel and shear strength, excellent resistance to UV light, good solvent and plasticizer resistance, and long-term temperature performance up to 158 °F. There are many applications for the tape including mounting optics, hardware, fiber, sensors, etc.

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DST1950 Support Documentation
DST1950Double-Sided Adhesive Tape, 19 mm Wide, 50 m Long
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Pressure-Activated Thermally Conductive Double-Sided Tape

  • Thermally Conductive Double-Sided Acrylic Adhesive Tape
  • 0.009" (0.229 mm) Thick
  • Two Options:
    • TCDT1: 1" Wide x 48" Long (25.4 mm x 1219 mm)
    • TCDT2: 2" Wide x 24" Long (50.8 mm 610 mm)
  • Great Alternative to Heat-Cured Adhesives, Screw Mounting, or Clip Mounting
  • Provides a High Bond Strength to a Variety of Surfaces
  • Can be Removed without Damaging Parts

The thermally conductive, double-sided tape consists of a superior bond strength, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive loaded with titanium diboride and applied to an expanded aluminum carrier. The tape is embossed with an innovative pattern for maximum conformability and minimal air pockets and offers excellent thermal, mechanical, environmental, and chemical properties. Our thermally conductive double-sided tape can bond heat sinks and thermal plates to components without the use of clips, screws, other mechanical fasteners, or additional thermal compounds and can be removed after the application without damage to the component.

Usage Instructions
This tape requires pressure to bond. At room temperature, we recommend holding components together with a minimum of 10 psi for 15 seconds, or preferably 30 psi for 5 seconds.

Before application, ensure that bonding surfaces are free from oil, dust, or any contamination that may affect bonding. Wearing gloves, wipe surfaces with a clean, lint-free cloth dampened with industrial solvents such as acetone or isopropyl alcohol. When cutting tape to size, we recommend cutting it slightly smaller than the area to be taped.

Apply the tape to the center of the heat sink bonding area and smooth over the entire surface with a hand or roller. More pressure produces better wetting out of the adhesive to the contact surfaces. A twisting motion during assembly of the two bonding surfaces will typically improve wetting. Note that typically 70% of the ultimate adhesive bond strength is achieved with initial application, and 80-90% is reached within 15 minutes. Ultimate adhesive strength is achieved within 36 hours; however, the next handling step can typically occur immediately following the initial application.

To remove, carefully insert a thin, short blade into the bond line at a corner between the components. Remove the blade and insert a spatula into the wedge. Slowly twist the spatula blade so that it exerts a slight upward pressure. As the two surfaces start to separate, move the spatula blade deeper into the bond line and continue the twisting motion and upward force. After the two components are separated, the tape can be removed and discarded.

If adhesive remains on the surfaces, it should be removed. Adhesive is best removed by wiping with a clean, lint-free cloth dampened with solvent. Use sufficient solvent to remove all adhesive. Parts must be free of solvent before applying more adhesive.

Item # TCDT1 TCDT2
Carrier Expanded Al
Color Grey
Thickness 0.009" ± 0.001" (0.229 mm ± 0.03 mm)
Thermal Impedance @ <1 psi 0.25 °C-in2/W (1.7 °C-cm2/W)
Thermal Conductivity 1.40 W/m-K
Voltage Breakdown N/A
Volume Resistivity 0.013 ohm-cm
Flammability Rating (E140244) Not Rated
Lap Shear Adhesion 70 psi (0.483 MPa)
Item # TCDT1 TCDT2
Die Shear
Aluminum 135 psi (0.931 MPa) @ 25 °C
25 psi (0.172 MPa) @ 150 °C
Copper 115 psi (0.793 MPa) @ 25 °C
35 psi (0.241 MPa) @ 150 °C
Aluminum Oxide 125 psi (0.862 MPa) @ 25 °C
40 psi (0.276 MPa) @ 150 °C
25°C, 12 psi (0.083 MPa) >50 days
150°C, 12 psi (0.083 MPa) >50 days
Adhesive CTE, -40 to 150 °C 400 ppm/°C
Dimensions 1" x 48"
(25.4 mm x 1219 mm)
2" x 24"
(50.8 mm x 610 mm)
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TCDT1 Support Documentation
TCDT1Thermally Conductive Double-Sided Tape, 1" x 48" (25.4 mm x 1219 mm)
TCDT2 Support Documentation
TCDT2Thermally Conductive Double-Sided Tape, 2" x 24" (50.8 mm x 610 mm)
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Insulating Kapton Tape

Width 3/4" (1.9 cm)
Length 36 yds (32.9 m)
Kapton Type HN
Film Thickness 1.0 Mil (0.03 mm)
Total Thickness 2.5 Mil (0.07 mm)
Color Amber
Adhesive Cross-Linked Silicon
Breaking Strengtha 30 lb/in (5.4 kg/cm)
Elongation at Break 60%
Adhesion to Steel 18 oz/in (200 g/cm)
Dielectric Strength 7,500 Volts
Insulation Class 356 °F (180 °C)
Temperature Rangeb -100 °F to 500 °F (-73 °C to 260 °C)
Storage Conditions Dry Location between
55 °F and 85 °F (13 °C and 30 °C)
  • Specified per inch of width.
  • This tape will withstand short-term intermittent temperatures up to 600 °F (315 °C).
  • Removes Easily without Leaving a Residue
  • Wide Usage Range: -100 °F to 500 °F (-73°C to 260 °C)
  • Substitute for Standard Electrical Tape in Cooled and Heated Environments
  • Excellent for Insulation, Masking, or Packaging Applications

This high-temperature tape is made from DuPont's trademark Kapton®† film and a cross-linked silicon adhesive. The tape is flame-resistant, will withstand short-term intermittent temperatures to 600 °F, and can be used as electrical and thermal insulation. Compared to electrical tape, it removes easily without leaving a residue, making it ideal for packing, temporarily securing components, or powder coating applications.

FDG Series Responsivity
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Kapton Tape can be used to protect a circuit board during soldering.

Kapton tape is commonly used as a wire and cable wrap as well as to protect electrical components during soldering. It is effective for both hand-soldering and mass soldering applications, such as wave soldering. In the electronics industry, Kapton tape is applied to circuit boards before wave soldering to shield gold fingers from the solder material and prevent unwanted electrical connections. The tape is also easy to trim with a razor blade and can be used as a temporary dust cover for ports in devices.

Kapton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Electronics, Inc.

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KAP22-075 Support Documentation
KAP22-075Kapton® Tape, 3/4" Wide x 36 yd Long (1.9 cm x 32.9 m)
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Photoluminescent Stickers

Photoluminescent Tape
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PLT2 Shown with the Lights Off
Photoluminescent Tape
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PLT2 Shown with the Lights On
  • Ideal for Dark Rooms
  • Mark Equipment, Doorways, Walkways, or Table Edges
  • 100 Ø1/2" (Ø12.7 mm) Sticker Dots per Roll
  • Glow Time of up to 12 Hours

These vinyl photoluminescent stickers are ideal for marking doorways, table edges, and walkways, making movement within a dark room safer and easier. They can also be used to make it easier to locate equipment in a dark room. Each roll contains 100 Ø1/2" (Ø12.7 mm) photoluminescent sticker dots that have a glow time of up to 12 hours. Shown to the right is a comparison of how the photoluminescent dots appear with the lights on and off.

Each sticker charges in under three minutes. For information regarding the charge and glow times of these photoluminescent stickers, please click on the red docs icon below.

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PLT2 Support Documentation
PLT2Ø1/2" (Ø12.7 mm) Photoluminescent Stickers, Qty: 100